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Armed Assault / Re: Requirements for Dev Section
« on: July 04, 2007, 04:12:48 am »
Hi people.

Well security is something i can bring with me and you guys can implement it in future projects. Protection from leaking and reversing is essential i think. If a application can only be licensed to one individuals pc it just stops so many problems.  Do you have msn or something mullah so i can get something to you to look at later?  I should explain how it works, basically i send u the protected dll.

When u run the hack on injection it will say this program is protected by blah blah and u requre a license to use it. It will say your hardware ID is jwer23-3242r2 somethin like that and have a username and license key input boxes , you then give me the hardware id and i generate you a license key, when u re run the hack u put the license key in which will then register it to that pcs (hardware). If this is a issue for you omar i will just make a trial based one which will expire after 48 hours. ( again another feature that licenseing gives you ) :)

Z - I aint using a proxy - because i am Australian  :icon_thumbsup

Armed Assault / Re: Requirements for Dev Section
« on: July 03, 2007, 07:01:58 am »
Ok i think i need to clear things up.

Z i understand your apprehension, but if you take a look at paid sites like artificialaiming etc they use a pe licenser called winlicens to hardware lock hacks to peoples computers, i use the same program. It allows u to give your hacks to less trustfull people to try out, you can time limit in days, hours or executions etc Its a handy tool :)

Omar asked for a sample of my work, i offered but i also have some rules i have for my own releases which over the last 3-4 years has worked out well and saved much problems. I have more strict rules on binarys when there is no anti cheat for a game coz well if leaked it can fuck games up, ive seen it happen before. At least if theres some sort of anticheat if your work gets leaked it usually gets handed in and detected so its all good.

Look guys i aint here to leech your code, to be quite honest i dont really care about it. I have the skills and knowledge to achieve my goals. I understand u also get alot of nubs  asking etc so its ok. Not everyones a nub ;) If its really a security problem for you guys then its ok i dont mind just leave me out of the dev section i prefer not to cause issues.

Omar i am not a huge user of cheat engine, in my work in hacking memory hacking isnt really the route i go, i prefer to reverse function structs and detour/hook them this is my area of expertise using detours, iat, vtable eat hooking etc. The times i do use any memory hacking i use tsearch and MHS and my expertise in memory hacking goes about as far as DMA addy finding / overwriting / poking. The main tools i use are ida pro, olly and pe explorer for diassembly / reversing analysis / exploration.

Besides if i really wanted to i could google a answer to your question but i wont do that coz i dont talk shit and im always straight to the point.

I would rather show u examples of my work and be accepted and respected for the work i can do.

OpenGL/Direct3D / Sniper scope blackout removal - ArmA
« on: July 03, 2007, 05:21:26 am »
Removal of blackout from most sniper rifles, m24, m82, spr.
first you need this

Code: [Select]
bool IsScope(UINT xNumVertices, UINT  xPrimCount) {
  if (xNumVertices == 28)  {
    if (xPrimCount == 2)  {
    return true;
  else return false;


Code: [Select]

if (bNoscope && IsScope(NumVertices, primCount)  {
  if (stride == 40)     { // note the different stride to the default
     return D3D_OK;


Its only basic and more to give u a idea of how to do it. Enjoy

OpenGL/Direct3D / Re: the MYTH of texture crc REVEALED
« on: July 03, 2007, 05:15:29 am »
Gj on the crc'ing.

arma was a bit funny when i tried using crc for model detection, used to just crash alot so i pissed that off and use a different method for model detection. My model detection / logger is quite advanced and quick to use.

Armed Assault / Re: Requirements for Dev Section
« on: July 03, 2007, 04:27:52 am »
Hey everyone,

Happy you like it.

Arma scripting is something im learning, to be honest i think its a very ugly scripting language compared to others. However i think a better approach is which is something thats wip is to reverse the game engine a bit more and get some structs generated for the essential classes and start hooking the engine natively to grab things like player arrays, player names, health, x, y , z vecs of players and player. I dont know how u lads are currently doing your stuff i guess your doing it via arma scripting but im just not a fan of external loaded scripts they are to easy to detect and stop.
Memory hacking is something ive done a bit of with the battlefield series of games however i ended up dropping that when i got enough of the classes structs generated for the game and no longer needed to do it via poking but could just do it natively.  DMA memory hacking is what u need to use on arma as its base changes on execution. I dont use "trainer makers" but i just code my own C++ to do what i want with the memory which gives me full control over my pe.
Anyway another suggestion is take the unreal engine series of games, it also had a interpreted script called uscript. Now what u could do was hook a function called procevent and load your uscript via a interaction which is hooked this would give u a undetectable script bot. I dare say arma also has a function that interprets the script ie "execVM"  this could also be exploited to load 3rd party scripts through hooked execVM. In the end tho everyones got different methods and ways to achieve different things hence thats why im here to share info basically.

A sample i can provide for you of my arma hook,  however all my projects are hardware ID locked  to stop reversing and leaking, the anti leak method stays with all work i release and isnt something i will change for anyone, not even peeople i know really well its a peace of mind for both the coder and the user in the end. so you will need to provide me with a hardware id so i can generate a license for u to use with my hack. The hardware ID concept is quite simple in that it creates a hash from info taken from your mac, hd cyl size, cpu and bios. If hardwareID != license ID { no run }  :)

Armed Assault / Re: Requirements for Dev Section
« on: July 02, 2007, 10:28:10 am »

Ive been hacking arma for a coupla months now and im looking to join other members who CAN CODE.  I dont mean copy pasters i mean real coders.

 I have hacked alot of games so far in my time, my speciality is unreal engine hacks which ive done for ut2k4, americas army 1.9-2.8.1 , swat4, ravenshield, splinter cell, bia. Ive also developed hacks for bf2, bf2142, GRAW, CS, CSS and a few others here and there. I have my own anti punkbuster librarys but i guess that dont matter for arma :)

Anyway back to arma.  So far my main hook comprises of: (all visuals done via DX)

wallhack, skinkhack, no scopes, alpha cockpits (see through), no fog, Aimbot with configurable FOV. other features are no recoil, ammo, weapon classes etc changed via memory and not via file editing (lame and easy to do) also features a unbanning system ingame which will change your GUID to a nice fresh one so u can continue raging.

Currently in development is a aimbot/wallhack via arma scripting. :)

So i know the way shit works, i dont expect access to your coding section because i asked. ill be around and will contribute some releases as time goes by and you guys can decide what u want to do.

Anyway i guess i should show a few screenshots. (model detection is a pain in this game with its numerous models and LODS :(     )


 pixel shaders for important area ie head for aimbot.

Transparent cockpits for tanks, choppers etc :)

120mm mp5 with unlimited ammo via memory hacking,

Earlier Ingame menu

A few random shots of my stuff from other games:

Got heaps of shit just to lazy to find it, anyway i will cya lads around.


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