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Operation Flashpoint / OFP Cheat's Web Center by GRU_Sniper
« on: July 21, 2005, 07:53:40 pm »
Hi all
My page about OFP cheats is ready. You can right now find there many interesting cheats. I will be adding more and more new stuff so visit it every week. Fuck anti-cheaters :)


ohhh noob
if You have it installed corectly after Your respawn You will see info text message (green color) Cheat Pack loaded etc. and in Your menu on right will shown new option SHOW MENU and its cheatpak

Guys You make impossible. You build new great CHP, You make new working and undetectable ID Changer. But we still can be punished by this fuckers. They still have their last barricade. Im talking about IP banning.

We can cheat ......but only on servers where THEY let us cheat.  We cant mess them in their servers. So I think its time to find a way how to change/hide our IP. When You find this, noone, never can ban us or hide server.
Im noob in programing so I cant help, but I belive that You can do this :)
This is last thing that should be done to get a full controll in OFP. Its verry importand.
What You think?

I dont know if this was accident but on KaP-Clanserver I play CTI.
I spawn bikes to move faster and not wait for stupid jeeps.
But after 3-4 bikes I spawn paper car , drive around 100m and I was kicked with message Session Lost.

Quote from: Bluegrass
There are loads of ways:

-Dodgey/unknown name
-Bad acting when inpersonating
-Cheating as soon as you respawn after first death (BIG NO NO)

...and many more.

The problem is that
-I use known names with XML if oryginally used by player, +real ID
-not acting becouse Im not detected
-waiting sometimes few minuted before I start cheating
if on map is 30 ppl and Im first who is kicked from server when someone discover a cheat (spawned tank, strange building), so I mean this is strange.

OK I can live with this :)

No, when I play and spawn f.e. tanks in base, or building or anything else,  admin looks ALT-tabed and quick im kicked without any word.
Becouse I do not see other possibility than LOGs where is everything writen who does what and when, so there is also that me created buildings or something. I dont know. I not see other way how they can know that Im cheater. On most servers, not mather who is admin.

this suxx

Im really sick. Every lame admin can look to logs and even if I spawn one small thing that not do anything agains game, I was kicked.

So there is one way to go :
If You start use Cheatpack, mess with everything as fast as possible becouse You will be kicked soon :))

ech, without this using CHP should be extra fun

Operation Flashpoint / RoughNeck server
« on: July 17, 2005, 02:43:34 am »
I was tooday on OFP and I connected to one CTI server.
I stay here and when screen with map was loaded I get red dot and lost connection. Shit happends I say, becouse this happend in time when my provider sometimed change my IP but Im not sure why I lost connection.

But big LOL was when I look where I was connected ! On RN server !
Usually I not see it becouse of IP ban but this time I connected. Bad thing is that when I tryed recconect I get new window Cant Connect or something. But I see this server in server list, its strange.
In OFP Watch I dont see anything when I check this server.

LOL, Malboeuf sucker be avare :))))

Operation Flashpoint / Floating players
« on: July 15, 2005, 04:28:21 am »
I can move objects but how to make them up ?
F.E. how You get this man and put him in the air ?
I cant move most objects in CHP 1.2

Operation Flashpoint / cant find dl Cheatpack 1..23
« on: July 13, 2005, 02:26:56 pm »
My OFP is a 4GB monster. Restart can take 1min :))))

Operation Flashpoint / cant find dl Cheatpack 1..23
« on: July 12, 2005, 02:17:55 am »
CheatPack is just perfect guys.

Im much more worrying about AmmoTrainer. Im sick using it. After first game all shots from silent guns and tanks go in random direction.
Someone tells me that its FADE effect. Please fix it.
At all its much more helpfull in game than CHP that in fact kill OFP and its only for messing the game.

Operation Flashpoint / cant find dl Cheatpack 1..23
« on: July 11, 2005, 10:39:36 pm »
becouse Im from a few days cheating on evewy game where Im connected.
I use nicks
ED, Amalka, DEVGRU Union Jack, MastaBlasta, AnyWhere with their IDs.
But noone want ban me ! :(( They only kicking, shit admins.

Im desperated to kill every CTF/Hexen game in OFP.

Operation Flashpoint /
« on: July 11, 2005, 09:57:49 pm »
no I think its Czech wersion of OFP.
They have many files "vojak" and in czech its mean soldier

Operation Flashpoint / cant find dl Cheatpack 1..23
« on: July 11, 2005, 09:55:31 pm »
I only hope that You finish it before THEY put Anti cheatpack protection on most servers hehehe

From the other hand I must say veto for make it 100% public.
If anyone can use it, then playing on OFP will be impossible anymore.
OFP will be killed completly in a week.

acha, and there should be any option to hide/close/uninstall CheatPack for a game or before we start OFP. When I have it active on every misisons is VERRY HARD to not use it in game.

Operation Flashpoint / Floating players
« on: July 11, 2005, 09:48:44 pm »
lame question but how to select object ?
I need to be close to it and have curson on it and then put Select Object or what ?
And firsr select and then I can move or copy or delete yes ?

But I have problems with selecting objects :)

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