Author Topic: [Release] MOUNT&BLADE WARBAND 1.158 --> MultiHack 1.1  (Read 4863 times)

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Re: [Release] MOUNT&BLADE WARBAND 1.158 --> MultiHack 1.1
« Reply #30 on: July 09, 2014, 07:54:36 pm »
Its not work. Verry LAGGED GAME


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Re: [Release] MOUNT&BLADE WARBAND 1.158 --> MultiHack 1.1
« Reply #31 on: July 09, 2014, 09:35:14 pm »
why in the hell would it want to write a png ( picture file ) to the c drive..?

if this tries to open a connection to the internet he might be scanning your screen.  :icon_shifty

i really dont trust this guy for some reason i mean who is he , he magicaly sprung up from no where , releasing public offsets and cheats the good programmers throw away , he then copy pastes them into someone elses c files and then encrypts them with mida..

wonder what else he's 'copy pasting in there as well'   :icon_shifty

suspect this guy .. very suspect.

anyway ive got to go cut a tree down with a chainsaw .. laters.

First off:
-Run a network snitcher  and tell me where the cheat connects to
(none of my cheat don't use internet connection,you can block it in firewall,I don't give a fuck)

-Whose offsets Did I steal and where you found them?

(If u can't reply to this question just stop reading next point (you are already lost in this discussion).)

-All  ESSENTIAL libraries like directx dlls and pictures from cheat are decompressed to temp path on C drive (everything what cheats requires to proper job) .

-This cheat is not packed with themida.

-Here is the scan from virus total (the cheat hooks keyboard to get  hotkeys (e.g to update coords) working,what keylogeer also do,for that reason there are false positives)

btw low ratio detection (only shitty shits  treat it as malicious soft)

Read carefully what I just wrote or I will suspect you of  illiteracy.


I am about 1.2 version

I will relese it in 1-2h

MRmEDIC GermanDestroyer - virus total scan 11/54

ESET-NOD32    a variant of Win32/Packed.Themida.AAL

what for? huh

what a noob


Pure troll
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