Author Topic: Spawn naked on any servers! and build sky towers - numerous trolling possibilit  (Read 646 times)

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ive finally done it

what people have been waiting for years

to run around naked on any server and not worry about the auto kick

i have over-come the auto kick system

next you can spam a shit load of tnt and any prop you want
either make instant sapper towers
or just put it in front of you to block enemy

either way these are absolute game changers

because of this and the fact that this truly is the ultimate hack, i can not just make this public on here,
i will be uploading it on here (will not be external upload dont worry), but will only be given to selected members who i trust not to leak it to

guys, this is a game changer.  and yes once again it works on any server, and will be seen by people even without the mod!


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Hey i have some info about North and South (you may  dislike mod but it has some interesting stuff)

It looks like the devs can actually change their class to special developer classes with the use of hotkeys and can use Developer chat which is blue.
When i had asked about it the dev got pissed off that i saw through it :O
So by the looks of it they maybe have a customised mission_templates file that uses scripts\triggers etc. that should be available in every server/fresh install of north n south.


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I have to say I'm a big fan of this, looks really really good. I try to keep updated with your work and I seems just more and more is produced. Good work.


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Can I has pls