Author Topic: H&W Takistan life banlist ERASED, antihax DUMPED  (Read 954 times)

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H&W Takistan life banlist ERASED, antihax DUMPED
« on: December 12, 2012, 03:11:03 pm »
Hey guys, have you been ban from H&W Taki Life server recently? well those assholes have mess with the wrong clan because i am a friend of a clan who server they have been mod-apping and ddosing, just to mess with us.  one of their admins at HW hes on our side and thinks its fucked up what they did to SOT and we got all the info about them and how they mod-apped our server to get players. So now with his help and my help we ERASED A WHOLE ENTIRE BANLIST, deleted over 200 bans! every single GIUD or IP bans were REMOVED.  Go back there have fun no more banlist :D

the server is
for the name right now it says HWGaming - Takistan Life: Revolution

We didnt do this because we are assholes, THEY are the ones who always start anything, they are a total bunch of FGTS and the most complete doushbags ever.

i am not part of SOT so dont go saying "oh SOT Did this" like all the rumors that have grew, because thats fuckin bull crap, i am not at all associated with them i just happened to be sticking up for them at the time. a coincidence does not MEAN ANYTHING.....

also THIS is their pathetic lame "anti cheat" list of  script restrigtions as you can see, which are friend from inside their stupid clan has gave to us. that shouldnt stop most of u from having some real fun there i assume. dont get caught again!!! i guess i would say what to do with it is just make sure none of these thingies are included in your hax, or they could catch you. common sense! :)

Code: [Select]
1 "morph"
5 "ProDayZ"
5 "hint "mod-app is loaded use select action to"
1 "glue"
1 "nuke"
1 "v setPos _pos"
1 "_x setdammage 1"
1 "setdammage 1"
1 "allMissionObjects _x"
1 "[(_pos select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(_pos select 1)-10*cos(_dir),0]"
1 "Bo_Mk82"
1 "Kill Aura Activated!"
1 "Alls player are now dead..."
1 "Destroyed all - (%1)"
1 "DELETED all - (%1)"
1 "_pList = playableUnits;"
1 "if (_animPerson == "") exitwith"
1 "if (_plr == "") exitwith"
1 "hint "Artillery Inbound 1....2....3....FIRE!";"
1 "Teleporting All"
1 "if (_plr == "EVERYONE BUT ME") then {_plr = "FUCKEMGRANDPAIHATEJEWS";};"
1 "// Ignore Self :)
1 "_execx"
1 "remExec"
1 "Monky"
1 "_tp"

go get em  :smile