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Basic Multiplayer Hacking FAQ
« on: August 08, 2004, 04:37:16 am »
What do I use to hack online games?
The exact same tools you use to hack single player games, but with one addition: The packet editor.

What are packets?
Packets are the way your computer talks to other computers on the internet. Your computer sends little files that contain information to whatever computer needs it (In the case of games, the server). These files are called packets. Imagine packets as your voice during a phone conversation. You speak into the phone, the phone converts your voice into "packets" of electricty and sends it over to your friend the "server." Once there, the "server" phone decodes the packets and passes them to your friend.

What is packet editing/forging?
Packet editing/forging is the act of modifying a packet in order to cheat in the game.

Why packet edit?
Some games can't have much done to them by memory editing. Sometimes you can do pretty much anything in the game as long as you send the correct packets. It really depends on the game on if packet editing will help or not. Sometimes you'll be able to do next to nothing...others you can control the whole game

What is a packet editor and where can I get one?
A packet editor is a program that allows you to (usually) manipulate or send packets. There are plenty of packet editors out there. It all depends on your OS for which you can use. If you're using Windows 95, 98, or Me I suggest getting WPE (Non-Pro) to begin with. It's a very easy to use packet editor and has a decent filtering option. If you're on a NT based OS (NT, 2k, XP) then you can't use WPE. A few of your options are WPE Pro (Not recommended), Iris, EtherPeek, Sniffer Pro, NetXRay, Ethreal, etc.

WPE and WPE Pro:
NetXRay: (Product now called Sniffer)
Sniffer and Sniffer Pro:
Ultra Net Sniffer:

Please note that with the exception of WPE, all of these products are network analysis programs and are not customized for game hacking. Also, only WPE, PMon, and Ethreal are free. The rest will cost you a pretty penny to register legally.

Where can I get a WPE tutorial?
There are not many WPE tutorials. There are even fewer that go in to great detail about a specific task. These are a few that will help you learn the basics of WPE and packet editing.

Can you modify WPE (Non-Pro) to work on XP?
Although technically you could through lots of reverse engineering, and code injection..The simple answer is no. It would just be easier to use EtherPeek, Iris, Ethereal, Sniffer Pro, etc.

Can I packet edit MUDs?
No. MUDs are 100% server side. Your client does nothing special like interacting, or anything like that. You can play a MUD from telnet if you wanted. All you do is issue commands, and hope the server recognizes them. The best thing you could do with packet editing is send commands...that you could already send via your client. The only way to hack a MUD is to exploit a bug in the game.

When I change my values, they look like they change in the game but nothing happens, why?
If you treat a multiplayer game like a single player game and just poke the memory in hopes that it'll work, chances are it will appear as though you succeeded. Soon you'll see that whatever you changed on your client has been set back to whatever value it should be. This is because the data you are trying to change is stored on the server (server side) and what you are modifying is stored on the client (client side). You cannot change server side values with a memory editor. Your best chance is to use a packet editor and see what you can accomplish.

I'm going to try and better explain the difference between server side and client side. Follow along with me on this. Open up notepad (or some other text program). For this example notepad is the client while your hard drive is the server. Write some data into notepad and save a txt file somewhere (Desktop would be best). Right click that file and set its read-only attribute (check the box). Open this file in notepad again. Your text should be there. Notepad (Your client) read the data (packets) from the hard drive (server) and displayed them for you. Change what you wrote in notepad (This is like poking memory with a memory scanner). Everything appears to have worked okay, right? You changed the data and nothing bad happened. Go to save your data. You can't (Well if you set the read-only attribute). This is exactly what a normal client does. It can't actually modify anything; it can only change what you see, not what you have. Imagine your game data as a read-only file that you can't change the access of. Got it now?

Is multiplayer hacking illegal?
That depends on what you call multiplayer hacking. Using something like a trainer is perfectly fine. Trying to break into the game's server may land you some jail time. As long as you stick to trainers you'll be okay. It's been proven in court (USA) that using a trainer on a multiplayer game is 100% legal as you own the memory you're modifying. As for packets, I'm not sure of the legality of them. I recently read that you had to do $5,000 in damage for the FBI to even consider doing anything about your actions, but this article may have been old and was on a different type of "multiplayer" hacking.

What can happen if I get caught hacking?
That depends on the EULA (End User License Agreement) of the game. When you click that "I Agree" button, you're agreeing to a contract that can potentially give the game company all the power over your computer and account they want. Even so, usually nothing really bad will happen. If you get caught the most you can expect to happen is your account will be banned. You may want to read your EULA a bit closer to make sure that's the most they can do (i.e. make sure they can't charge your credit cards if you get caught hacking).

Quick and dirty copy/paste about syncing
My understanding is that everyone that is playing has a copy of everyone else's data on their comp. For example, if you were to play against me your game would also be keeping track of what I had. My game would be keeping track of you. Once one of us changed our data (through a hack), the other's game would notice and tell. The game would then disconnect you. That's what being out of sync is. Your data doesnt match what it should be according to everyone else's data.

yes this makes sense. this is how warcraft i beelive works. one advantage of this method of data cheking is that you can find out all the information about your enemies therefore gives you a disadvantage. all your enemies information disadvantage example is that you could see your enemies xyz to find out where they are to kill them. another one is to find out like how much ammo and such they have and there life points ect.

the only real method of bypassing syncing commands is to try to update your new hacked values by manipulating the packet you send when you regularly update your stats/thing you wanna hack in the protocol. memory hacking with sync protected games almost isnt possible.

but we know theres ways around everything. such as my protocol method/theory.

hope this was educational.

(bit more from n0n)
well.. depending on how the games updates, some games are .. quite stupid. they will allow you to be disconnected for .. sometimes up to 30 seconds.. before anything changes. therefore.. you can temporarily disconnect yourself, change teh value, and reconnect yourself. thats one theory. anotehr theory is to filter the packet you send while updating stats and so forth so that it sends the value for .. say strength.. from another program.. e.g. proxy the games connection.

if you proxy it correctly, you can do anything you want with your game through the games real client, too. thats what helped make my Tibia bot tutorial.. i was able to proxy tibia so that i could see all data my client sent and received in real time as i did it.. and i could send any packets to the server with my active client too.

Do I need to learn C++ or anything to beable to hack multiplayer games?

You don't need to learn any language to do basic hacks, but learning one (such as assembly) will greatly improve your hacking skills.

Which operating system should I use?

It would be good to have Windows 9x (95,98,or Me) on your machine, because most of the tools we used were designed for that operating system. You can install 98 (my suggestion) w/o losing any data by doing non-destructive partitioning.
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Basic Multiplayer Hacking FAQ
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2004, 01:45:04 pm »
Well a basic packet edit isn't too complicated to do, but only for certain old games :(


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Re: Basic Multiplayer Hacking FAQ
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2015, 11:56:08 am »
Win 95/98 nice troll m8.   :icon_cool2

both of them don't even support 64-bit architecture which is 'must have' nowadays.


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Re: Basic Multiplayer Hacking FAQ
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2015, 05:05:45 am »
Win 95/98 nice troll m8.   :icon_cool2

both of them don't even support 64-bit architecture which is 'must have' nowadays.

So says the guy who just replied to a 11+ YEAR OLD POST !:icon_razz2
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Re: Basic Multiplayer Hacking FAQ
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2015, 01:21:33 pm »
snap  :wink2

ps MUD was a mad game , used to enjoy that one.
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