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Any job applicant knows that background checks are routine ? especially for jobs involving authority or oversight of money. So why didn?t the San Diego Republican Party do a simple Google search before naming Tony Krvaric as its chairman?

Online research reveals that Krvaric is the co-founder of Fairlight, a band of software crackers which later evolved into an international video and software piracy group that law enforcement authorities say is among the world?s largest such crime rings. After co-founding Fairlight in Sweden, Krvaric established U.S. operations for the organization, including an arm headquartered in Southern California?a major center for the computer and video game industry.

Krvaric has also been appointed by California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring to head up the state party?s budget committee. RAW STORY's investigation reveals the California GOP has put an alleged pirate in charge of its treasure trove.

Full Story here:

Off Topic / anyone playing FF XI?
« on: September 16, 2004, 11:06:06 pm »
just wondering :jamaica

Random Insanity Board / -= MOST UGLY SUPERHERO =- ROUND.3
« on: June 27, 2004, 10:00:08 am »


The Dragonball guy


The other Dragonball guy













General Modding & Programming / Other Games / joint operations
« on: June 14, 2004, 02:06:44 pm »

really impressive screenshots
the animations look a bit crappy
a cool feature is that you can play with ! 250 ! peoples at the same time



havent got the time to test it jet but it looks good at all

heres a good site wich explains some stuff but on german:

im going to translate the stuff when i have time

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / retail
« on: May 28, 2004, 08:46:49 pm »
i just got soldner retail, if anyone is interested in the !german version pm me

i also assured some accounts such as: [EAC]stryk-9/Stryk-9/[EAC]/stryk9 (pass: loser), cheater and so on =D

Announcement: Soldner gone gold - 2004-05-25

Rottenmann, Austria, May 25th, 2004; Soldner ? Secret Wars is finished! After years of intensive work, the Wings Simulations development studio's latest title has finally gone gold and is on its way into the shops.

Soldner - Secret Wars was one of the highlights of this year's E3 in Los Angeles. "Of course we are very happy about the extremely positive feedback by the press and our customers, and we are looking forward to the release of Soldner ? Secret Wars", comments Andreas Tobler, CEO of JoWooD Productions Software AG. "Thanks to the long development time we have managed to make Soldner a unique, perfectly balanced game."

SOLDNER ? Secret Wars is a tactical military multiplayer shooter offering adrenaline-filled action in numerous and varied team-based battles. Thanks to a dynamic single-player campaign mode equipped with a mission generator, it is an excellent choice also for solo gamers, providing them with the opportunity to treat themselves to some extensive training.

First previews show that Soldner-Secret Wars is receiving much praise in the media:

"Wings has managed to appeal even to inexperienced gamers. Just a few minutes into the game, the action starts in earnest ..." PC Action 6/2004
?60 weapons, 70 vehicles, a gaming area of 18 million square kilometers ? like hardly any other game, Secret Wars is able to impress with sheer numbers..." PC Games 06/2004

Soldner ? Secret Wars will be available in shops all over Europe from May 27th. It has already made it among the top three of the pre-sale charts in various countries.

Marc 'Plex' Olbertz
Community Manager

heres the superman (superjump) trainer, developed for US beta2 but shoud also work for the other demos (not tested though)

this trainer is just a simple mod and not the final version which will do this in the memory

get it >here<
or >here<
put this file in your soldner dir and replace the older soldner2.pak


Off Topic / sreen resulution
« on: May 21, 2004, 08:02:06 am »
due to some changes at tkc we'd like to know the most used screen resulution here.

1600x1024 was meant to be 1600x1200

k, i'll need some help to finish the trainer

i found the value in the memory and everything but now how do i put it in TMK so that it accutally "works"?

heres a screenie:

get the tool here

its a simple dos command tool

to extract the game do following:
start the exe (if it doenst start press your windows key+r, type CMD, ok)
then browse to the tool, if the tool is at C:\documents and settings\unwings type: cd\ to browse to C:\ and then cd\documents and settings\unwings)

to extract the .pak files copy both in the unwings folder and type:
unwings -x soldner1.pak
unwings -x soldner2.pak

you are still able to play the game, but the tool to compress them back to pak files (if want to make a mod) is here

the command to compress a file is:
unwings -c yourfile.pak

check for more infos

heres a nice bug in the ja+ mod (almost every server is running this mod so you will have it easy to find one)

with this trick you can do every move/specialmove with every saber without losing force by pressing only one button...

when youre on the server turn your saber on, then open the console and type:

/debugsetsabermove *

*= 1-100

the special moves are in the range from 20 up to 25 and from 50 up to 55

to bind the moves type:

/bind q debugsetsabermove 50 (q is the button where its been binded)

first of i have to say everythin im goin to post here is lame and it sucks, especially the special-moves script
im playin jka serious but im also a mod here and all informations should be aviable for everyone so here it comes:

how to make noobs leave the server:

just tell them to type "disco" in the console for nice light effects
disco stands for disconnect btw :wink:


with yawspeed you can rapid increase the damage of a hit.
is basicly about circling like a "centrifugal" while hitting the enemy, works best with the special attack of dual sabers and almost every single saber attack

there are two ways to do it: with the mouse or via script

for the script write
Code: [Select]
/cl_yawspeed 600000 in the console (shift+^)
then set your "turn" keys at: q - for turn left | and e - for turn right for easyer using

Code: [Select]
/cg_fov 40
with this command can you set the view-zoom
perfect for siege as sniper

how to kick ass in FFA

take the staff-saber and train the left-right combo (tricky)
but when you?ve mastered it its the most efficient attack in ffa, its very fast and extremely dangerus

3-4 hits (well performed) take 200 hp ( 100 hp and 100 shield)
youll get 100 kills in less than 20 mins

also the butterfly is very effective

when you see a large group of players fighting each other just make a bf and see them die like flys

also the dual-saber special+yawspeed is very effective
find a one-button special script here
a wallhack

to make the sript working copy it into your jka/base directionary rename it for example to jkascript, then join a server open the console and type:
Code: [Select]
/exec jkascript.cfg


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