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Few people have asked me this so I'll post it. If you've ever seen level 10 and under the desert or iron mines this is how it's done. Start in pre-seering, get a 2nd profession asap then go to post-seering. Get run from ascalon to yaks bend, probably need to go through piken square to courthouse to yaks. Then from yaks get run to beacons perch or all the way to gates of kryta. From beacons perch you acn get run to the gates or get run south to droknars forge to get the max stat armor. From droknars you can basically finish the game but if you want to ascend go to the gates, get run to bergen hot springs, anywhere inbetween is fine. From bergen get run to Temple of the Ages, then to Fishermens Haven and then to Sanctum Cay.

Sanctum Cay is the first mission you'll actually have to do to get to the desert. Once in the desert just get run to any of the three missions and do them, you'll probably have to pay the leader to join the group as well as for the running unless you have a friend who's a leet runner like me  8) fighting your mirror might be somewhat difficult depending on what level you are but they all have a weakness. I beat my mirror as a level 8(did a few beginning missions then decided to run) and got turned into a level 15 afterwards for beating it in under 50seconds. Bad news is it's not an automatic level 20 but you can go find groups now in Temple of Ages now that you're ascended or just go on farming runs outside of augury rock to make some quick XP.

Well there's two different portals you can walk past in guildwars, one has a small amount of land behind it until you are cut off by the nothingness and another area is HUGE. The huge one is located in Granite Citadel, go to the East portal once inside and stay to the far far left as much as you can by the portal, walk along the wall hugging it as you do and you'll walk right past the portal. The other isn't in a town, it's at the very end of the cave with ettins in it between beacon's perch and gates of kryta, same deal stay to the very left, right on the otherside of the teleport should be a ressurection area if you're in the right spot. This portal is at the very end of the cave right before you go to the beacy area.

Off Topic / Anyone have the sembe speedhack?
« on: August 14, 2005, 09:54:02 am »
I lost mine when I got a new computer and was wondering if anyone happens to have a copy on them...I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE on the web  :cry:  I know I sent it to one of you before someone important :D like an admin or something anyway if anyone has it, would be cool to get a copy.

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / No cheats...somebugs
« on: May 19, 2005, 11:39:17 pm »
Well there isn't any real ceating in JKA but there are a few bugs. Some are hard to explain like getting inside walls on some maps using grapple or if you're pro like me not using grapple lol a lot of these are very well known now. However there is another little bug that I give credit to myself for exploiting and can be very useful. Bind +button1 to a key such as alt(/bind alt +button1) and everytime you hold down alt your chat will be up for as long as it's held down. Why not just do normal chat? For one it's a lot quicker to get in and out of and on most servers you can't get hurt with chat up BUT there are other uses. If you're on a server with force you can use force while holding this...(can't with normal chat) Now this is a big advantage seeing as you can't get hurt but can still use force. If you do any damage dealing force such as grip lightning ect you can get hurt until you reapply the +button1(let go and then hold down again) however if you use push and pull you cannot get hurt while doing it. This is extremely useful when lets say you decide to stand under an all JKA player know you would be crushed unless you have chat get under one, stay near the back of it, and pull your victims under it towards you to get kills easily. This works best by the 'bar' in tatooine. Many uses for it especially with getting grippers off of you in fullforce without getting hurt ect ect

Off Topic / Yo guys
« on: May 19, 2005, 12:11:33 am »
Wow been a long time I'm um kinda back I guess lol looking to buy a new game so thought I'd take a gander here see what ones you guys are causing havok on

...btw if you don't remember me I was from JKA and VC demo...mainly teh cheats in the VC demo but I still play JKA, don't have the VC demo on my new computer

First off you need a JA mod server that allows 'am' moves. Place yourself in one of these positions such as /amsurrender. Ethier wait for some moron to come and try and saber you or tell someone to stand right next to you touching you. When you have someone as close as to be touching you while swinging a saber or not, hold the left or right directional button down and QUICKLY hit spacebar (or whatever is jump) as fast as you can and watch them be trapped on the ground while you kick the crap out of them to their death.

If you don't want to kill someone but want to get them stuck do the same thing but just don't kick, just hit jump or crouch to get out of the 'am' position and the 2 of you will be stuck in that small area until one of you is killed or until one goes in an 'am' move again if possible.

Spawn a rancor (preferably mutant rancor since they live longer) in the lava or spawn it on land and grip it to the lava to beable to walk freely in it. Once the rancor dies the lava is once again lethal.

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Show your thanks.
« on: March 27, 2004, 07:41:16 am »
I am just curious if any Jedi Academy gamers are getting of this useful info :P, Please take the time and jot a little message so we know our work is seen.

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Misc Tricks
« on: March 27, 2004, 07:40:02 am »
These are just various odd things

For Anyone:

-Obvious one, use pull to steal guns from people.

-If a spacecraft is spawned and stuck, use lightning to send it on a rampage.

-After you lightning a stuck spacecraft, if you can manage to get in it, the guns will now be operating.

-Use /model yoda on some servers to get a midget like model, default is kyle but you can get jawa and some others in the same size.

If you have Admin on a Paid server:

-Teleport to someone while they are in a spacecraft or atst to blow them up and get a point.

-Teleport someone into a wall right next to an elevator and then go on the elevator to make them loose points.

-If you are unsure how to do command to people without typing their whole name, simply type in /amstatus and it gives everyone a number you can call them by.

-Teleport to a locaton by typing /amtele x x x 0    The x's can be any number, 0 0 0 is the middle of a map, always have the 0 at the end.

With the JA mod enabled and when logged into admin council and tatooine teleport to this neat spot above the bar that is a good spot to explore. Type this exactly to get there in the consul. /amtele 1298 -666 720 0

By 'am' position I mean like /amsurrender or /amdie something that you can do in the JA modded server. This is real simple and a few might know it but just incase, all you do is throw your saber at the, preferably while you jump so you can get them if they are on ground, or you can do the double space kick at them.

This is for servers that have the JA mod probably the JA 1.8 at this time...most people don't know this little trick. First off see if you can spam, simply hit one of your GoodFight or lol binds like 3 times in a row and see if they all appear. If not you can do one of these 2 tricks and if so you can do both. First off the getting out of a special. Don't you hate when you're doing something like a barrier and see someone waiting to lunge you when you're almost done or see someone about to slice down at you in is your solution. A simply /amknockmedown bind will do it. When in a special do it and quick hit like left or forward so in midair you move, if you wait you knock yourself down hurting yourself and they can still get you. This works with or without spamming. Now for spam servers ONLY you can save yourself from falling to your death. It's the same /amknockmedown bind but keep clicking it and you will rise up and up and up, to move in a direction hit forward or left,right whichever until your are about to star falling then hit the bind again and reapeat, this slowly moves you in a direction instead of just going up, or one way.

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / JKA Clan Anyone?
« on: February 01, 2004, 07:17:39 am »
I dont know how many of you play JKA but do you guys wanna set up a clan or something it could just be a TKC on it or something but I'm just wondering...this also is only if you are actively playing because this is really the only game I am doing much of right now.

First off a strong move that can be used with staff or duals, preferably duals...this is one of few moves that isn't spammed in the game and if done good can take 100/100 away

It's the lundge...with a few minor alterations...or really only one. You get a staff or duals and switch to the single by pressing the saber style button(often clicking scroll button on mouse). You do the lundge(crouch,move forward,attack) which is like a uppercut but at the very beggining you hit the saber style button again so that both sabers if duals or both sides if staff are on and it increases the damage. With duals it's like doing the lundge twice and can take 100/100 with staff it's just increased like a longer lundge at them.It might not be smart to tell anyone this or to spam it in a match because even though you just need to get them once or twice it's better off used just to counter attacks like kata and such.

Single saber but with staff moves! I finally figured this bugger out, first what you need to do is bind you sabers and note that this doesn't work in duels only just ordinary FFA. To bind them you do the following for single it's /bind key saber single_5 the 5 is the hilt it doesn't need to be a 5 for the staff its /bind key saber dual_5 once gfain you don't need a 5 and for the duals it's /bind key saber single_5 single_5 and for the unwise you type all of this in your console(shift + ~). Lets say you binded the single to 8 the staff to 9 and the duals to 0. You start with the duals and do barrier(M1 & M2 at the same time) while your sabers are going around you hit 9 so it switchs to a staff floating around you then switch to 8 so it's a single going around you. When it stops going around you it will be on the single still buy it won't be red style, it will be the yellow and you will notice you are holding it a little funky. It will appear to be a staff but with only the left side(or top) of it lit up. I thought at first this was just an invisible sided staff but no it's a singlethe other side does no damage. What is neat about this is now you can do things like butterfly with a single and the kata's that it has.(Note: My crystal hilt for staff I think still is just an invisible sided staff and isn't the same as this)

One last strong move, this is for the 1.07 servers. It's called the 1hk(one hit kill) or something or called the new DFA move it can I guess take 100/100 away also this is the same as /amspin if you ever have done that(on 1.05 servers) but it actually hurts and is not just spining. To do this you go forward jump and attack at someone and you can do this with duals and staff for sure maybe the single too I'm not sure if so it's probably the single on yellow or possibly blue.

I'm not quite sure how to do this yet I just downloaded the mod needed before I went to bed but if you use a crystal hilt mod and use the staff saber it will only show half of your saber to people that don't have it. It will look odd because you will be holding your saber sideways instead of straight up and because it looks like you can do a bf with a single lol but it looks like quite some fun.

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