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Tips for running the game smoothly
« on: June 16, 2015, 09:09:21 pm »
hey guys just to let you know
even with my fast computer i used to have problems

these are the best settings
first of all in ur main mount blade folder
delete these files

this will save a lot of time, skipping the boring intro screen
once done, it will skip it for all modules

okay now for settings from the main config
if u have a fast machine go to advanced and enable single threading
for slower machines leave it unticked

next to solve a lot of loading and freezing UNTICK VSYNC - can not begin to tell you what a lag vsync is
direct x9
set max frame rate to about 80
texture details lower to about 90
screen resolution - SAME AS DESKTOP (important u do that)
antialising - off
shadow quality - low

in game video settings -

shadow quality  - low
texture quality and shader quality - high  or medium if u got bad comp
r s o plants - none
tree details - low
t d distance - 25 percent
character details - highish
character shadow - low
corpses - 20
ragdolls - 0

dynamic lighting
character shadows
environment shadows
particle systems
fast water reflections

all ticked

none of these settings will make your game look bad, they dont knock anything off picture quality
but will make your game run way faster

tip ---
if you have a really bad computer or still get errors use dx  7  - it will look horrendous, but fix all ur problems

tip, -- --------
if you can, use full sized windowed mode, is a lot less strain on computer, and alt tabbing is pretty easy - never crashes to desktop


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