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Technically, yes, but it depends on how it is done to get accepted.

If people care or don't care about something is nothing that can be refuted in any way. Obviously people do care, or they wouldn't compete.

what i meant is that if this WTC would actually "matter", you would think that at least a few participators would meet the requirements. you cant really convey that this WTC is popular if _no one_ of the very few managed to qualify for it.

It would also matter quite a bit to anyone logged into the forums almost 24 hours a day for years from July 21, 2010, 06:00:13 AM...don't you think?;u=5115;sa=statPanel

So why did you not enter?

It's a rhetorical question I already know the answer you really don't need to answer.

the "mr. BE" thing again because im from germany? it never gets old it seems. i lost count of how many times ive read that ever since i joined (mainly from medic though). im online 24h? your logs should tell you otherwise.

btw, i follow many hacking sites and create my own hacks/POCs, but dont actually cheat most of the time. so im a hacker, but not really a cheater. so yea, i dont really see the point to enter into a championship "no one" cares about and where the one with the longest "x setDamage 1" loop wins.

i simply tried to point out that TKC is pretty much dead and hopefully things will turn around some. without users and thus hackers, your great ideals wont really matter much.

The score has to be higher than the last winning entry for a win,

I did not know that rule myself.
Personally I think that rule is a stinker and should be removed.

I know one person was in a 100 player server and forced everyone (99) to die but could not meet the deadline getting the video in.

lol, something like this is considered a winner? thats one line of code, anyone can do that in arma. I thought this was some real championship (where art etc. matters)?

anyway, my point is proven. no one cares about this WTC, you gotta admit that.

I won't be back until the weekend, which is when I will check the results.

So? ;)

So, how many actually participated?;)

As far as I did not.

If you want a ballpark idea all you need to do is read the DayZ forums about people mass killing everyone on all the servers for the past month and start adding them up.

Hopefully things will calm down now untill the boredom builds until next August and all hell breaks loose again.

I have never entered.

i was just curious. the contest is closed so i would think you could publish some info. does that response mean that no one participated? my point is proven then. :P

anyway, there are many other hack sites out there all of which are more active than tkc. if you seriously think these hackers do this in the name of tkc youre delusional. there hasnt been a single post in the arma2 section for 5 days, how much more dead can this site be?

So, how many actually participated?;)

so, anyone participated already? just wondering.

This site is completely based on volunteer work. Same goes for the competition, which is why dates and years depend very much on staff availability. We are understaffed in general, which is part of the reason why the competition was extended to the full month this year. I for instance just returned here today after a couple of weeks offline.

Last year the site was offline until the very end of July, so the competition wasn't even announced (other than on the intro screen which is a permanent entry). There was no time for preparation. The very reason for why it was down was because, again, there was no staff available to maintain the site at that level and to react to issues.

Besides, contributions are usually sent by email using the online form found on the competition site. They are not disclosed that way.

but still, why dont you open up the arma2 section now? its dead anyway, no need for moderators right now.

so who is participating? i dont see anyone posting anything.

Noone is posting because they want to win so bad and keep it down, so there is less competition  :icon_teehee

yea right, like last year, lol. iirc the site wasnt down during this competition.

so who is participating? i dont see anyone posting anything.

It would seem that the World Teamkill Championships for 2112 have hit a cord with some.

Don't worry...the contest only runs ALL MONTH LONG!  :icon_laugh

i see that you are talking about the year 2112, but honestly z and m.o., you should realize that no one gives a fuck about this "world championship". last year no one participated and now its the same. no one cares. you cant be that blind to not see that...

dayz is becoming more and more popular every day yet TKC is slowly dying sadly. the arma2 forum is almost dead now and meanwhile UC gets more active everyday. thats not a good sign considering the game's growing popularity.

i really hope you find solutions.. one would be to open up TKC more. for example, why is the arma2 section still hidden to guests? still afraid of getting screwed over by someone reporting your site and getting it shut down for a month like last year (or was it two years ago, cant remember)? comon, you can do better than this.

Armed Assault 2 / Re: [question] to mrmedic
« on: August 02, 2012, 09:47:50 pm »
Yeah I tried that but didn't lead me anywhere that can help me. Now I think the problem caused by netframework 4 witch has been reinstalled manytime, but I couldn't fix it properly somewhy. ( I really tried everything possible) I will have to google a hdd in my desk and install a new windows on that (but I'm a lazy fuck)

Does it use netframework and c++ as well right?

doubt it uses .net. but i dont believe that you hooked the winapi functions, you dont seem to have the experience to do that (no offense). :P

anyway, the hack is simply expired by now. it worked before, yes, but medic put a limit on the hack and even if you run it on a fresh system it wont work anymore.

Armed Assault 2 / Re: [question] to mrmedic
« on: August 02, 2012, 05:36:29 pm »
it has expired, period. its that simple.

AS I told I was using before a system restore. It was working .It's still working(I mean it's not expired). Just my system restore ruined it.So when I ry to launch the console doesn't pop up anymore,nothing happen. Everything worked fine, just gerk and mrmedic's cheat didn't work anymore after the restore. So sadly it isn't that simple. I removed every registry and else I found.
I tried to replace the dat but it's worthless.The problem isn't that. However if I remove the dat file then a window popup that say, I need a license key to be generated.

+I know how to use it. I used it before fine. I know I don't have many post on this forum but I would appreciate some help.

you can hook windows file/reg functions to see where it stores that time information. dont use process monitor because medic's stupid packer detects it. ;)

Armed Assault 2 / Re: [question] to mrmedic
« on: July 31, 2012, 04:39:30 am »
it has expired, period. its that simple.

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