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Demos / numbers of items
« on: February 17, 2004, 06:15:45 pm »
all the numbers of the items and weapons

1 = m16
4 =m1 grand
5 =
6 =pps-41
7 =m1911 (colt)
8 =tokarev
9 =makarov
10=revolver 38
12=winchester 70
15=sks simonov
22=s&w model 39
26=mosin nagant
30=vc knife

note: lots of these items may cause a server-crash :wink:
Medkit 63
Medbag 62
Ammobag 61
radio 60
grenade 59
Map 58
Grenade Smoke 56
c4 (TNT) 55
Intel1 54
Intel2 53
Booby-trap 52
LightStick 51
Crop 64
Diary 65
Diary1 66
Diary2 67
Diary3 68
Diary4 69
Diplom 70
Diplom1 71
Diplom2 72
Diplom3 73
Diplom4 74
Dokument 75
Dokument1 76
Dokument2 77
Dokument3 78
Dopis 79
Dopis1 80
Dopis2 81
Dopis3 82
Dopis4 83
Fotka 84
Fotka1 85
Fotka2 86
Fotka3 87
Fotka4 89
Fotka5 90
Fotka6 91
Fotka7 92
mao 93
Mao1 94
Medaile 95
Medaile1 96
Medaile2 97
Medaile3 98
Medaile4 99
Money 100
Money1 101
Money2 102
Money3 103
Money4 104
flag 105
flag1 106
flag2 107
Obal 108
Obal1 109
Odznak 110
Odznak1 111
Odznak2 112
papir 113
papir1 114
papir2 115
papir3 116
papir 117
propaganda 118
propaganda1 119
propaganda2 120
propaganda3 121
propaganda4 122
prukazka 123
prukazka1 124
prukazka2 125
prukazka3 126
prukazka4 127
prukazka5 128
VCvlajka 129
VCvlajecka 130
VCvlajecka1 131
plany1 132
plany2 133
plany3 134
Dokument4 135
Obal2 136
Obal3 137
Obal2 138

Vietcong 1 & 2 / skinhacking <1.3 usable for everyone
« on: January 21, 2004, 07:35:14 am »
heres a tutorial about how to do skinhacks in retail up to version 1.3

This is for informational purposes only. It is up to the user to decide if it is moral/legal to use this information,
I take no resposibility in any way how you use this information, or if you screw up your system trying to follow it. bla bla bla

ok lets go
what you need is:
a list of skins
and a bit of experience

ok fist you have to start vc, when youre in the main-menu minimize vc via alt+tab
and start atmoney

go to: "select process" and choose "ptero engineII"
now click on the "search" button

search for= exact value
value= your ingame name
that means you choose a extraordinary name in the "player menu", somehing like qwertshit
then you have to search for qwertshit as value

now you can start the search
the very first search result should be the right one
mark it and move it with the red arrow in the right window, rightclick it>memory editing

heres the example: my ingamename is jazznas and my us skin is bronson
"image link broken will be fixed in few days"

when we now simply try to change the "INI\PLAYERS\NET_US_BRONSON.INI" tosomething else it wont replace the numbers on the left site that means it doesnt work

so we have to do it different

what we do now is to write the skin we want in AN EMPTY LINE heres the example:
"image link broken will be fixed in few days"

now mark the numbers on the left site that artmoney has created for the new skin, press ctrl+c (or strg+c for our german friends) to copy

mark the numbers for the original skin and press ctrl/strg+v to paste

it should look like this:
"image link broken will be fixed in few days"
ok we?re almost done, now delete the "fake" skin
(mark an empy area and copy&paste it over the fake skin

thats it

if you did everything right you have now the hidden vc-girl skin on us site

BUT: some skins like airplanes, tanks etc that you can use as a hat include this sign: _

if you simply type this sign artmoney will interpret this as a space
you have to do this sign manually: if yo have hex view/edit on its "5F"
if you have it off its "95"

anyway heres a table to find stuff like that out:

thats it! enjoy

Demos / superjump/sectret weapons/modding
« on: January 21, 2004, 04:31:24 am »
have you ever wondered about how some players get the mc250cal or how they can jump 100 meters hight?
well heres the answer!
but first you have to extract the demo

superjump: go to your vc folder>ini>players and choose a skin with net_ in front of the filename for example net_us_bronson.ini
but the best is when you change poorvcimmortal.ini (then you have the vest with 10.000 hp, normal skin has 180...)
now find the line "PL_JUMP= 6.5"
and change it to PL_JUMP= 30 (with 30 you can jump on every rock but can also set it to 1000 or whatever you prefer

now find the line "PL_HIT_HP= 190, 100"
and change it to "PL_HIT_HP= 0.00001, 0.00001"

thats it now you have superjump


how to get the secret weapons:

go to vc>ini>mp.txt
copy and paste this over your soldier US:

// Soldier - US
`mp_class 1 1100 1101 1 2
`mp_class_w 1 27
`mp_class_w 2 20
`mp_class_w 3 2
`mp_class_w 3 6
`mp_class_w 3 23
`mp_class_w 3 15
`mp_class_w 5 59
`mp_class_w 6 14
`mp_class_w 7 1
`mp_class_w 8 28
`mp_class_w 9 21
`mp_class_w 10 58
`mp_class_eqpname soldier

this will give you 8 weapons for example the m2c50 cal and the  hounting shotgun

a list of the weapons with their ids is in the items.txt (same folder)


weapon modding:
unlimit ammo:

find this lines in the vc>ini>weap.txt:

`a_ammotype 1 0 126   // 5.56mm - --------------------m16,                //m16m203,ar15
`a_ammotype 2 0 12   // 40mm grenade ----------------m79               //m203
`a_ammotype 3 0 140   // 7.62mm - --------------------ak47
         // -----------------------------SKS
         // -----------------------------RPD
`a_ammotype 4 0 24    // 7.62mm NATO -----------------M1 Garant   
         // -----------------------------m21
`a_ammotype 5 0 50   // 9mm CCCP (MAT-Parabellum)Makarov
`a_ammotype 6 0 213    // 7.62mm CCCP pistolov? -------
         // -----------------------------K50M
         // -----------------------------PPS-43
`a_ammotype 7 0 120    // Cal45, Us pistolovy ---------
         // -----------------------------colt45
         // -----------------------------M3
         // -----------------------------Thompson
`a_ammotype 8 0 36    // Cal38, Us pistolovy----------
`a_ammotype 9 0 35    // shotgun shell, (gauge?) -----rem870
`a_ammotype 10 0 18    // 30-06 American Army----------win70 (3030)
`a_ammotype 11 0 30   // 7.62-54R---------------------dragunov
         // -----------------------------Mosin
`a_ammotype 12 0 300   // 7.62mm - --------------------m60
`a_ammotype 13 0 300    // 7.62mm - --------------------RPD Degtarev
`a_ammotype 14 0 1000   // 12.7mm - --------------------M2c50
`a_ammotype 15 0 50    // US pistol -------------------S&W 39, M1911
`a_ammotype 16 0 60    // xxx - -----------------------M1/M2
`a_ammotype 17 0 5    // xxx - -----------------------M72   
`a_ammotype 18 0 50    // xxx - --------7.62 CCCP------Tokarev
`a_ammotype 19 0 4    // Grenade - do not change id (19)
`a_ammotype 20 0 3    // Booby Trap - do not change id (20)
`a_ammotype 21 0 0    // knife

look at the third number behind the weapons
`a_ammotype 1 0 126   // 5.56mm - --------------------m16,                //m16m203,ar15

this numer stands for the maximum ammo of that weapon

so simplay change it to 10000 or something ;)

now scroll down to the weapon you want to edit for example the Mosin nagant
find the line:
`w_magazine       0 11 5 4.30

the second numer is for the ammount of magazines and the third for the shots per mag

if you changed the maximum ammo of that weapon to 1000 simply change it to
`w_magazine       0 1 1000 4.30


rapid fire:
go to vc>ini>weap.txt
and then scroll down to the weapon you want to edit

for example the "SVD Dragunov"

find this line:

`w_b_accur_aimlie    0.02   0.9     0  2

`w_b_accur_firechng    2.11
`w_b_accur_timechng    3.25

`w_b_shot       0 11 0 1 0.03

`w_b_shot_force_move      0.2  -2.09  1  0.1  -0.53  0.1
`w_b_shot_force_stand       0.1  -1.93  1  0.1  -0.33  0.1
`w_b_accur_run       5      8

he game you shoot 2 bullets with one shot
i prefer 20 shots (insert it 20 times)
now mark the whole line copy it and insert it directly below the original
now when you shoot in t
looks like this:
`w_b_accur_aimlie    0.21    0.51    1  3

`w_b_accur_firechng    2.81
`w_b_accur_timechng    3.05

`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1
`w_b_shot       0 1 0 1 0.1


how to move VERY fast without using the speedhack or speeding up gameengine

were still in the weap.txt go to the weapon with that you want to move fast

find the line:
`w_ext          0.5 1.5 0.85

and change it to:
`w_ext          0.5 1.5 10

in combination with superjump you are now able to fly across the whole map with one jump!

ok thats it for now if you still have any questions eMail me or post them here

Before you read this, I will just say that I claim absolutely no credit for figuring out how to extract the .cbf files.
I read through tintin's tutorial on how to extract the demo .cbf files, then I applied what uplink said about extracting the retail files,
and I wrote a tutorial on how to do it. Enjoy!

I am using UltraEdit v10.00 for my hex editing, and v1.30 of Vietcong.

Do not bother with creating a file in your temp directory.
You can only extract one .cbf file at a time.
You do *not* need the file disk01.cbf.

If you are trying to extract every .cbf file, the order to do it in is (I think!) vietcong_eu_01.cbf,
 vietcong_eu_02.cbf, vietcong_eu_dub.cbf, vietcong_eu_gsp.cbf, vietcong_eu_xtl.cbf, vietcong_101.cbf,
 vietcong_120.cbf(May not be there), vietcong_130.cbf.

Make a new installation of Vietcong. To keep your old copy, first rename your old vietcong folder to something else
(example: eoawjf). Then stick in the Vietcong CD#1, and click on 'uninstall' in the autorun. Uninstall the game,
 it will say its been uninstalled but it actually hasn't. Now you can run the autorun again, and install a new copy of Vietcong.

Patch your new install to v1.6

Create a new folder off your drive (ie: C:\bleh, not C:\moo\bleh).

Copy the files setup.exe, setup.bin and setup.cbf to the new folder.

Browse to your new installation of Vietcong, and copy the .cbf file that you want extracted to the other folder.

Open up the hex editor. Open up the setup.bin file. Goto Search > Find.
 In the dialog box that comes up, type in 'disk' into the first text box, and check the 'Find ASCII' box.
Click 'Find Next'. Then hit F3 3 times, on the right it should have the word 'disk' highlighted. Before the word disk,
there should be two sets of %s%02d (%s%02d..%s%02d.%s...disk...cbf.Arial). Make sure you have Read Only off (Search > Read Only).
Find the first %s%02d on the right. Select the first % sign. Now on the left, there should be a '25' highlighted. Start replacing
them with 00's. you should end up with '........%s%02d.%s...disk...cbf.Arial'. Save the file and close UltraEdit.

Browse to your Temp folder (Win2k/XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp
(Local Settings folder might be hidden)). Empty your Temp folder of everything. This is not vital. When extracting the .cbf's,
it copies everything from your Temp folder into your Vietcong folder, so it just stops your Vietcong folder from getting cluttered up.

Now you are ready to start extracting!

Browse to the folder you created earlier, and run 'setup.exe'.
When you run setup.exe, it might only give you the options to 'Play' or 'Uninstall'.
If this is the case, go back to step 1, to trick it into thinking you want to install a new copy (don't actually install it!).
Click on 'Install', and go through the options, *deselecting* 'Install icons to desktop/start menu', and 'Install Gamespy'.
The game will say it is ready to install. Click next. Immediately, it will give you quite a few weird errors like '~WMP.TMP'.
Click cancel to them all. After about 5 of these, it will start to extract the .cbf file. After a while,
it will give you a few more of the wierd errors. It will then stop extracting, and say
'The following error occured during installation:' (no error is given). Hit ctrl+alt+del, bring up the task manager,
and end the program through that. Do NOT just click cancel, because it will delete all the extracted files.

And it's extracted! Browse to your Vietcong folder (wherever you chose to install to),
and you have one fully extracted .cbf file  Repeat these steps for other .cbf files.


Random Insanity Board / Burger King VS. McDonalds
« on: January 09, 2004, 09:54:43 pm »
we all know that burgerking owns, but i heared that here are some non-believers.....
so lets show this ignorants the truth :twisted:

Demos / how to extract the demo
« on: January 04, 2004, 02:04:34 pm »
All credits for this goes to tintin, who has been kind enough to write everything down:

This is for informational purposes only. It is up to the user to decide if it is moral/legal to use this information,I take no resposibility in any way how you use this information, or if you screw up your system trying to follow it.

Well everyone has tried to find a program that would extract the cbf files. There were a few programs that did most of the job, but did not extract the important config files. After much searching and even writing a program that could extract most the files, it dawned on me. Pterodon was nice enough to package a cbf extractor for us. It just needed a bit of tweaking to do what is wanted.

If you notice when Pterodon puts out its games, like its demo it packages them as an installer + a cbf file. If you pay attention the cbf file called disk01.cbf contains the game executable, the dlls, and at least one other cbf file. All the setup.exe does is extract files from disk01.cbf and adds some reg entries.

For example when we run setup on the demo it creates the demo dir extracts the game dlls from disk01.cbf, extracts the vietcong.exe and also another build###.cbf that contains all the game info. When you later patch the game it replaces some dlls and the exe and adds some more cbf files in the game dir.

What people have wanted to do is to extract cbf files OTHER than the disk0#.cbf. Through studying how setup.exe works you can adapt it to extract ANY cbf file.

With a hex editor open the setup.exe in the demo. Keep searching for the work disk. EVentually you will see were it says disk....cbf

Right before this you will see 2 sets of %s%02d . What needs to be done is the first %s%02d needs to be replaced with nulls. That is replace each of those characters with hex 00. This will allow the setup program to extract every file from a cbf. The cbf has to still be renamed to disk01.cbf.

To extract any cbf, copy it to a blank drive in the root folder. copy your modified setup.exe and the original setup.cbf to the blank drive too. Now go to you windows temp dir and empty it of everything! This is important as the setup program will try and copy anything from the temp dir. One trick is to make a text file with some odd name and put it in the temp dir. This is because when you see the setup program copy this file, then you know it is time to kill the setup program.

Before you attempt this remember this will extract the files into the vietcong game directory. You may want to move your demo installation somewhere else. Also rename the reg keys. The install (setup.exe) program may ask you to uninstall the old install, let it do that all it does is remove anything in the vietcong default install folder (if you rename it, it does nothgin) and remove the regkey. Now with the newly moded setup.exe, setup.cbf and the build#.cbf file that was renamed to disk01.cbf that you moved to a empty drive start the install. Dont choose to install icons or gamespy! Just let the program run, it will list all the files being extracted, When you see it trying to copy that one file that you made and placed in the windows temp dir use the task manager to kill the setup exe. Do not press cancel as cancel will delete any extracted files.

Demos / skinhack/godmode tutorial
« on: January 04, 2004, 10:29:31 am »
skinhacking is very esay to do in the demo
you can do 2 things with skinhacking
1. you can swap te us with the vc skin works better on servers where friendly fire is off ;)
2. you can put diff things on your head like choppers trees etc

first you have to open regedit
(for the noobs out there:
start>run> type: regedit and press ok)

now go to: hkey_local_machine> software > pterodon > vietcong >multiplayer
then choose us or vc
youll see in the right window fillowing:
- (standart)
- body BES
- cap BES
- cap EQP

body bes is the line for your skin in this line you also can active the "godmode"/vest - vest because you arent absoluteley invinsible...
a normal skin has 190 hp i but with the "vest" got 10.000...
for godmode change the line to:

cap BES if for your hat and cap EQP for the postion of that hat

all this exept godmode/vest (real godmode is only possible on server site so if you are the server, you also have to extract the game to do it
check the advanced cheating section to learn how to extract the game)also works in the retail version up to v1.3 but it needs to be done in the memory...

here you can download a list of the most skins:[DEMO].zip

Operation Flashpoint / unl. ammo player id change etc trainer
« on: January 04, 2004, 05:59:39 am »
NoObS 1.91 Trainer, educational purposes ONLY, use at own server.

This one is for Operation Flashpoint:
-Unlimited Ammo

-Change Player ID.
Bypass Bans
Impersonate Admins, Players, Clanleaders
Server Control will be possible

Version 1.91

Version 1.92b
First TKC trainer for any other game than VC.

Version 1.94b

First few trainers for the planned TKC expansion.

by [TKC]Punk.bLaN*

Here is a cheat on how to get completly invisible...this cheat was listed on a site but didn't work although I found a way to make it work. This might have been posted where on a cheat server spawn a rancor then while he grabs you put on protection and once he eats you kill him from the inside...HOWEVER this will NOT work protection won't help any and you will die. BUT here is how you do make it work. Spawn a rancor, then challenge someone to a duel and when they accept go get eaten because the rancor can't hurt you while dueling, then tell the person to break the duel off(by walking away) and kill the rancor from the inside, once it's dead you can walk around freely and you are invisible to everyone but you can still get hurt so use god mode or just be careful

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Windows game cheats :D
« on: January 04, 2004, 05:27:05 am »
by laxative:

These are really working.

1. Minesweeper

Start it (of course)
the write xyzzy and press shift+enter at the same time
then adjust your screen so that EVERY pixel is watchable, move your cursor over a block in the game and watch the upper left pixel of the whole screen. White= clear Black= Mine

2. Freecell
Press ctrl+shift+F10 and then just read the lines there

by laxative:

Go to and download the trial version and you are able to slow down or speed up your game as much as you like... you can also set keys to slow/speed up your game...
PS add this to the download section...
I can give the reg key for anyone who wants it from the private... sorry i cant write/speak english so well

The m3-clan

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