Author Topic: How to change your IP address!  (Read 944 times)

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How to change your IP address!
« on: August 03, 2004, 11:52:25 pm »
BANNED? Change your ip in minutes !


I copied this text , dont know if it really works. Maybe its usefull for some of u banned punx.


1: Go to Control Panel
2: Click Network Connections.
3: Right Click on Local Area Connection
4: Select Properties
5:Now select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then click on Properties
*note* Now two things should already be checked.
* obtain an IP address automatically
* obtain DNS server address automatically
Change this. select the Use the Following IP address.
See what yours is. Then select the same IP but change the last values past your last dot.
pick something like :
*note* Before you pick an IP address, you should first see if its being used ny another person. You can do this by following the steps.
1: Go to Command Prompt.
2: Type ping (your NEW address) Ex; Ping
Now if it says something like
request timed out.........
request timed out.........
request timed out.........
That means it could not ping that Ipp address. USE IT!!
now that you have your IP address, click on Subnet mask. Once you click in the field it should automatically pull up a subnet mask automatically.
Now click on Default Gateway.
This should be something like
Its you IP address, but the last vlaue is 1. Always.
Now go to the box below this. Where it says use the following dns server address. Just put this into the fields.
Your done now exit.
Wait untill everything closes out. Since your running XP, you dont have to restart your computer. And once you get caught with Your new IP address, Change the two fields into Obtain automatically, and it will be a totally Different Ip address, and you can just lean off of that one for another week or two.

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