Author Topic: Luftwaffe, I'm calling your ass out.  (Read 5656 times)

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Re: Luftwaffe, I'm calling your ass out.
« Reply #75 on: July 06, 2012, 01:31:40 pm »
I was joking , youl notice i kid around more than i should , thats mainly because i can do what i say on the tin , better to ignore than to criticise , end of the day pal , we are all here to do one thing , and thats cheat. so better to get along and ignore than to argue , i learnt that lesson myself , fuck oppinions .. only thing that matters is .. got a cheat ? or dont have a cheat.

Hahaha true, thanks for the words of wisdom

I will not apologize, "HE STARTED IT" ooh..guess I am a kid =\
I think the only reason he thought I was talking about him was because someone replied to my post saying "took you 3 pages to see that OP is a fag?"
he just assumed I was talkin about him..anyway this thread is pointless ^_^ dont you agree?

Hey, I apologize. I swore you were calling me a fag; you should've clarified your sentence. Not once did you place the name or even a hint at who you were talking to. The way I saw it, it looked like you quoted me and was referring to me as a fag for what I wrote. Let's put this behind us. But you still haven't contributed to the community, and calling every scripter a person who eats hotpockets is a very tangent generalization. But I see that in your eyes, I insulted you. So I forgive you, and I'm sure you will be mature enough to forgive me.

-- and yes, that guy is a fag.

btw, I don't like hotpockets. :)

"very tangent generalization" Hahahaha yea man, I was just spewin shit out my ass really but yea man I hold no grudge dude, we dont know each other and dont know our personalitys but you seem like a good guy. <3
good stuff.  :icon_thumbsup
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