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GOD finds Mullah???

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Yeah, that was a Joke on GoB, and dreamscar posted it there. :roll:

can some1 copy it ? meza banned meza donza uze prozza  :P

posted for Mullah Omar by his good friend DT at GoB

I just got off the horn with Mullah who's in Spain.
It would appear that he's had a change of heart about many things.
And it comes as quite a shock.

And I quote him:

?My relationship with you guys has been a good one but I regret to inform you all that I have other ideas for the TkC which are more in line with my revitalized relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.?

?It has occurred to me after careful consideration that the Bible does in fact preface ?cheating? as a sin and I can no longer continue my fellowship with the Lord and my association with the clan that I founded, therefore I am turning the domain into a tool to do the salvation work of Jesus Christ, God bless you all?.

Mullah Omar has transferred all pertinent TkC files to me and I will host them on a different server under the Lemonsquishy domain sometime next month.

We at GoB wish Mo the best of success wherever he goes and hope that he finds whatever it is that he is searching for.

For those of you who would like to see the new TkC website please direct your browser to

M. O.:
Lol, that was fun.  :biggrinking
He found the link to the kings community (TKC). It's not the same thing as us(TKC-C).

Haven't checked GoD in a while.


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