Author Topic: Warband Hacktool by Contortus [WIP 0.1]  (Read 492 times)

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Warband Hacktool by Contortus [WIP 0.1]
« on: August 02, 2015, 08:58:08 pm »
Warband Hacktool by Contortus [WIP 0.1];sa=view;down=403

This is a simple hack tool for Warband which is WIP. It's from me (Contortus), I changed my silly "HX340RX" to Contortus and I hope an admin will do that too on the forums.

Why is the file so big? It's because the design.
Why you release a WIP tool? Because I want people to test it
Why should we trust you? Trust me or don't. I can show you VT report but more I can't do.
What can the tool yet? At the moment it can only "desync" the block settings from servers. Short: Autoblock. The autoblock doesn't have a timer YET which automatically updates the block position. Basically & short said: It blocks automatically in the correct way if you click right click. If the attacker changes the attack then you have to reclick the block key.
Autoblock tested on? Native & Mercenaries (newest game version)
What is planned? Well I can't say that yet. Firstly I will try to add this auto-re-block thing so the auto block is the best way. Afterwards I will maybe focus some more stuff.

VT report:

I wish you fun with the tool. If you find bugs/suggestions then please tell them.