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All you need is autoblock
« on: April 02, 2015, 05:13:18 pm »
Hello everyone, and thank you to the TKC community for all of its contributions.

Because of this website I have been able to become one of the best Warband duelists in North America, participating actively on the competetive Native and NW scene and hacking whilst doing it.

Some people do cry that I hack, but fortunately enough for me I have socially engineered most of the top people in this community to think I am fair play and abused by angry bad players who say I hack, the last person that cried autoblock after dying to me was banned from it for "hazing" was glorious xD

Anyway, from what I have noticed, the only really useful hacks are autoblockers and wallhacks. All of these other ones, for example lets say aimbots, seem extremely glitchy and not needed; they rarely work and are more of a hassle than playing without the hack IMO.

I don't even use wallhacks because my graphics are shit till I get my new gaming laptop and I'm stuck on DX7.
Just my two cents.
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Re: All you need is autoblock
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2015, 05:48:19 pm »
frankly speaking yes.autochamber is overrated as people learned to hold their attacks,it depends on many matters also,weapon lenght,swing speed and luck. chance for chamber block is very rare on multplayer server,unless you play with inxperienced community. So definitely its not the best hack out here.

Wallhack.. very useful on all mods helps find an enemy easily.

Aimbot is good on Napoleonic Wars and similar mods,I'd say great,the Medic's one  (always win with stats around 20:2). I dont use it on other mods,aimbot in the Middle Ages is not a good a very idea.

Auto hammer is fine though, Does a massacre pierces shield like butter.

Zoomhack great against backstabbers

NoFog.. saves your eyes  :smile

and steady crosshair is a poor replacement for aimbot

autoblock.. gives a huge advantage during combat.nobody can hit ya if used properly.
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