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c64 commodore music player.


just finished it people , and i must say im good , infact im actually well good infact ive beat them all , done it all myself , and all i can say is fucking EAR HONEY!

honey for your ears , ive made tunes made 30 years ago sound like they were made today , im right now listening to one made in 1985 , and fuck me!! it sounds like it was made yesterday , absolutely amazing, learn't a lot about how chips work and the digital sound also along the journey , fuck me it sounds brilliant .. wicked that old sid chip. im more talented than i thought i was.

fucking amazing ! the sound of this player , turned a shit heap old sound chip into the wave of the future lol lel and rofflchopter

listen'ing to myth , this could right now go into the charts and hit number 1 , im proper good lol

sid is 3 channel with a mutated voice for samples 4th channel using the volume up and down to sample play and fuck me ive hut this bitch out the ball park with a hot dog attached lol , bastard wicked ! , sounds mint as fuck !!!!
ive actually impressed myself and thats hard to do for me  :icon_laugh
just thought id share , dont usually impress myself like this but this time ive done well :) , ive gone a notch up didnt think i could improve on myself but i have ahaha


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