Author Topic: nw/ warband clones (log in multiple times to any server ) - freak people out  (Read 464 times)

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guys ive been recently logging into servers with the same name, sometimes up to 6 times
it looks like the exact same name, same face

how do i do it?

here is the secret

first of all you need more than one key, not a problem, during sale they are like 2 bucks each

second of all DO NOT USE STEAM, use the stand alone nw/ warband

cos steam only lets you run one version at once

start up warband say in dx 7 low texture because your going to be running several versions of it, and you want warband to use as little memory as possible

now, capital  i looks like an L

if you have a name like beautiful melanie, thats about 6 variations of that name you can use with it looking identical

well thats what i do

i log in as beautiful melanie

once logged in i start another warband and then change the reg key to the new one

the one that was already logged in does not log out (long as you arent using the same key) - the key check is only when logged in the first time

trust me the game doesnt lag or anything

and you can do it many times

i had like 12 versions of handsome harold lion earlier,

lined them all up with the surrender position,  creeped people out

so yeh, sorry about the long winded tutorial, but now you know how to multiple clone yourself on a server
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i send u message answer it plz