Author Topic: bettys updated cheats superpack  (Read 339 times)

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bettys updated cheats superpack
« on: June 12, 2015, 01:57:24 am »
bettys updated cheats superpack;sa=view;down=393

Ladies and gentlemen i bring you the updated version of betty`s cheats
non of this will get you banned on the server
(long as you stay clear of the spam button)
first of all
the usual
h to zoom in j to zoom out  for warband style zoom


for a super long zoom 5 x as big as spyglass but WITHOUT needing a spyglass press 1 for in 2 for out on keypad
now it gets interesting

for a hot key for BEREIT MACHEN (the most annoying austrian/prussian chant) hit o button  - shows up server side
now u dont need any special items file or anything - just hit 7 on numpad and ANY weapon thrown or shot  will become a super accurate crosshair and very accurate
next press 5 to cheer  - works up to 4 sometimes 5 times
also added a bereit machen so you are spam cheering two sounds at once! both show up server side
also added a pirate hat to it but it is just a client side thing (unless other person has the same files)
you know how when you play music or surrender you walk, well now press 4 on numpad to run while surrendering or playing music - looks funny!  shows up servers side
i assigned it to a far away part of keyboard that there is no way you can hit it by mistake unless it is intentional.
if you are on a server who are nasty to you, hit the - on the num pad and it will spam out the server when done numerous times
some servers have patched it, but at least it still kills their chat, which is enough to majorly disrrupt any event :p

its worth noting i didnt modify anything else or faces as people dont seem to like that, so the only changes are the ones i mentioned above, plus one or two suprises