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Off Topic / Re: My Computers
« on: July 28, 2008, 12:04:53 pm »

never happend yet , btw 2142 pb has stopped scanning .. and i ahem heard ea is stopping the contract so its free play. its not official but you heard it first here remember .

you know how wild this topic is becomming it's allways the same we start a topic about something then it goes wildy off track .. jahovus .. do it .. do it lol ... btw jahovus thanks for splitting the other one .. same with this ? call it .. z said back in vietnam those tomatoes were as big as basketballs....

its the vodka talking ... had a hard day .. relaxing .. btw its 32 degrees c here , wife and daughters in the swimming pool .. wtf am i doing sat with a laptop lol? .. answers on a post card.

Would split but I'm just a VC Mod, not anywhere else.
32 degrees jeez I thought it was raining most of the time. We haven't had 30 degrees or higher in months now.

Random Insanity Board / Re: Ravens Skint
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:48:21 pm »
Here's your topic, good sir!

Vietcong 1 & 2 / Re: Shot Trough Walls
« on: July 25, 2008, 11:28:05 am »
LOL!!! So that's why they don't host it anymore.

Pterodon -closed- as a separate company but still had the official VC server running.
As Auscong/Fate kept claiming that all the hacks/cheats had been defeated....we decided to make the Official server the new TKC server and show ALL the so called "defeated" hacks/cheats still worked.
In fact they worked so well that after they sent an army of admin to kick/ban and even password the no avail...they ended up just shutting it down in total defeat and humiliation.

End score:
Software company-0
You just made them angry and in the end they had no say in the server running or not. Don't forget, it WAS Fate reporting back to them basically so I don't think they knew what was going on with their server, they just kept funding it.

Random Insanity Board / Re: Riddle
« on: July 25, 2008, 11:21:25 am »
LoL! No one ever got it? Well here's the answer. The sum in question, would be true IF, all the numbers were changed to their relevant numbers on the periodic table of elements...
Say what?
All the numbers are elements on the Periodic Table of Elements. It's a scientific chart for every element in the world (at least one element on the chart is found in something). SO, if you change 'em to their relevant numbers, you would have a true equation/sum.

Vietcong 1 & 2 / Re: Shot Trough Walls
« on: July 24, 2008, 12:33:26 pm »
It was in the VCTools 2.5 onwards IIRC.

Actually- I found it about a year before it was in Solid Snake's vctoolz.  He was never great at giving recognition...
I knew it was in existence before this but I believe that is the oldest trainer/thread on this forum where it is.

Vietcong 1 & 2 / Re: Shot Trough Walls
« on: July 24, 2008, 11:21:16 am »
Wow never seen that b4 i will have fun.   :icon_laugh

M8 thats old and its from the ohter wanna be hackers clan isnt it .
You say you've never seen it before but you also say it's old? Your on drugs. It was in the VCTools 2.5 onwards IIRC.

Random Insanity Board / Re: Riddle
« on: July 24, 2008, 07:42:49 am »
LoL! No one ever got it? Well here's the answer. The sum in question, would be true IF, all the numbers were changed to their relevant numbers on the periodic table of elements...

Random Insanity Board / Ravens Skint
« on: July 24, 2008, 07:38:37 am »
Do ya'll want a split topic from this to talk in that I will move to RIB?

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Re: BF2 AIMBOT
« on: July 22, 2008, 10:56:55 am »
the simplest way is allways the best way.
Yes it is.
I have seen very smart people run into a wall because they think too hard...when all they need to do is step back and do it a simple way.
Another life lesson from Z. Also his 8700 post! My maths teacher and English teacher alike say things like this to me. I never listen but I was just putting it out there :D

Announcements / Re: New Downloads System
« on: July 20, 2008, 11:02:45 am »
I WAS just kidding. Mullah is irreplaceable. He hasn't put the Upload thing in the bar yet though. He probably doesn't want it to get too crowded. I suggest perhaps removing the "Groups" tab and making it viewable ONLY to those who can edit it as I click it and it comes up with nothing...

Off Topic / Re: My New Website
« on: July 19, 2008, 03:46:49 pm »
Omg Jahavous its just for fun and the hacks and maps i make. People acctully asked me to put up a website for my maps. So i added my hacks to so jeez man relax and i think Vietcong is a good game + And u dont know me i do know how to hack and im getting better so  :icon_laugh  :icon_laugh  :icon_laugh.
I know of you and I know your inability to hack anything worthwhile...

Off Topic / Re: My New Website
« on: July 19, 2008, 10:00:40 am »
I don't know why you'd create a hacking website for an old game and by someone that barely knows how to hack. And I don't think many websites would be asking you to put them in the "spaces". The ones you've got there I KNOW you didn't ask if they wanted an allocated space and even if you did they'd probably say no.

Off Topic / My Computers
« on: July 18, 2008, 11:15:29 am »
Early A.T.A.R.I. ST...

Full history of A.T.A.R.I. computers including the Amiga befor selling the design and moving to the faster ST line.
Includes what was then the worlds fastest hardware and OS along with custom IC chips:
I hate to say it but less than half a decade ago, that's what my computer looked like.

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Re: BF2 AIMBOT
« on: July 18, 2008, 11:13:24 am »
I don't have admin status, just mod in a couple of sections :P

I never been good at mathematics so I probably wouldn't be able to make an aimbot but geez your one is astonishing. I also notice a fair few of the lines have to do with vehicles, are you able to use this method or similarities of it in making other aimbots? I.e, If I were to make a VC Aimbot based on this method and of course removed all of the irrelevant lines, it would still work?

How long did it take you to make this by the way? I have to +1 you either way. Also, I would be incredibly interested to learn this, are there any books or tutorials that you would recommend to be able to do stuff involving coordinates i.e aimbots, teleporters etc.

well firstly the aimbot could easily be adapted to other games , the bf series especially but i cant really talk about that for personal reasons.

this could be adapted to make an aimbot for vc quite easily , yes.

time to make it was around 45 minutes.

books .. hmm it really depends on your knowledge of languages ( programming ) if you supply me with what you know then i could give a more accurate answer.

Well your aimbot looks complicated so if it were between Basic - Intermediate - Expert then I'd say it would be Basic but bordering Intermediate. I'd be looking for a book that may explain what the abbreviations etc mean't i.e PPEnemy (what the PP mean't) and perhaps the structure of an aimbot or something that is close to it.

well , basically the PP meens Play Pointer to me but it could have been called PandaFart->Local_playerisadickhead->is_theprick_alive etc it depends on what relevance you want to use in the name convention the main way of doing things is

dwWHATEVER which is DWORD dwWHATEVER hence dw precidense

to remind you it is defined as DWORD

same with float fMy_Location etc etc

or type casting (int)etc

also pointers * and & commands etc etc i wont go on it will only confuse you..

hers a couple of golden rules:
REMEMBER to dw and f etc incase you are away from the code for while it will help you get back to it quickly i very rarely do this il explain in the bracket

allways check the first line in error's it almost allways precedes the rest of the errors

allways comment // this does this etc ( i never do this as i have a photgraphic memory iq 212 it has dropped but i was hung over when i took the test :D )

now books ... hmm

Dietel & Dietel's C++ Programming seems worth a read.

fortunately for me i no longer require books on any language , i suppose one day i may even write one or two maybe even the art of hacking games :D.
Wow you've explained a lot. +1 and I will get the book. Hopefully (one day) I will become as knowledgeable as you. Till then..

Off Topic / My Computers
« on: July 17, 2008, 11:16:53 am »
Used to have an Atari 2600 before I bought my C64  :icon_thumbsup
Home made 1MB RAM Drive circut in the days of 64K Ram computers.

I was running the worlds largest/fastest "pirate BBS" years befor what is now the "internet".  :pirate
That part made me lol!

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