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Operation Flashpoint / VBS1
« on: January 19, 2006, 07:00:07 am »
wtf ????? It have the OFP terrains and objects
LOL nice. and price is 10x LOL

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]BlueGrass G36 1.1 Released!
« on: January 13, 2006, 06:23:22 pm »
Oh yeah Puppy, You not say that the name of modded G36 should be from H to Z. I have named it H36a.pbo and it works.

But I must say that BlueGrass mod have better norecoil tnan Bison/Steur/XMS :)

And a little OT.
I near never use our new ID Changer becouse I have 10 oryginal ID's and change them is more easy than using ID Changer.

I start OFP and IDCh. Alt-tab. Change ID, alt-tab, press F6. Check ID in Player option. Enter Server, and start pressing F7 :)  In Lobby, In briefing, I tryed close ID changer, becouse I have alvays Session Lost after entering map.
When Im in Lobby and pressing F7 did my ID should change to oryginal (#Userlist) or stay the same ? Becouse I press F7 and ID is still changed.

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]Wesker Bizon Elite 1.0 Released!
« on: January 13, 2006, 05:26:14 pm »
Hey Wesker,
when I loaded me as a XMS soldier, in scope shoot is ok, when You use zoom, is ok, but with zoom from 90-100% every shoot move your red dot alot up the screen. When You make your zoom a little smaller, You hit alvays the same point, with bigger zoom its impossible.
Its just a bug or its notmall ?

Steyer have the same, but much smaller recoil? effect. Maybe Steyr have smaller zoom ?

And if You can, change crosshair to "+" in XMS and Steyr. Its much better for aim than this normall one.

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]BlueGrass G36 1.1 Released!
« on: January 13, 2006, 04:43:26 pm »
Stop spam u mofo. You will not stop us  :lol:
And noone care about lagy Malboeuf server based on "virtual" P4 platform.
My system use AMD 5000+ and 4GB RAM, but I not pround about this and not write this in front of my page to show everyone how clever amd strong I'm  :P  :D
Malboeuf is gay, and I not play with gay'z on gay'z servers
And You are gay too, no its worse,  You are gay spammer. I hate You  :evil:  :twisted:

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]BlueGrass G36 1.1 Released!
« on: January 13, 2006, 02:59:48 am »
Oh master I have tryed all options.
Changed original G36 with new one or not changed, change name or not. The only thing I have is a cross in my G36, no zoom, no red dot.

But Modded Bison and XMS works great.

You write in your readme:
2.Rename both the PBO's to a random name of your choosing to avoide file checkers

so which "both pbo's" name I should change when I add only one ?
Oryginal and Modified ? I dont think soo, but I tryed this and nothing new in game, no winning notification, no errors, no naked ladies on screen or wiruses, so Im dissapointed. :) :lol:  :P

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]Wesker Bizon Elite 1.0 Released!
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:54:24 pm »
first someone explain me how to instal this
what PBO name should be changed and wchich one not...

I install one CHP to another. Or did I make it wrong ? :)))

About radar.
Ofcourse I can buy in CTI Tank with radar, then select object and duplicated tank will be still with radar so this is not a problem. More, CHP  spawned no-radar-tank is a ANTI-Cheat :)

More interesting will be if we can have Radar in all vehicled. From Bike to A10 and no matter if we spawn it on CTI map or Coop map. This should be verry usefull.

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]Wesker Bizon Elite 1.0 Released!
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:35:46 pm »
when I got killed and someone take my gun he will see normal Bison or modified ? I think he will see a normall gun ?

Operation Flashpoint / [TKC]BlueGrass G36 1.1 Released!
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:29:13 pm »

How this shit is working ?
When I changed normal G36a.pbo to hacked one, nothing was changed. Only Cursor was "+" and mod G36 messages when I enter server.

When I leave org G36a.pbo and add  hacked one as housefarm.pbo, nothing changed

When I changed org G36a.pgo to farmhouse.pbo and hacked one to housefarm.pbo I get error loading G36a.pbo and no gun in hand

You should make more precise instruction in Your Readme becouse this one tells nothing.

  1.Drag the PBO into your Addons AND Res/Addons folder (DO NOT Remove the G36a, just add thease)

this what I do, but I have only RES/ADDON folder

  2.Rename both the PBO's to a random name of your choosing to avoide file checkers

what I do and get error load G36 mesage

  3.Startup OFP and enjoy a recoiless G36 :D

I enjoy nice empty hands

How OFP will know that my G36 is now Housefarm.pbo or abcdef.pbo? Its little insane.

Nuclear effect is in Crime City but Im not sure if it need any addons or not.

Only thing is missing is a radar. When I spawn tank in CTI it have no radar window. Purchased tanks/air have it so maybe this radar can be used also on non CTI maps. Also maybe this radar can be added to normall cars like Jeep. It will be verry helpfull into CTI and other maps and its still a cheat :)

I tooday pissed off people on OldFreaks server :)
I have crashed their CTI lol.

thanks for amazing year, full of insane new cheats that make sick all anticheaters with their funny anticheats systems.

I want to wish You all, good time in OFP, low pings and high FPS. 24/7 access to Malboeuf servers and ofcourse fast release of Operation Flashpoint 2 with poor cheats protection. Thanks AnotherCheater for wonderfull Cheat Pack and Mullah Omar for wonderfull TKC forum :D

Happy New Cheated Year 2006

Operation Flashpoint / Supercheatpack 1.26a Released
« on: December 21, 2005, 09:13:00 pm »
YOu right....
but if someone start cheat on me (put to tank, gived me G36, god mode) on server where I not cheat and dont want cheat (Gol Crime City), all this resulted this that GOL's wanted put password on his server and they ban my ID, and I dont know if I will use my Nick again here they will not ban my next ID.
Thats why I was pissed off.
I think that CHP user should be "bulletproof" for option SELECT OBJECT. With this option You can make from selected person big cheater also if he never chear about CHP.

Good that I was CHP user so I selected this asshole and start mess with him so they will kick everyone and shot down server :)

Operation Flashpoint / Supercheatpack 1.26a Released
« on: December 19, 2005, 09:51:15 pm »
Im angry.
Some asshole mess with me on GOL Crime City server, put me in tank, good mode etc. Looks like I will be IP banned here.

It is possible to make on next CHP andy blockade from other Cheat Packs ?

Operation Flashpoint / Supercheatpack 1.26a Released
« on: December 15, 2005, 05:43:30 pm »
I fist time hear about this.
Million dollars question tooday is:
               HOW ?

Operation Flashpoint / Hunter rifle and *.aab
« on: December 11, 2005, 09:03:59 pm »
Yes but I dont have idea which PBO is wrong
Hunter.pbo I have OK and its only 1kb

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