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Not a very correct "news" report at all and if you try to check the claimed "sources" it all falls apart.

Where exactly do you see it falling apart?
If you put together the clues in the article it makes the story believable, not ultimately saying this story is true but simply saying "it falls apart" isn't true either.

What reason does he have to use the email address (here and here) if this all was made up? Doesnt it show that he has some connection to fairlight?

These quotes from the mail he sent to his rep. party colleagues are interesting too:
"Apparently there?s a hit piece floating around on me, ?exposing? my wild high school, teenage years where I was in a computer club where we swapped Commodore 64 games (similar to how kids swap mp3 music files these days)," he wrote Monday. "This was in the 80?s, on a computer that?s long since defunct!"
I?m sure glad they didn?t look in to my elementary school years, as there?s some really embarrassing stuff that I did in 4th grade," he continued. "BTW, I also heard a rumor that another fellow committee member (who shall remain unnamed) once made a tape copy of his friend?s favorite vinyl record.

Any job applicant knows that background checks are routine ? especially for jobs involving authority or oversight of money. So why didn?t the San Diego Republican Party do a simple Google search before naming Tony Krvaric as its chairman?

Online research reveals that Krvaric is the co-founder of Fairlight, a band of software crackers which later evolved into an international video and software piracy group that law enforcement authorities say is among the world?s largest such crime rings. After co-founding Fairlight in Sweden, Krvaric established U.S. operations for the organization, including an arm headquartered in Southern California?a major center for the computer and video game industry.

Krvaric has also been appointed by California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring to head up the state party?s budget committee. RAW STORY's investigation reveals the California GOP has put an alleged pirate in charge of its treasure trove.

Full Story here:

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« on: March 02, 2008, 12:59:56 am »
You can use MediaInfo to find out what codec you're missing.
And the cccp doesn't have "everything on the planet in it", it's actually only 6mb and installs like 5 things. =)

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« on: March 01, 2008, 02:53:48 pm »
cccp comes with (enhanced) ffdshow. (H.264 support) =)

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« on: March 01, 2008, 02:29:21 pm »

Use Media Player Classic, much simpler and better than Microsucks' bloated whale of a "media player"
With a couple of 5meg codec packs you can play pretty much anything/everything out there

Agree with MPC, it's very good, dont want to miss it. And for the codecs i recommend the combinded community codec pack since K-lite fucked my computer once.

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« on: February 28, 2008, 08:18:24 pm »
Candlebox - Far Behind

Good ol' 90s.

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« on: August 23, 2007, 05:48:02 am »
To me, elections in america is like a nation choosing between the plague and cholera.. for me. All i can do is hope they pick the one that less likely gets me killed.

Off Topic / Re: Microsoft or Apple?
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:18:40 am »
I used to be an apple fan too, until the day i actually had to work with their so called computers. Nothing ever worked the way i wanted it to. Also, ever tried to type an "@" on a mac keyboard when youre used to win keyboard layout? It's fun! Especially when its an online formular.
I also used to be a linux fan, well actually of the idea behind the OS, so i gave it a shot. So i installed suse linux, EIGHT!!! fucking CDs.
Well, whats the first thing you do after installing an OS? Adjusting the mouse speed 'cause it sure isnt fun to move the mouse over the whole table only to reach the taskbar. I spend about 5 hours looking for a way to adjust the mouse speed/accerlation. There was none. Eight fucking CDs and they dont even give me a window where i can set the mouse speed ffs. Windows at least gets the job done.

Off Topic / Re: peppermint and techland
« on: June 05, 2007, 08:58:11 am »
you sure have a point but there are two sides of the story. downloading copyrighted material without paying sure is illegal in the most countries. however, what those companys and lawyers do is, to some extend, illegal as well.
so logistep caught user xy downloading a movie, that means they're free to charge him whatever? the point of those mass charges is NOT to have a lawsuit, that's the last thing they want, it's to make you sign a omission explanation (which is a confession basically) and charge an almost random sum of money (around 150?-300?) (out of court of course). all that with almost no proof, and the little proof they have did they get illegally. in germany every ISP is forced by law to delete all connection data (unless needed for accounting reasons). most however save the connection data if requested by, for example logistep. probably to get rid of users that create lot of traffic, aka filesharers.

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