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universal+external crosshair
« on: May 12, 2014, 12:57:27 am »
universal+external crosshair;sa=view;down=309

Simple release, didn't take long to make. Since I'm on a low post count this may seem fishy but it isn't.

Windows only.

How to use:

When you open the application you will be prompted to enter the size of the crosshair, I recommend a value of 20.
You will be then prompted to ask what colour you want your crosshair to be - this is up to you. If you do not understand what 'RBG' means then go to and pick your favourite colour that you will be able to see in game and note the {R}, {G} and {B} values then enter that in the program. Once you have done that just press 0 on the numpad to toggle your crosshair!

Edit: I double posted? Huh?
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