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Armed Assault 2 / Arma 2 OA lost keys well... bikey
« on: June 09, 2012, 05:23:40 am »
sorry I'm new so please tell me if i post this in the wrong place or whatever, but i need help, i have a arma 2 hack called Loki's lost key you can find it in the link below but the only problem is how do i use it on a dedicated servers if i or my friend hosts a server I'm fine, like any Dayz server for example whenever i search Dayz on OA a few will pop up with that little green circle on the very left of it but almost all of them are red and when i try to connect to the server it tells me to delete/disable a .pbo file (EX. @LostKeys) if anybody knows what to do please help

Link:         Thanks you guys  :icon_biggrin2

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