Author Topic: Takistan life/Zargabad life money hаck  (Read 3529 times)

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Takistan life/Zargabad life money hаck
« on: December 18, 2012, 06:04:29 pm »
You'll need any version of cheat engine or similar program. If you are going to use it on be enabled server then you need to have uce(undetected version of ce) for this.

Method for older versions of Takistan life. (Also works on Zargabad Life)

 1. Join Takistan life server, attach cheat engine to arma2 process.
 2. In a bank menu take some sum of money.
 3. Write down how much money you still have in bank menu or remember it.
 4. Keep the bank menu opened and Alt-Tab to UCE.
 5. Set Value Type as Float.
 6. Put the amount of money you have in your bank after taking out the odd number into the value search box.
 7. Press new scan and a couple values might show on the left side, take all the exact values (if there's multiple) and drag and drop them into the bottom box.
 8. High-light them all and double click one of the values of them and change it to as much as you want.


 And for new takistan life servers, they thought they fixed money editing, well they didn't. Me and my friend discovered that it won't work editing it in your inventory or bank BUT we have a new method for newer Takistan servers.

 1. Join new takistan life server.
 2. Go to your bank and take unique sum of money from the bank.
 3. Drop the money in non populated aria that you took out of your bank that is not in your inventory on the ground, for example (5744).
 4. Scroll on the money pile while it's on the ground so it shows how much you're about to pick up on the left side of your screen.
 5. Alt-Tab with that left text showing it should say "Pick up Money 5744" or something along those lines.
 6. Run CE as administrator.
 7. Select Arma 2 in the processes window.
 8. In the Value Type change it to Float.
 9. Type in the value box the amount that is on the ground so "5744".
 10. Then press first scan, one or a few might show up in the left of CE, look for all of the 5744 values and select them all and drag them into the bottom of Cheat Engine.
 11. Highlight them all while they're in the bottom of Cheat Engine and double click on one of their values to the right of them, change it to a number you want.
 12. Go back into game and it'll still show that it's only 5744, so pick it up and then it'll show that it's 106000 or some random number.
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Re: Takistan life/Zargabad life money hаck
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2012, 12:08:27 am »
Super easy to do! Thanks for the tutorial!
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