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Changing value without being detected
« on: December 19, 2014, 04:12:00 pm »
I want to hack one game money value. In singleplayer and multiplayer theres 3 values- one is fake money value and changing it dont change real money and two real values- their value is amount of money multiplied by 840(i figured it out). So for example 200$ is 168000, its very easy to calculate and find right value. When i change that 2 values to 5000$ so its 4200000, and i can buy units for that much but that game even in singleplayer skirmish battles has anticheat, editing value of money make your units die on 1 shot + your units cant make any damage. So heres a question, it is possible to change the money without being detected by game anti cheat? Its only game anticheat not VAC or other banning anticheat.
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