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Armed Assault / Re: sahrani life inventory hack?
« on: October 08, 2008, 08:11:48 am »
In the OFP section they took one of the missiles and combined a car so they could "drive" the missile around and follow people...could detonate it when they wanted or just drive people insane.
Is that what you meant be remote control?

oh lol no :P sounds awesome though.

but, in this if you buy a remote control bomb, you get in a car, activate it, it gives you a code, then when your ready you can (from a distance) enter the activation code for the bomb.

it just that i dont want to have to drive to the bomb shop everytime to get the equipment, so i want to be able to just script it into my inventory.

the money cheat works like a charm though.

Armed Assault / sahrani life inventory hack?
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:10:52 pm »
hey all,
does some1 have a script yet that lets you spawn like a remote bomb and remote control into the player inventory. or able to spawn it into a car. or spawn food into the player invent, this would be for the latest sahrani life -  sahrani_life_reloaded_rpgmod_v5.02. so there is now wheat, and bread, and bottled water.

have tried this
"Bread = 30;
INV_AddInventoryItem call [16, Bread];"

and failed

now i have tried

Bread = 20;
if [alive player] then INV_AddInventoryItem call [16, Bread];

if (alive player) then {['Drug-Shed', +(1)] call INV_AddInventoryItem;}

[Bread, +(30)] call INV_AddInventoryItem;

and still no luck

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