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Few BattlEye questions
« on: July 08, 2012, 02:22:50 am »

I know there are quite a lot threads out there that cover BE, I read some but there are still some things I dont understand. So, my question is simple. Is this, as it is what I think how BattlEye works, correct:

1.) When joining a Server, the serverside scripts.txt, which contains the strings to parse is send to the client. If BAttlEye detects that you run a script that contains one of these strings it will send the code snippet to the server where it will be saved in the scripts.log and depending on what the admin defined you will eventually get kicked for script restriction but not global banned if the admin does not report you.

2.) BattlEye scans the running processes for hex editors, cheatengine for example. If they are detected you get kicked for gamehack and most likely global banned soon.

3.) Im not sure about this. Does BattlEye check for manipulations in your memory? Attatching scripts to the process?

4.) This is a question. I red that you can force the server to run your script. What about the server itself. Are you abled to run a script serverside? I mean like you do it with the client, inject it to the dedicated server .exe . And if this is possible is BattlEye abled to detect this, as it uses other dlls as for the client? Does the server log itself running a script and scan its own processes?