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But I have another serious problem. I talked about server logs.

Its really suxx, but Im usualy verry fast kicked when I start use cheats.
F.e. I will spawn paper car, put godmode to not let anyone kill me and discover who is cheater, but then Im kicked verry fast. Or when I spawn any tank or put TKC logo etc and escape from crime place, Im verry fast detected and kicked. I alvays use clan players nicks and their IDs.

so WHY ?

I think becouse advanced server admin need only 30s to find cheater looking into server logs. I have no other explanation. Its no matter if Im on map with 5 or 30 players. Usually Im kicked as first and only one from server.

but anyway HP1.2 a good work guys

My another idea about CHP1.2

Menu should be visible inside f.e. spawned tank. Becouse when it will be nessesery I have chance teleport from tank to safe place and noone will be know who was in tank. Now I must get out, find menu option, open map and teleport. In this time players will kill me 30x

Also what about other funny option. Spawned Fuel Truck. It should fall from 500m like Boats option and explode (its huge explosion). But funny thing is that It fall where I click on map. So I open map, click and 1 truck fall, click again and another truck fall and explode. Ofcourse anonymous killing. Good for kill enemy CTI base. Modern artilery :)

I must report a bugs

When I using CHP1.2 mostly Godmode and anonymous killing, My AT/RPG/AA shoot to one point. Aim not work not importand where You look. Also my guns shoot my body. F.e. when I aim in sky it shoot normall, but when I aim under horizon bullets shoot my body and not anyone outside. This looks like there is something outside me what stop bullets.

5min ago at BF I place Satchels but cant detonate them, just no option.

UPS GUYS ? Anti IDChanger 1.96 protection ?

I just connect to one server (I will dont tell here which one). Then I see in command line on top of screet this Good Luck TKC and in few seconds I was kicked (session lost) and banned automatically. I changed ID, comeback and again the same. Strange. They detect cheats. But I dont know if they detect changed ID or Cheatpack 1.2 ?

Yes, but I just want to know how. I dont care about minefield.

what about changing name in game or speak "Sorry that I spawned M1" using name of someone else in chat  line ?

And hehe I hope that Cheatpack for OFP2 will come faster than this one for OFP1

heheh guys how to run this shit ?

So I understand that I need put it to something like bombs.sqs

But what the hell I must do with this ? How to run this ? Never ever anyone dont tell me this :))))) What a noob ...... I know

I used paper car or other things when my name is not shown on map or anyone can ever know what person is under this body on map.

On BF You have only X on map, no name so You can sit under TKC logo and noone will know who You are as long as they will not kill you. So You must use GOODMODE and ANONYMOUS KILL

I take Masta Blasta name, ID (no XML) and wait 10min for BF, then from 30 players I was kicked !!!. Strange, why ? Masta is well known and trustfull player.

Now I make mess on BF at Mokropsy. I put TKC logo, spawn boats, bikes. Even any X was not shown at map (I hide myself) and after 10min I was kicked and only me. Maybe Admin looked to server logs ?

acha, what is this SPACE WORLD ? It do nothing.

I have some sugestions for next version.

This should be funny if I can change West skin to East etc. So then I can teleport myself to enemy base and noone will shoot me. (CTI, BF, CTF)

When I press GoodMode and Anonymous killing, and spawn car or go in wehicle, good mode disapear and sometimes when I drive in Paper Car someone shoot me and they know who is cheater. Can You fix it ?

There should be option to make a mine field. For example 100m long and 2 m thin where mines are layed .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Good for CTI and BF

Maybe you can make Menu in color ? For example menu from Cheatpack will be red or Yelow so this will be easy to navigate in stress :))


And I how they know that Im cheater ? I used known players nicks + ID, all real. Then  usually when is something wrong they kick me as a first one. Strange

And PaperCar RULEZZzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!

Operation Flashpoint / OFP Dev Section
« on: July 06, 2005, 04:58:35 am »
I just ended test cheatpack 1.2
Oh my god is sooo powerfull.
Omar what You want to make in Dev Section ???? Its all in Cheatpack now. I cant imagine more things. ID changer works, cheatpack rockzzzzzz azz. We must now wait for answer from anticheaters. How fast they can block Cheatpack 1.2

Here is also my demand. Please do not make it public on download section. If everyone can take it then 1 cheater will be on every game all day. OFP will stay unplayable. I personally wanted make it publish, but now I will dont o this.
Lest keep it in small TKC community only.

Operation Flashpoint / OFP Dev Section
« on: July 05, 2005, 02:45:46 pm »
OK guys I have no time for stupid talking.
If someone (except Malboeuf heheh) think Im anticheater, then say here.
If I cant gain access to Dev Section then tell me this and reason of this decission.

And fuck all anticheaters, soon will be day of Your destruction :)
Its a prophecy !

Operation Flashpoint / OFP Dev Section
« on: July 05, 2005, 12:41:21 am »
Hi guys.
Can I have acces to Dev Section ?
I need help with some technicaly things about cheats.
Someone who is boss there, pls send me PM. I cant speak on forum.

Operation Flashpoint / Cheats Observed - 30.06.2005
« on: July 05, 2005, 12:34:41 am »
Its maybe nothing special, but this was verry funny. Big carrier ship inside Petrovice in NogVille

Operation Flashpoint / Guys READ look what i just found!!!!
« on: July 02, 2005, 09:28:27 pm »
yes ?
so wait, week or two and You will get another great website for shotdown

Operation Flashpoint / Cooles thing I ever see ..... [OT]
« on: July 02, 2005, 09:19:46 pm »
Yes it happend sometimes.
The same game we have some cheaters and noobs.
They shoot my heli with AA in 3sec after I start from East base. But east equipment is excelent heli survive, but then we have noob in West who hit us with another AA and a rain of dead body fall into Osterwald :))
So Admin make Rea becouse of noobs and cheaters.
And in next game again the same person hit me with RPG and again at Ostrwald the same person hit us with AA LOL !! When heli fall down I surwive and go out of heli.

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