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Off Topic / /ELS/
« on: March 13, 2004, 01:02:46 pm »
Becuase it was a statment of how you felt and not NEWS about an up comming game.

I tell you what tho.....if you can find them and set up a fun game then you can tell people about it and make a nice post.

Off Topic / I am a moderator.
« on: March 09, 2004, 01:53:57 am »
Quote from: Koopa Troopa
If this was RIB I would delete your posts.

Try to be nice to the mean people Koopa.

I helped talk them into giving you this Mod position.....please don't let me down!

Announcements / {AIM} asks for a beer match
« on: March 09, 2004, 01:29:40 am »
Quote from: Koopa Troopa
I am a bit stupid, can you say what time the match is, and map and day? I don't know if you already wrote it, but as I told you I am not very smart. :oops:

You are not stupid nor are you dumb Koopa.
The reason you do not know the day/time/maps is becuase we have not worked that out yet!

First we need to get 6-7 people together and have them meet up at least one time with Boyle on his locked server for an hour to get some very basic training in TEAM WORK and voice com usage.  Useing VOICE is so much easyer and faster than typeing.

Then Tiny and I will work out the day/time/maps.

For those who do not have FA or like VIC who only has the demo there will be lots of time to I ment BUY or borrow the game.

Announcements / {AIM} asks for a beer match
« on: March 08, 2004, 02:23:01 pm »
Quote from: [TKC]MclassKilla
When i play, no matter what i always relay information on enemy positions, sniper locations, and if we have a radio man i do suicide runs to find where the enemy is.
Even if the people i am playing with are unorganized and do not listen to my intel i still report it out of habit.
i like setting up support fire tactics where 4 or more of my team go forward two at a time with one man with them while the rest provide Constant covering fire then repeating this to occupy enemy territory, or i play the decoy/ suicide bomber where i run out in the open to expose enemy snipers and soldiers giving my team a chance to fire on them and advance (fun when i do it with nades and blow myself up as well as the enemy to help my team)

So you both understand and accept the idea of "takeing point".

See....that is PART of being a team.

My high ratios are in a large part do to allowing others on my team to "act" as pointmen....tho they be unaware of it as part of my "personal" style of game play.

If you guys conntact Boyle he will train you to not just give info to each other but act as a TEAM in groups of 3-4 backing each other up.....each group haveing a "point man" and the others spaced in proper military fashion for both cover and effect.

Operation Flashpoint / Hubertus Help Me Please
« on: March 08, 2004, 01:49:54 pm »
Quote from: jazznas
rofl, i bet you just confused him even more than u?ve helped him :roll:

Hey it is ALL beyond the Old Man to understand!

I am that person that still has trouble programing his VCR.

Perhaps you could assist in explaining things to the new guy (it will still go over my head).

I have been here from the first week or so....I have built 5-6 computers....I have found spys and know how to do many things with securety....but I just do NOT know JACK about programming past my 1982-84 ATARI BASIC programming skills (which I forgot for the most part).

I understand the new guys non-understanding.

I feel so old and tierd right now.....need a nap. :?

Announcements / {AIM} asks for a beer match
« on: March 08, 2004, 12:48:15 pm »
Quote from: jazznas
well.... the only team i know is myself :roll:

i cant work very well in a team, but it always worked :P

Same here Jazzy....

I have always been a "clan-of-one" in my own game play with an average of 16/1 kill-death ratio.

But it only takes a few (3-6) times training to work as a TEAM to make all the differance.

Just playing together and useing Team Speak or Ventrilio....even tho most of us do not speak the same native language....will make a big differance.

Announcements / {AIM} asks for a beer match
« on: March 08, 2004, 12:02:31 pm »
Ok then.....

But NOBODY has contacted {BW} Boyle yet.....and he and I have set up TEAM TACTIC training for everyone.

Everyone has alot of skill as players but you guys DO NOT know how to work as a team together.....and that TEAM skill makes the differants in the end game.

I know that other than >most< of the Mods here every one else IS ALREADY in another clan and already has some team tactics and game plans.....but anyone that wants to play on the TKC side durring these friendly get togethers should know how to work AS A TEAM.

When TKC played ]SE[ and only nearly lost and then played [X] and won 5-1 you guys did so as a UN-ORGANIZED groupe of skilled players.

Boyle is a very fine tactition....I have been the {BW} teams "target" in many of the old games last year and in currant practice. He has the SKILLS to whip any group into a fine tuned machine.

He is not only willing to help train everyone to work as a team....he will also provide TEAM VOICE CHAT durring the training.

My personal health does not allow me to help train people dirrectly...but our Brother Col. Boyle has given his hand to do have our other Brothers who are clan leaders and have offered to play "beer" games with us.

Summer is comming and many of you will be out of school for a few months....lets ALL work together to have a year to remember and have some fun in this game.

Read this thread.....

And read or re-read THIS THREAD:

TKC Clan Leader,

Off Topic / NATO.... TKC's new trainer!
« on: March 08, 2004, 05:24:11 am »
From: forrest747
To: ZOldDude
Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 1:22 pm
Subject: yet another reference to [TCK] clan  
This time it is the Practice-Bot, on the NATO ladder forums. Copied it here for your enjoyment.

"State of the Art" Aimbot: The Practice-Bot
Copied from Swedeland Fist Alpha Forum (

In addition to the Fist Alpha medi-bag hack and ammo hack, [TCK] has improved their old aimbot. In fact their latest "state of the art" aimbot is so unique that HradBa has no chance against it, guaranteed. [TCK]'s private forum threads are calling it the next generation aimbot.

It is called the "Practice-Bot", and there is no setup required! Famous players such as ShOcKa, -T| r1pp3r |M-, Tiny, Hulk, Vedamusic, Malcolm, Karl Astrid, *84C* MAC and many others have used the Practice-Bot -- look at where it got them! (**deleted by request**) has made about $25,000 using this aimbot, and you can too!

Through a special licensing agreement that involves some of our FTP bandwidth, Swedeland can now give everyone here the secret to the Practice-Bot.

There is no program to download, nothing to set up or install ... and it's free. To use the Practice-Bot, all you need is a brain (not included); and fingers (ten will be sufficient). To run the Practice-Bot, all you need to do is PLAY! The Practice-Bot does the work for you, and it is completely undetectable by HradBa! However, be aware that the Practice-Bot can take quite a while to ramp up to its full potential. Do not get discouraged during this initialization phase. Just keep playing and the Practice-Bot will work diligently in the background, continuously making your game better.

Practice-Bot provided courtesy of Providing for your gaming needs because we care. All Rights Reserved.

*EDIT* deleted name of professional Vietcong player

Off Topic / [EAC] Revealed
« on: March 08, 2004, 02:48:18 am »
Right....all of the people who have made thier programming for public download ALSO have them listed on other major cheat list sites.

Goto megacheats,unknowncheats ect-ect and you will find all the TKC cheats either HOSTED on them (un-changed) or they LINK to one of our servers......and the DATES clearly show who made them first.

If everyone in the online cheating world EXCEPT Mike argrees with the copywrite holders....what more can be said on the subject?

The fact is that even Mike knows he has nothing he has writen....he just likes to push peoples buttons....a form of "heckleing" for him.

I really do not know how this all started....Mike just really wants a forum of his own and nothing wrong with that...but it looks like the only way for him to get people to join is to create contraversy (spl?) to get some kind of news about his site out.

He was long allowed to post links to his site HERE untill he tryed to alter work which he did not do and claim it as his own. If he had not done so he would not have his sites closed down for copywrite violations and could still link to them in his posts here.


(side note: Javy do you want to join in a beer game with TKC and {AIM} in a few weeks? See the post in the Match section for more info)

Announcements / {AIM} asks for a beer match
« on: March 08, 2004, 01:24:18 am »
This is a cut-n-paste from a PM that {AIM} Tiny sent to me on Gathering. He should be dropping into the forums in the next few days to say hello and we will start working on a get together.

In the mean while I want anyone who wants to play read the thread about {BW} training and contact {BW} Boyle for team tactics training.


From: {A.I.M}TiNy
To: ZOldDude
Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:47 pm
Subject: A.I.M  

was wondering if u guys would like to have a scrim sometime? probably 6 on 6 or 7 on 7 what ever u guys could manage, we're flexable.
We have been wanting to play u guys for a long time but keep getting swept up in the day to day. We have played a lot of teams of late that deny
the downloaded skill... We could care less, but it would be nice to play some people that are upfront about what they do. We ourselves dont
condone using help of any kind but If u guys choose to use any goodies at least we know that u will be upfront, either way is fine. (WE'RE NOT SAYING YOU HAVE NO SKILL WITHOUT THE HELP, WE KNOW IT WILL BE A FUN TOUGH MATCH EITHER WAY)  
We can discuss this in further detail if your intrested.

Check out our forums at click on forums

Off Topic / More themes for main site?
« on: March 07, 2004, 02:49:20 am »
Quote from: Koopa Troopa
i still don't understadn what yuo guys are talking about

The MAIN PAGE....haveing it change each day of the week.

I put up a poster in the members room a few months ago.

To see the current FRONT PAGE go here:

Off Topic / More themes for main site?
« on: March 07, 2004, 02:19:12 am »
I like my original one.
Easy to read and they will already be on the TKC main page so no need to use it THERE as an ad.....and the text looks like it fits the poster....kind of "old timey" looking.

Off Topic / Re: wild video
« on: March 07, 2004, 02:11:13 am »
Quote from: burrow100
hey  what u guys and gals think of this video  ltc gave me no response so i guess its alright to post.  

                                    redone version: (funny version)

Dude that 2nd one was funny! :D

Off Topic / WoW Beta Sign UP TODAY!! TKC Can spread its Love!!
« on: March 07, 2004, 01:35:41 am »
Quote from: CarnyFreak
Quote from: ZOldDude
Also yesterday Far Cry Betta V2 was leacked with added maps and 19 bug fixes. :wink:

and multiplayer support mod  8)

Yes but you could already play the SP demo online.
In the download section is a "script pack" for the SP demo adding missing features,maps and online play.

Off Topic / More themes for main site?
« on: March 05, 2004, 01:47:09 am »
[/quote]shut the fuck up, the day you speak swedish I'll listen to ya  :P[/quote]
 :idea:  :!:

Myself I am so old I have trouble remembering how to SPELL and I only speak ONE language!

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