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Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: September 14, 2007, 09:31:53 pm »
Respect IS earned, yet your telling us to "respect" other people, does putting up a server earn respect? In your book, yes. In mine....not at all. What has the Arma community done to earn my respect, other than a few mission devs (and the TKC / myg0t guys for what they do), not a great deal. So in your own words, they haven't "earned " my respect.  How do you respect a community that believes they can file a lawsuit against people for cheating.

Contrary to popular belief, not all cheaters cheat because they suck, that's just a misguided idea that most anti-cheats believe. Its your security blanket. "id pwn them if they didn't cheat", yeah yeah heard it before.

I bought Arma because of flashpoint. OPF had its share of problems, but no where near as bad as Arma. But again you misunderstand, You make it out that people are unhappy because they "spent all their pocket money" (which again, shows your ignorance, either that or you are obsessed with "kiddies"). You don't buy something and never use it, especially if there is a way to have fun (which is what cheating is to me). You don't seem to grasp this, and i cant be any plainer.

You clearly don't understand this method of cheating either, on arma, i don't cheat to win. Its pointless. I cheat to have fun. Calling artillery on people, car bombs, suicide bombers (which are awesome BTW), see how many people i can get kicked for cheating who are innocent. Its not about winning, its about enjoying the game. I don't cheat because people are better than me (which some people are, its natural, i don't care if I'm defeated in a game), i cheat to have fun whilst i play. Any while on the subject of me, if i wrote a book it would be an AUTO biography, dumbass. Oh and I'm not trying to prove a point, just poke holes in yours so hopefully you will see how little you understand, as you are oblivious to your own stupidity, yes i have a vocabulary too, and id bet my right arm I'm higher educated too, theres your "Kiddie" cheater for you.

To answer some of your questions, why i stopped owning servers :  there are numerous reasons. Clans disband so the server is no longer needed, games die (or get horrible patches that changes everything you love about the game, like DoD 3.1 into DoD source), I moved to a different country, not as much time for gaming to justify a server. Did anyone force me to buy arma, no they certainly did not, you are correct there. But because i made a decision to buy a game that is broken (which i didn't know when i bought the game), does that mean i have to stop using it in a way i find fun?. The stock game is not fun for me, no where near as good as OPF was (which i never cheated in BTW, and my clan finished 2nd in the 2003 European flashpoint league, which is now called the European combat league), but add cheats to arma and you have one hell of a fun time. I bet you use mods, Scope fix, remodeled guns and new sounds, that's all "cheating". Anything that modifies your game and gives an advantage over others is a "cheat".

"True, very true, if you owned a server before, why not get one again? Just for the TKC, that way you can all enjoy ArmA in a cheat filled environment. Or can you not afford it? Have you wasted all your money on ArmA? Awww..."  See, here you go again. did you read my last post? at all? Yes i lied, i am broke, i live in a cardboard box (the one my PC came in) at the bottom of someones garden, all because i bought arma. Why don't YOU buy your own server, password it and never have to deal with cheaters again seeing as you hate them so much. You seem to like to tell others what to do with their money, so YOU buy a server, problem solved, or are you to tight fisted to pay for a server. You are the one with the issue here, I'm not telling you how to play the game, you have the problem. Why should anyone change the way they play just because you have a problem. If you don't like it, do something about it, really theres nothing more that needs to be said other than that   : If you are not happy, do something about it. Find a way to play the game that makes you happy. If that means buying a server and passwords, so be it, but I'm happy with the way i play, so i don't need to change a damn thing.

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me so i probably wont respond anymore, there you go , you have "Won"

Edit: what just happened is a prime example why i dont respect server admins. An admin on FUIAA server (or something like that) just tked me 3 times. First time its because he wanted to pilot the blackhawk (which i had earned the right to fly WITHOUT cheating, sucky EVO), then when i complain he tells me to STFU (big talk cos he had 3 clanners on with him). So the guy waits in spawn and TKs me again for "complaining". So i let it go, took the next Heli and flew in to the warzone. Then im on a hill sniping with him and his 3 clanners nearby, he runs out of ammo. Boom im dead with a pistol shot for my weapon, i complain and he said "tough shit, i needed ammo". He then banned me. Quick ID change later and i decide to destroy his server. Promptly lock him and all his clans keyboards and annihilate the server with arty, carpet bombs, suicide bombs, throwing thim up 3 meters in the air. He relogs and comes back on, so i try out a script ive never used before. "BYE BYE i have to go to the TOILET!!" made me laugh so hard. His server with 34 players currently playing on it is reduced to 5 (all his clan quit too). Respect people just because they put up a server, THIS is the reason i dont. Server admins generally treat people like shit, unfortunately he picked the wrong person, as i had more power on his server than he did. I dont normally destroy a server like this, but this guy deserved it.

Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: September 14, 2007, 03:48:18 am »

fkn hell m8 lol long winded , i dont give them the satisfaction i just play around with em i meen ive been hacking n messing with games since 1980 so ive been there seen it done it , had that talk talked wbout that as well , and at the end of the day the only thing that actually does matter is love and money lol .. fuck the anticheaters because they actually think we are different from them .. wierd init lol

I get that way when i first wake up :)

I just had my first play around with the SCP, awsome piece of work (especially with your wallhack Mrmedic). I need to find the screenshot button (print screen didnt work for some reason)..Find the admin...lock him, then make players own up to my cheating "i didnt say off ffs"..I have a stitch through laughing so hard.

Most fun ive had with Arma ever, passing the time nicely until heavenly sword arrives in a few hours.

Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: September 14, 2007, 12:49:51 am »
You misunderstand, you are a very stereotypical "anti cheater". Your posts are flooded with "run to mummy and daddy", "grow up child" etc etc. This just shows your ignorance. You believe that all cheaters are 12 year old spotty freaks that live in their parents basements. Cheaters are just regular people, who are tired of conforming to the majority and want to play a game their way. For someone who talks about respect as much as you do, you show very little. "hide behind a computer day in day out", big assumption there, shows again you do now know what you are talking about. Personally i work 2 jobs, on top of that I'm building a new room on my house, have a wife and kid so spend a fair bit of time out and about doing family stuff. I get enough fresh air thank you :) If I'm hurting the arma community so much with what i do, then its not much of a community.

I can tell you now, not a single thing you have said has "gotten to me". its a GAME, who cares?. I'm pretty sure this goes for most of the people here too. Your continuous posts just remind me of why i like to cheat at games like arma, because of its self righteous, egotistical community. You are no better than anyone here. "I play loads of other games singleplayer or multiplayer, but I'm strong minded enough to see straight through little kiddies (like yourselves), and pretty damn sure you wont ever harm my gaming experience" , if this is true then why are you here? if no "kiddies" are going to ruin your game, why are you here crying (and to be honest, your the only one crying like a little child).

Your staying because our replies make you laugh so much?, i find your responses amusing too. Trying to come off all intellectual and enlightened when if you were, you would know that you are wasting your time, but hell, you are amusing to read. The more we reply makes you believe you have hit a nerve, very delusional, see theres your problem right there. It is a computer game, nothing about the game gets to me, nothing the players can do or say gets to me, yet you believe you are fulfilling some crusade or something and annoying all the cheaters, you fail.

I have owned a number of servers (which i paid for with my own hard earned money, oh noes a cheater that works 2 jobs, he must be lying)  . Dealing with people who use cheats is something that comes with owning a server, theres always someone who uses cheats.  Its a fact of life, you are always going to have a group of people that don't follow the mainstream. Everything you have (and probably will) to say, i have heard 100000 times before. You believe you have  struck a nerve and annoyed us, no, its the other way around. You are the one annoyed, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Above all else, knowing this, makes everything you say irrelevant, but ill feed you a little.

I cheat because it makes me enjoy the pile of crap game that arma is. Sure cheaters can be an annoyance, but they are out there. You either accept that, or go crazy when they fuck up your game. Ive played games on my own servers, 40 hours into a campaign and someone jumps on and takes the server down, nukes it or something equally bad. Its annoying, but it happens. I cheat because i enjoy it, i don't need to justify my actions (except to my wallet). If it harms other peoples  games, that's simply too bad. Selfish, probably, but my enjoyment of a game is more important than other peoples.

Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: September 13, 2007, 03:52:33 am »
cry cry cry whine whine whine moan moan moan.

theres an easy way to fix the issue, as i and many people have said before.

PAY for you own servers (or run them on your own computer), PASSWORD them, and only invite people you know to play. then you are safe from the big bad hackers.

I dont remember signing anything, or agreeing to any rules about how i play the game. You play the game your way, others play their way. If you dont like it, single player is for you, or play another game (and before you reply with "you cant tell me to play another game, ill play whatever i want", remember, you cant tell us what to do or how to play).

"wasting my free time", this is a BS argument. I enjoy kicking back and playing Arma too, in my free time. Fire up a few hacks and have a blast.  Your free time isnt any more valuable than my free time, i paid for the game too. So my enjoyment of the game as more important to me, and im going to do what i please. Thats the bottom line right there, no one cares what you have to say, i will play on any server i chose to, if it bothers you, then YOU find a new server.

"ive read enough bullshit on this site blah blah", then if thats true, leave. Disappear, im sure you wont be missed, as your wasting your time here, your the one with something to prove. We play a game, your the one complaining over it.

"using someone else's server as your personal workspace", well, last time i checked there was no  terms of service agreement when joining a public server (note the word Public), so really there isnt any law, rules or legal standpoint whatsoever involved. A "Public" server is to be used by the public, and with no rules as to use then it can be used in any way you see fit. Your posts should be directed at BIS to implement anti cheat software, sa its plainly obvious that they dont care if people cheat. So if the game designers/publishers dont care if people cheat (and they own the game) then what chance do you have at getting people to stop.

Armed Assault / Re: BS Forums
« on: September 09, 2007, 11:37:23 pm »
Total misunderstanding, i was the one who said:

Fat cocks FTW!!!!

Does that sound too ghey?

i just screwed up the quote markers. My bad

Armed Assault / Re: ArmA SCP v1.0 OFFICIAL Release
« on: September 09, 2007, 11:32:10 pm »
thanks a lot for all the hard work guys,

Time to get off my xbox and back on arma for some fun

Armed Assault / Re: BS Forums
« on: September 08, 2007, 07:12:58 pm »

idiots with small dicks
I myself am not an idiot and have a 5 3/4" cock...but it is very fat.

Fat cocks FTW!!!!

Does that sound too ghey?

 :icon_thumbsup :icon_teehee :icon_magician
 No editing other peoples posts to make it look as though the said things...except in the RIB section.

« on: September 06, 2007, 11:40:45 pm »
Looks really cool

Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: August 31, 2007, 06:42:27 am »
Well, I said everyone else at the party was having fun... so I was trying to say your antics, while fun for you, is taking fun away from everyone else.

Look at everything I've said, if you want. I don't want it to ever sound like crying or whining. I know that's what feeds you.

What my goal was... is.. yes, even though you've heard every argument... that doesn't mean your actions stop being wrong somehow. Even if you've found peace in your mind for what it is that you do, I just wanted to mention (once again) that it's wrong and shouldn't be done and stop doing it. It cannot be justified. It's ruining other people's party. Bottom line.

If that's what you like to do, I guess I can't stop you at the moment. But don't pretend you are expanding the game or punishing BIS or have any hint of righteousness in your actions. (Of course as I pointed out before, you're the one person who doesn't seem to think that. You just do it.)

Just busted to 3 pages, ds.

But who defines right or wrong? you? in my opinion im right, in yours im wrong. There is no definitive answer here, so to say my actions are "wrong" is a flawed statement. Wrong in your opinion yes, but that doesn't make me wrong. It CAN be justified. I bought a game, the game is basically in BETA stage. I want to have fun with my purchase, so i play it in a way that gives me enjoyment. If my enjoyment of the game ruins it for others, then thats too bad. What your saying is like, i  buy a 4x4 vehicle, yet i never drive it as it pollutes the environment for others too much. So i should soak up the cost of it for everyone else's sake. Thats wrong in my opinion. I bought it, so im gonna do whatever the hell i want to with it.

"You cant stop me at the moment", you cannot stop me period. If arma gets to the stage where its unhackable (which hasnt happened to any game to date to my knowledge) then theres other games out there i can enjoy, my way. Also i dont pretend to expand the game or punish BIS , i never have and never will (like BIS care if people cheat in their game). I am getting my moneys worth from a title that should have been finished before release. I think you are confusing me with someone else who has posted. If you get the message that i think cheating has a "righteousness" to it them thats your interpretation.  Im just having fun, nothing more nothing less, hell all im doing is using the multihack that id say 80% of the players i meet on servers use anyhow. Weskers hack is more popular than sliced bread in the arma community. Just wait til i get my hands on the SCP, im gonna have so much fun it should be illegal. You ARE coming across as whining too, basically you have been told by several people that you are not going to change the way they play, yet you continue to post.  Feed me more, im almost on desert, Yum

You act like cheating on a game is murder. I come home, kick back in my chair and play a few games of arma, if that offends you SO much then YOU need to learn to live with other people. Not everyone sees the world as you do, not everyone plays the same way you do. If you cant accept that, worry more about yourself. End of the day, i cheat at a game, you're the one who cant accept that and move on. 

Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: August 31, 2007, 03:52:07 am »
Evillor, you're the first one in this thread who sounds beyond hope and reason... over the edge. It would be pointless to talk anything over with you, right? And I'm sure you're proud of that. If you did that physically at a party you would get popped in the face by everyone around you. It's called living with other people.Evillor "wins". Sorry you feel that way.

I totally agree, apart from been popped in the face by everyone around. so really the only part i agree with is "Evillor wins". If the guy "popped" me in the face (can tell if you mean shoot me or hit me, but im going to assume you mean hit) then that would be more fun for the money (you dont earn the nickname "Evil" for being a choirboy, or are you one of those people who assume all cheaters are harry potter look-a-likes) . If the party was THAT bad im sure people would cheer me for brightening up the thing. They wouldnt give a fuck as it isnt their house or whatever :P

But your whole "at a party" analogy is flawed, hacking a game is nothing like ruining a party. Ive been to plenty of parties where someones gone too far. They get thrown out and its over (if someone dares to throw them out). Hacking a game and listening to people like you cry over it is way more fun.

Bottom line is, ive been screwing around on games for long enough to hear almost every possible reason or argument you could come up with to tell me im doing something wrong. and you are right, there is no point in talking it over with me as your not going to make me stop (although you are welcome to try).  But your also not going to make ANYONE on here, or any other cheating board stop. They find amusement in listening to you complain in the same way countless other have complained.

Cheaters are out there, they are everywhere. Get used to them. If you dont want them in your game, then make your own server, password it and only invite people you want to play. Problem solved.

Section of Philosophy / Re: Let BIS have your stuff
« on: August 30, 2007, 11:19:25 pm »
In its current state, Arma IS just a beta. A beta which i paid in full for. I'm not going to walk away after paying my money because the game isn't finished. I am going to get my moneys worth out of it. If that means ruining servers, enjoying hearing people bitch and complain, then that has got me some satisfaction out of it.

If i went to some guys party, and it sucked, damn right id spit in the punch, throw up in a bed, piss on the couch and screw the guys mother, id say that was worth my 5$. Im creative enough to make my own fun out of something that just isnt fun. Thats the beauty of this world, i have total right to be an asshole if i wish, and the sooner you realize theres nothing you or anyone else can do about it, the sooner you will stop wasting your time.

If BIS gave everyone who wanted it a full refund, that would be a start, rather than making an expansion instead of fixing the game we already paid for. But as D3 said, its also the community. I was on a server last night with the multi hack, the admin is giving everyone shit about someone cheating, i kept quiet to see what was going to happen. Then i see the admin speedhack to the front lines. I said something and he replied "its my server, i can do what i want" and banned me. Quick ID change later and im back on and EVERYONE was speed hacking. It was so cool, carpet bombs and tower buildings (i guess it was my first look at the SCP in action :P)

Ill say again, i paid my money, if what I'm doing disrupts your enjoyment of the game, its tough shit. Deal with it. Because there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Armed Assault / Re: SCP 1.0
« on: August 29, 2007, 10:09:27 pm »
Hey guys,

Any rough estimate when a public release will be available?.  Its been a while since i raged a game, really looking forward to this script pack. Any info would be appreciated.

man no offense but you sound so full of shit

Sound so full of shit, why? because i asked nicely? should i have said "OMG whenz the cheatz coming out, i need it NOW!!!!1111oneoneone"? , is that more on your level?. Do i need to spell incorrectly for you to take it seriously?

yes this would be respectable haha

i was only saying it bc theres plenty of people making missions who want to try and fix as many issues they have with this hack as possible

and jokes

i rarely flame anyway, it think ive almost grown out of it

Hehe no problems, after been on the g0t forums a while, you get a thick skin to flames anyhow :)

This is the best cheat pack ive ever seen, so much potential.  Only started playing Arma again a few days ago, and came across this. I had been trying to write a God mode script (along the lines of: if player damage > 0 then setDamage 0), you can see the limits of my scripting here, im crap. This pack will make Multiplayer (and singleplayer) a lot more fun.

Section of Philosophy / Re: SCP 1.0
« on: August 29, 2007, 01:43:11 am »
I apologize. I shouldn't have led you guys into monologuing. We've heard the Grand Statement before. I was just curious if you sent stuff off to BIS as I know they are currently working on a 1.09 version. Surely if they got a hold of your fun then all could have fun?

i just read your sig, you talk about respect. What about the people who dont want to play by "the rules", or want as much freedom as they can in a game. What about respecting those players, after all didnt they buy the game too?

Sending stuff into BIS would be counter-productive wouldnt it? spending all this time creating something for a game, then having it banned/blocked with a fast patch.

you have fun your way, others have fun theirs, if those clash then there always another server you can go to.

Section of Philosophy / Re: SCP 1.0
« on: August 28, 2007, 11:11:47 pm »
Yea, but this is no security group. We're all about maximizing freedom, the necessity for unlimited fun and creativity. Soon ordinary users will be able to do whatever they want in MP for the first time in the history of multiplayer gaming.  :cheers

No bans, no admins, no rules, just loads of fun!

Amen to that.

Armed Assault / Re: SCP 1.0
« on: August 28, 2007, 09:03:38 pm »
Hey guys,

Any rough estimate when a public release will be available?.  Its been a while since i raged a game, really looking forward to this script pack. Any info would be appreciated.

man no offense but you sound so full of shit

Sound so full of shit, why? because i asked nicely? should i have said "OMG whenz the cheatz coming out, i need it NOW!!!!1111oneoneone"? , is that more on your level?. Do i need to spell incorrectly for you to take it seriously?

I dont really care how you think i sound to be honest, but its a nice way to welcome people to the board by calling them full of shit.

Edit: Ive just watched some of your rages on the myg0t forums, you deserve more credit than i originally gave you. not too much though :)

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