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M. O.:
I got a hold of "Dear Esther" the other day (not the mod), and just like with that co-op Elevator game and Postal 3 some developers really get the art part of gaming, i.e. gaming back to the roots to a time when people made games for fun and not for grabbing money from kids pok?mon style.   :wink2

If you look at the Amiga or the OS Classic days there was a huge diversity of concepts and titles. We are somewhat true to that tradition at TKC, the community has mainly focused on games outside the traditional bubble gum sphere, with M&B being the latest addition. "Dear Esther" reminds somewhat of "Myst". Really stunning terrain detail and graphics that makes ArmA, where terrain really matters (more than anything else), look bad. (Sure scales are different, but quality is still important). The story is not that clear as you get it in random order, but that's not the good part anyway, the good part is the ingenious and rather new concept it adds to the scene, just like many other games recently. There's a renaissance of independent games that probably have gotten a boost through channels like Steam. Seen from the successes they have had in sales too, we might not have seen the last of it. (Official site got taken down for exceeding a bandwith limit of 7500 GB - which is quite a lot for a site with text and images).

Tribes Ascend is an indie game that goes back to fast and skill based action. The game looks amazing, plays amazingly and is free to play.

A lot of the big youtube names have already reviewed the beta and it has given the game a ton of support that it needs.

Strange to see such a game when Call of Duty still exists. I suppose the PC community don't want Call of Duty anymore and want a skill full game.

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Art is a concept mullah in the eye of the beholder.

You remember a good painting and you remember a good game just the same.

In truth , games today are all about 'how they look' and not about game play per say , ( most developers are missing the point that a game should be a game not bullshit ! )

Tir Na Nog as an example and the Hobbit as another.

Graphics dont make a game , gameplay makes a game.

I strolled these virtual land scapes for days looking for the 4 pieces of the Seal of calum.


another EXCELLENT! game. Why dont I quote new games ? because the games I include are good games!.

Today , with memory capacity massively ( from back in those days ) increased the developer concentrate more on what a game looks like rather than what a game plays like.

We don't want graphics , We dont want realism , We want a game!.

Really it's all about perspective.


--- Quote from: MrMedic on February 16, 2012, 05:32:41 pm ---We don't want graphics , We dont want realism , We want a game!.

--- End quote ---

I totally agree!

like Ultima IV best rpg ever.....

EDIT: found that one...

Dialog - Then

--- Quote ---Conversations with NPCs (non-player characters) consist of "guess the keyword." Many keywords that you'd think would work actually wouldn't. After all, with only 64k of RAM to work with, ya gotta cut some corners. A half-dozen keywords makes for a very talkative character. Take this one, for example:

You meet a charming jester. She says: I am Gweno.
Your Interest: Job
I dance and sing for the children.
Your Interest: sing
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: dance
Dance is good for the soul. Do you give to the needy?
You say: Yes
Beggars are thankful for small donations
Your Interest: children
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: beggars
To give to a beggar shows compassion.
Your Interest: compassion
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: give
She says: I do not need thy gold. Keep it!
Your Interest: gold
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: quest
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: avatar
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: join
She says: I cannot join thee.
Your Interest: goodbye
That I cannot help thee with.
Your Interest: bye

A fairly frustrating conversation, not to mention one that ends with a preposition far too frequently.
--- End quote ---

Dialog - Now

--- Quote ---In a modern game, Gwenno's conversation tree would probably look like this:

Gweno: Hello. I am Gwenno. I sing and dance for children, because I'm a compassionate kind of person. I'll bet you'd like to know all about compassion. I could tell you how to be more compassionate.
1. Please, tell me how to be more compassionate.
2. Get away from me, you crazy wench!
3. Bye

See, isn't that better than keywords? Those are CHOICES. A player might agonize for microseconds before choosing option #1. At which point Gwenno says:

Gwenno: Go bring me the tails of ten rats, and I will tell you this secret, total stranger. You can find an infinite supply of rats down in the cellar.
1. Bye.

We sure have come a long way, haven't we?
--- End quote ---

Dwarf Fortress is one for that. Highest learning curve of any game I have played, with some of the deepest game play and re playability. And its free.


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