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Random Insanity Board / Re: Hmmmmmm.....
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:54:12 am »

Random Insanity Board / Re: Hmmmmmm.....
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:45:22 am »

Random Insanity Board / Re: Hmmmmmm.....
« on: July 17, 2018, 12:13:24 am »
UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in this live action Uncharted short film by Director Allan Ungar.

Based on the video game series by Naughty Dog.

Nathan Fillion as Drake
Stephen Lang as Sully
Geno Segers as Diego
Mircea Monroe as Elena
Ernie Reyes Jr as El Tigre

Director:  Allan Ungar
Writers: Allan Ungar & Jesse Wheeler
Producers: Nathan Fillion, Allan Ungar, Bruno Marino, Jesse Wheeler, Louis Sallerson
Executive Producers: Alex Lebovici & Steve Ponce
Cinematographer: Alexander Chinnici
Music: Aaron Gilhuis and Jacob Shea
Editor: Allan Ungar
Production Designer: Darcy Scanlin
Costume Designer: Jocelyn Kuan
Make Up Artist: Hannah Schenck
Stunt Coordinator: Joe Perez
Color grading: Post Pro Gumbo
Colorist: Alan Louis Gordon
Post Production: Urban Post and Red Square Motion

This film was independently produced and is strictly for exhibition. Not for profit. All characters and associated names and references are copyright and trademark of their respective holders.

Random Insanity Board / Re: Hmmmmmm.....
« on: July 16, 2018, 03:50:18 am »
The Best of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

I am old...but not really mean.

We had a guy steal a truck in Nevada Monday and think he could come and hide out near here.
The CHP pulled him over and while checking out the truck...the guy stole the CHP car and managed to reach 100 MPH speed down a 2 block long main street.

We had every law enforcement and rancher looking for him for a day and a half...even had a helicopter flown in to help search for him.
He ditched the CHP car and stole 3 other pickup trucks from 3 other ranches trying to get away...but when your 150 miles away from any town with more than 2,000 people in it ware the hell are you going to go?

We caught him and nobody had to shoot him.

Off Topic / Re: Russian built Sherp
« on: July 14, 2018, 12:52:06 pm »
Russian Sherp Vs. Northern Canada, P-Trail Part 2

Off Topic / Russian built Sherp
« on: July 14, 2018, 12:50:58 pm »

So the game is afoot.
It's on.

A whole six (6) people have downloaded Medics program at the end of Friday night PST (California time)...and are ahead of the game while the rest of the world sleeps.
This could be a weekend to remember.

Let us see how the next week plays out.  :icon_cool2

I have to drive down the mountain to town and turn in all the empty beer cans...and buy a couple of nice 2" thick Porterhouse steaks for the wife's birthday.
I need to swing by the meeting hall on the way and see whats going on with our new Board of Supervisors.

I will be lurking on TS and checking messages to see if anyone wants Medics program.

Off Topic / Re: Earthfall-CODEX
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:17:54 pm »
not bad this game i actually played it twice before uninstalling it.

sounds like a positive review

Coming from him it is like 6.5 out of 10 stars.

Off Topic / Earthfall-CODEX
« on: July 13, 2018, 06:02:31 am »


Earthfall (c) Holospark

Release Date :  07/2018              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Violent

When the world ends, the fight begins! In co-op  shooter Earthfall,
gather  your friends,  load your  weapons and  grab  your  portable
defenses and work together as a team to battle  through  swarms  of
ferocious aliens. Complete objectives, fortify and  defend holdouts
and use 3D printers to create more weapons, barricades  and turrets
to get the job done by slaughtering the alien scum through  10 epic
levels full of brutal combat and rich lore.

For more info go to :

- Extract
- Burn or mount the .iso
- Run setup.exe and install
- Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
- Play

General Notes:

- Block the game's exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
- If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
to run this game with admin privileges instead

CODEX is currently looking for

nothing but competition!

Greetings to STEAMPUNKS & CPY

Released today on STEAM...and every scene torrent site on the planet!

This file has a trojan virus on it. Do not download.

No it doesn't...and it also stopped working when the game updated to version 1.173

I will OK Medics public update Friday or Saturday so everyone can cheat all weekend long...or until the game updates again!

So I have 3 PM's and 2 people showed up on TS.
I suppose nobody really wants this file.

Oh well...I will check messages and TS again tomorrow.

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