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Yes F and H were easy to switch, thanks. lol

But will it only scan once or will it continue to scan while holding F?

I found a similar script.

Click down

goto, start


PixelSearch, Px, Py, 1045, 562, 1165, 570, 0x2727C6, 0, Fast
If ErrorLevel = 0
   goto end
sleep 150
goto start


Can someone modify this to while pressing and holding F it scans, and if detects red it right clicks once?  I can tweak it once I get a basic script going.


Can someone please make me a ahk pixel detection script that does the following.

While holding F it will continuously scan near the center of the screen 1900 x 1080

If it detects red or a variation of red it will right click once.

Is that within someones ability to create?


I loled at that comment also.  :icon_laugh

Word of this spread like wild fire.  There is a thread on the crpg forums about it.,3519.0.html

Someone sent this link to chadz and taleworlds to report it.  Chadz even warns that he can see anyone using it and they will get a lifetime ban.

I call BS on him being able to see who is using it.  This hack has been around for a long long time and if he could see it, he would have done something about it a long time ago.

ok thanks man, i read your post and followed your instructions.  PMed the results back to you.

can anyone help me to get this working?  I hold my right mouse button and it doesnt do anything.  It just blocks one direction.  I can change the direction manually.

When I stand holding the right mouse it does not even try to auto detect when someone attacks me.

I have tried running in admin mode.  I set my block to automatic.

I dont get why I cant get it to work. 

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