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Armed Assault / Re: Easy no-fog
« on: January 17, 2007, 11:15:33 pm »
Sounds cool wesker, but only problem is, there are like 100 people playing the game right now and about two maps that even have a small amount of fog, so really no use for it, wish you would concentrate on a program that would identify the right colors, whatever they are to work perfectly in ArmA, something that works factually, not speculatively. Think you could find a pixel or whatever program that would created aimbot like ability soft of specifically that will work 100% for arma? let me know, Gratzie, SpAnKy

great, do it, can you explain the color chams? and more in details of how it works, what needs to be done etc?

It doesnt work for me period, no matter how I turn it on outside the game, or inside the the game, it shows on, but doesnt work period.....

Hey Joker, I actually am using the German version 1.02, reinstalled game again, patched it with 6thsense .9 language pack German to English, seems the keys for f5 are mapped to command, just makes the status and command come up in arma, maybe thats why it doesnt turn on, but even when I alt tab out of game I can turn it on with f5 at desktop, but still doesnt seem to work, think there is a way to free up the f5 in game to maybe turn it on, nothing seems to work,  just dont get it, is there a way to change the program default f5 to turn it on to something else that may not be mapped in the game or binded? example, using the no fog had to rebind home key and arrows to get it to work and bring up console etc, any  thoughts, damn want to get to use this thing, frustrating as hell. thanks... SpaNKy

Reinstalled the game, CZ verion, it still doesnt work, damn, really wanted to mess around with it too in MP, can you offer any suggestions? another question, what you think about aimbot and other such things for this game, havent read about nor seen anything else, but have witnessed few players with insane abilities andspeed that just defy logic, and such, Keep on keeping on... SPanKY

Armed Assault / Re: Easy no-fog
« on: January 14, 2007, 11:23:13 pm »
How do you inject it into the arma.exe? details please, thanks ;-)

Does it work in SP? Are you sure you got 1.02? Which language? How do you enable the trainer? When do you start it. Which OS have you got?
It doesnt work in any SP or MP, only use the 1.02 from this site, I have czech version I bought online, then use 6th sense english language pack .9 I believe, I run win xp pro,it just never works, several people tried it, doesn work for them either, I am more interested in MP, is there any special way or when to launch it, I know F5 supposed to activate it etc and f8 turn it off, could you be very explanatory about how it works for you as compared to on my machine, the details etc, thank you, several waiting on this reply, thanks, SPanky

Your Trainer doesnt work, in 1.02 multiplayer, have tried every possible scenario, and it still doesnt work, any answers for this?

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