Author Topic: Warband Hacktool by Contortus [WIP 0.2]  (Read 829 times)

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Warband Hacktool by Contortus [WIP 0.2]
« on: August 03, 2015, 01:07:10 am »
Warband Hacktool by Contortus [WIP 0.2];sa=view;down=403

This is a simple hack tool for Warband which is WIP. It's from me (Contortus), I changed my silly "HX340RX" to Contortus and I hope an admin will do that too on the forums.

Why is the file so big? It's because the design.
Why you release a WIP tool? Because I want people to test it
Why should we trust you? Trust me or don't. I can show you VT report but more I can't do.
What can the tool yet? It enables the automatic block recognition. You can enable a automatic feinter (very WIP, probably buggy). You also can block with a automatic re-block addon. To start auto-feinting you press CTRL. Now the client will feint (you now move your mouse so it changes the position of the feint direction), if you press CTRL again then the auto feint gets disabled. If you want to auto-block you press normal block direction (be aware: it won't automatically re-block). If you want to block with automatic re-blocking then just hold "Q" and it will adjust the block direction automatically.
Autoblock tested on? Native & Mercenaries (newest game version)
What is planned? Well I can't say that yet. Firstly I will try to add this auto-re-block thing so the auto block is the best way. Afterwards I will maybe focus some more stuff.

VT report:

I wish you fun with the tool. If you find bugs/suggestions then please tell them.