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Armed Assault / Re: Oh The fun
« on: July 20, 2007, 03:41:34 pm »
For it to work you need Inf Ammo Off and Have the Increase Ammo On

When used with the rocket launcher, it skips the Reloading so you have a Rocket machine Gun HAHA

Armed Assault / Re: Oh The fun
« on: July 20, 2007, 02:02:22 pm »
I Have to say that Speed hack and the Inc on Ammo, is bloody amazing,

Lets say no chopper stays flying when around its by me hehe,
The amount of people that get pissed off with that Speed hack, but 9/10 time they blame it on lagg.

and the Rockey Launcher with Inc Ammo, Talk about rapid fire, i love it,

It brings so many memory back of the angry german kid on Youtube with BF2 lolol.

Ok NP, well its up 2 you, i dont mined holding back if you realy want it,
Or if not ill post a couple of posts on some forums and see if anyone wants it,

But yer, if you want it let us know and ill keep it back for you.


did you want this?
Just someoen has offered me the same as you somewere els,
Knowen some of the guys here and how sound you all are you will have first hand on this if you want it,

Chears  :icon_thumbsup

no no. its all done through a downloader limke steam.
just download ea downloader. put in username and password I gove you. click login and download what you want.
install and play
(it uses username and password I give you to login to game no key required

lol. you should have my pm now

well u lookin for haxs well yes I used to use a fair few on this game.

some I recommend. top suport. top updates. I don't do them free but well worth the cash
when you owning and seein everyone get pissed of from being owned or net I think
and or net

sorry on pda an net is shiitttt slow lol

battleapps is for sticky tags. no fog. view distance. enemy health etc etc etc.

artifishal aiming is a amazing aim bot lol now that gets on some peples tits haha.


lol np done deal  :icon_thumbsup  as i said i got bored of the game, be doing me a faver getting ot off me hands.
Ill pm you with me paypal address

Hello People

Dont know if anyone is intrested in buying an account for 2142,
i got bored with it 2 fast, and got into ArmA and with all these fun hacks i think its going to take a while to get bored lol

Anyway what i have

An Online EA Account:

Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142 Northen Strike

Battlefield 2 AF
Battlefield2 EF

If anyone is intrested just give me a price, Accounts are clean, no Kicks no Banns,

I dont want the game no more and its just sitting there,


Armed Assault / Re: help for hack
« on: July 05, 2007, 05:41:28 pm »
Yes it reads all the info from the PBO file on the start up of the game,
As many atimes i have tabed out to change the PBO file and re join a server and no effect.

But i cannot understand about the engine as you are changing what it is reading as you playing.

I will have a look into this and come back to you, unless anyone els has the answer.

Armed Assault / Re: ArmA MultiHack 1.08 version 3
« on: July 05, 2007, 02:52:35 pm »
Your lappy has a nuber pad :p they all do,
look on your Keys around the K L O P I H N M area, (hard to tell am in work and not on my laptop)
You have numbers above these keys, (there either in a different color or got a box around the number)

You will have a key on your Keybored that you have to Press down while pressing on of these keys to be able to use the number pad.
I am right here aint it  :icon_confused2 lol

Armed Assault / Re: help for hack
« on: July 05, 2007, 02:47:15 pm »
Am taking it your the Guy who PM me,
Yes i dont have the answer to that, but using, cheat engines etc i have been looking into this,

Also i have been looking into other things, i dont know if its something i will be able to make or if its possible,

But i liked the sound of being able to select any weapon you like anywere in any place,
From sniper to AT to AK47 etc etc,

Also i had a little go last night finding the value and changing the value to the power of a weapon.

To know if it has any effect you will need to increase the value by a hell of alot, (then shoot the bulidings see if they fall)
Anyway am pretty new to this area of hacking, i first started on Sub Space the most basic game, so i know very basic,

When i know anything or if anything comes from it ill be sure to post it  :icon_magician

Armed Assault / Re: ArmA MultiHack 1.08 version 3
« on: July 04, 2007, 10:15:17 pm »
Would be nice yes,
As i know with the speed hack the amount of times i have pressed it while working in a squad and people are like wtf lol :p

The whole Anti cheat thing, does this even work,
I have been on soo many servers with chaging my Weapons.pbo and nothing has happend to me yet?

Player Zone / Re: GTA ArmA
« on: July 04, 2007, 07:16:08 pm »
lmao  :icon_laugh women say the same thing lolol

Looking foward to it wesker keep up the good work thanks  :icon_biggrin2

Player Zone / Re: GTA ArmA
« on: July 04, 2007, 06:04:31 pm »
so what you got planed for next wesker am intrested,
soemthing like your able to select any weapon you like anywere at any time you like,

or something that lets you walk through walls who know, i didnt think half of the things yo have done were possible
any hints lol :)

Player Zone / Re: GTA ArmA
« on: July 04, 2007, 05:45:51 pm »
haha nice lol,

I had to laugh, i had the wall hack and the speed hack on and talk about owning big time,
was a death match and a pretty big area the battle was in,

So i an around like the speed of light killed everyone, and you could just see people typin saying how did you
get from there to here so fast,

I think at the end of the round i got 60 kills to 2 deaths and everyone els only had like 1 - 2 kils lol,

(also great when you see someone comming around a corner trying to kill you after he spots you, enable speed hack, run the long way around and shoot him from behined)

nice work Wesker love it, Crnt wait to see what you have next

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