Author Topic: Elder Scrolls Online Instant raw Jute farming  (Read 1073 times)

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Elder Scrolls Online Instant raw Jute farming
« on: May 06, 2014, 12:44:52 am »
I have made quite a bit of Gold botting this. becareful when botting it, because now GM's walk the game disguised as normal players (or so they threat).
*Video is not mine, and credits are all due to the uploader Novose7en.

I used this today, 5/5/2014 so i can confirm it STILL works.

Want to make some real money while doing this? here what i did.

Set up bot to farm this and surrounding nodes.
1. you can bot this, and surrounding areas, or autokey alone( I used 1/10th second smash on button E, since the spawn re-ups roughly every 1-1.5 seconds). I recommend botting, so as to create movement, and not look as suspicious.
2. after a good 24 hours of botting, you will acquire roughly 50,000 raw jute give or take depending on the number of fellow jute-enthusiasts around you.
3. refine the raw jute, into jute, and sell on marketplace. I had about 46,200 jute in one days worth of botting. Sold it at 600 gold per 100 stack (50gold below market price) and after almost 2 days of selling all my jute I amassed just under 300,000 gold( i sold some at premium :P)
4. go to your local asian gold farmer site of choice, and chose "sell us your gold!"
5. profit.

I've only made a little over a hundred dollars doing this. But, its not a bad way to make money in game, and certainly not a bad way to make enough gold, to sell off and get a little spending cash in your pocket, for doing nothing but, having your computer on lol
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