Author Topic: [Game Name Withheld For Searches] Questions regarding hooking into a web player.  (Read 750 times)

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Alright, Medic specifically, I need some halp. Trying to make a rudimentary aimbot, and as we all know, I'm no good at using CE or using anything really.

Platform is PC and the engine is Unity. Trying to hook into a Unity Web Player.

Was going to hook into the game (PM me if u need the name of it) using CE and just get the values for health, find the pointers, then scan for the xyz coords of my player, and repeat for the xyz for coords of other players and just make the mouse point at these fuckers and blast away.

Then I ran into a problem.

I can't even find the damn values. Tried float, tried exact, got nothing. At first I thought it was just because I was hooking into the Chrome window and that was the issue.


Then I tried hooking into the direct process using PID for the Unity Web Player


I'm stumped. Plz halp!

If you need any more information let me know. I kinda wanna keep the game's name out of the thread because I don't want anyone searching for the game's name, and then finding this and forming some kind of anti cheat for the methods I want to use.

So Medic, Dude, anyone that's got some input, I'm more than willing to hear it, and if you still got a TS shoot me the IP so I can hop on.

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 check your pm's :smile
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