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Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 05:34:50 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
ok I will show you my new medic tent haxxx craxx haxx

Could you btw be so kind and explain me what the hell MCY stands for, thank you!

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 05:32:18 pm »
Quote from: HoaX
Everyone got there own definition of "fucking up the game".

I think that the clan cheating is the worse.
Your opinion is that making cheats is the worst thing that could happen.

And you think the TKC dev's are cheating in public and teamkilling?
If you would have read earlyer topics about this than you would have known many of us are against the teamkilling.

Being against teamkilling, and still calling your community and toppics TeamKill and Cheating Community or whatever it stands for? Come on, open your eyes. Like posted before at one hand you say no, but on the other hand you support it?
What do you expect with such forums etc, that people will not do it? A little bit responsibility could be in place you know? Or everyone forgot what that means?

Clan cheating? Screw clans, never wanted to be associated with them, never wanna be one and never wanna be in one. All stuff about ownage and pwnage and whatever you guys call the: I am better than every single one of you...come on. Play games for fun and pleasure, not for who is the best. Besides, our point of view of teamplay..I already explained.. So let's leave it by that.

You guys write tools to circumvate bans, promote teamkilling and cheating, on or not on public servers, it doesnt matter, the result is simply that people start using your 'knowledge', your tools, your cheats, your name and start screwing up other people's games. And all that is in the context of how is being played on the server (and that is defined by the admin/owner of it, and NOT by the gamers on it)

Besides, I am not against cheating, not that I do it or ever use cheating (cant beat a game, then get better!), do what you want. But leave servers alone and dont make your tools public so every numnut can start screwing up games where they want. A lot of servers play teamplay, and yes cheaters do fuckup the games there, especially on teamrespawn servers etc. Because it's highly irritating but I have the idea that a few guys do love that part...

btw, if you follow the rules on servers, you will be respected. So there is no reason for getting banned, and starting to rejoin/cheat/teamkill. Simple as that, so mainly there is no reason to start fucking up other's games... At least thats the way on my servers. But still my pov stands: you are in someone else's server, you are bound to their rules and ruling. Simple as that, and because this is internet, it doesnt mean it gets turned around.

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 05:25:09 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
We dont think that we are cool nor to we want that anyone thinks that about us.

I think today we got MCY day maybe tomorrow maybe the whole week :D

Be my guest mate, I have all the time in the world, mr coolguy.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 05:20:21 pm »
Quote from: ThisIsFun
"We can do whatever we like on any server we like"

BAM! Now you have the right to call me childish.

 End of flaw-ridden, incoherent response..

This is getting somewhere, still somewhat crazy written, but here come points to discuss from.

First of all I was not only talking about him, but about the whole community about posts like: we dont care we do what we want, ever, never, whatever.

Second, if you guys are so good making cheats and thus actually finding exploitable bugs, that doesn't mean you have to fuck up other's games with it, nor make it public so sick twisted little minds can get hold of it. You should report it to the game developers, and if they dont do anything with it...well too bad for you then and maybe 'us'... but don't bother other people with it. There are a lot of unmanaged servers around there, maybe you dont notice the damage that you do up there...altough there will leave a lot of guys which played with eachother, after a while, because of so many cheaters and not fun to play there anymore.
Still on the more managed servers with a vast community/members, the inpact is bigger and  either way in both it's unwanted to have 'you' guys around. Like ourselves, we play coop, serious, as a team, taking it one inch by inch, being sometimes for over an hour on a map to not get killed ( teamrespawn ) and getting the whole team through it, alive, so with teamspirit and to make it as real as possible, and that gives the kick.

As soon as one of you guys joins while there are 3 gooks left, the team has lost just 1 man, and are almost at the end of their 'long jerney', and the joining guy pops a nade in between everyone and leaves, gets banned, comes back and so on, yes you are messing up other people's games and fun. And yes, you are not welcome then. Simple as that, it's my server, its my house, I make the rules and not the other way around. This sounds more harsh than it is, but word by word its the pure truth.

I came here on the forums because I needed to post my feelings about all this cheating, teamkilling, rejoining, not following rules kinda stuff and you guys name: name popped up a while back, so yes, I come complain here.

Fine you want to be heroic in making games better, by finding cheats and making them seen by the developers.. but leave peoples servers for that alone or find other means and ways... Furthermore, you think that developing games nowadays is easy, everyone has enough money, they have all budgets like EA games and others, and so on and so on, so they can make perfect games and work out bugs for over years and years afterewards.. get real, everything in life costs money, a lot is done for fun, but still people need to get breakfast and other food on their table, so they have to work on different things too, and so on... Think about that one.

1. We dont want to change what we allready do.
2. Cheating in coops is even funnier :o
3. We dont expect or want any credit for that what we do - we want fun!

ps. only thing that i want to accept is that we r maybe like little kids playing this game in the way we like it, what not means that we r stupid or retarded ... we r maybe "old",  but even a old daddy wants to have fun sometimes (as example).[/quote]

So why the hell do you want to do this on my, or any other guys server then? Do whatever you want, but do it on your own server, right? or you dont have enough money to buy one? Not enough guys who want to play with you on your server... Just tell me what it is? Have fun, do it on your own server, or one of your friends who support your philosophy, not on others servers, because of the numereous reasons I already posted..

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 05:10:14 pm »
Quote from: [TKC]Advanced_Soldier
yeah your jesus or maria?, go in your Church and pray there. i will do what ever I want to do, and if you think your a cool slut on your Server then be it. But dont wonder if you moan or call every1 cheat if they rape your little ass then. I just told you respect People and you get Respect back. Do you come here to provocate us?, go find some of your Friends from OFP and lock your server or put an PW. on so you can kick your Friends off, but dont get a Public Server and play Big Boss there, your paying thats ok., but if you kick any1 that comes normal to your Server just cause you think your the best and cant stand it, then kick this Person off, dont wonder if those People come back to you again and kick you from your server off.

Lol, people getting on my server and kicking me off, I want to see that, anyway.. It's my server and I do what I want to do with it and NOT the other way around, thats the whole point. You guys turn it around, which is just unbearable even to read. End of that story.

Furthermore you guys think you are cool, and I guess in your innerselve you think you're cool. The rest of your TKC buddies will think you are cool too and all the rest of insane, little minded, selfish guys just like yourselves, will find you also cool. But know this, the rest of the world hates you. And yes, I do know.. you guys don't care right?

Perhaps we meet again, maybe sometime on my servers, but remember this, none of us will ever become your 'bitches' (trying to talk your own language in here now), you are in my house, you obey my orders. Don't like it? Go somewhere else. Cheats or no cheats, forget about it.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 04:53:56 pm »
Quote from: [TKC]Advanced_Soldier
yeah I think you need a Doctor. This is a Game you sick bastard not your World, or was you born in a Microwave? you and your IQ, some People are smarter then your Father or Mother, you maybe think your special or what?, this is WWW if your IQ allows you to understand what that means, if your soooo snart then do some Anticheats for your Game, or better go back to your Microwave you Genius.

This is what I mean, unconstructive BS. I am here to discuss your philosophy with constructive points, I can't really say that you guys do the same. It shows me and hopefully others that there is no heroism in your philosophy and that it's pure a matter of selfishnish and 'ownage' type of stuff.

The fact in the other topic, about other people 'owning' me, you think we play ctf/tdm/dm? you think we play coop for kills and who is the best? Listen up, my view on all this is already that it is very childish, but I leave those people in their worthyness. I guess they don't know better, but this cheating/teamkilling on servers which go for teamwork, teamspirit COOP and have fun in that is totally unnecairy and totally bullshit. Yes, we play coop, as a friend/community thing, not in a clan with 'he owned this guy' and she owned that guy, whatever, totally out of the picture of how we play our games. The fact remains is that you guys have no right whatsoever to do whatever you like on my server aswell as others-servers, unlike you guys think.

You can make it a forum war or you can just be a man and start with constructive and valid points which make your philosophy valid. The only thing that I read in here is: we may do whatever we like. Well, if you use that to back up your philosophy, well then you guys are really nothing more than air to me.

Come on, give me some constructive feedback. If you can?

Plus the thing that bothers me most, actually, is the fact that even though the philosophy is just all about selfishness and immature, you guys think you earn credits by spilling your names in the games you fuck up, making tools for doing so and you think you earn credit and respect by this kind of things.. Well, let me tell you one thing, the only place where you guys gain respect is from yourselves and the rest of this childish community with the same view as you do. All the rest of the world will more hate you than respect you. You think you guys are right and the rest of the world are just stupid? Wake up, become an grownup man and get real.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 03:57:50 pm »
Quote from: Mullah Omar
You don't own that server, so you don't say what can and cannot be done. Teamkilling and cheating on someone else's server is like not obeying the rules in somebodies house! Why? You think running a server is cheap? Doesn't cost money? Isn't much/hard work for a lot of people to build up such things? And you guys just think that you can just walk in, do whatever you like, start teamkilling, cheating, circumvating bans?
And you even believe that!? So it's also no problem if I come in your home, when you are not there, screw your dog, watch some television go take a bath, eat your kitchen empty and then leave again?
You think that 'cause this is internet' there is a real difference?

Haha, what a load of bs. "Teamkilling and cheating on someone else's server is like not obeying the rules in somebodies house!", yeah sure, and killing people on someone else's server is like killing people in somebodies house!? You can't compare real life with virtual life. Of course we can do what we want if it's possible and fun in the virtual world. There is no worldwide internet law, there is no anticheat police. As long as nothing is damaged and nobody gets hurt we can do what we want. Games are supposed to be fun. You can't decide whether people should shoot you or not because your admin, it's not your game.

Lol, as a site admin/owner I whould have expected a somewhat more insightfull answer.

All is just to make an example, ofcoarse its not 100% comparable, but still you have to honour the guy or group that hosts the server, just like in real life. Every site, every server, and so on, you have to obey the owners/makers/admins. Simple as that, it's their SERVER, their MONEY and their TIME and WORK. First off you need to have respect for such a thing, even if you don't have that (left alone the fact that there is something wrong with you if so), you should respect the rules of the server. That is the whole point, and no matter what you say to make it look/sound good, still it isn't correct to say: We can do whatever we like on any server we like. That is just total bullshit...
To take an example of your 'there is no internet police/cheat police' and so on... here we go again: So if there is no police in the reallife, or no police 'around' or no law for it, you may murder, steal, abuse etc. anybody and anything? Get real.

Real life and 'virtual life' is connected to eachother, you may find that untrue, but then again, you are not very insightfull. Why? There are still people behind the other end of the pc's, it are still people whom you play with/against, and it are still people that bought a server, rented server-room, paying the bills and last but not least making things possible by working hard for it.

You can not deny that, and thus real life and virtual world are still connected with eachother. Maybe you are not in the same room, the same house, the same street, town or country, it doesn't matter, you are still humans together in one way or the other.

Now please come with some insightfull, thoughtoff discussion points, and points that make you guys philosophy a valid one. Cause all you can do until now is defend something with unconstructive bs. with no facts at all but just personal preferences, which mainly consist out of: we don't care, we do what we want.

Well, grow up, stop being childish and stop turning around the fact that all this: we do what we want, there is no internet-police or law against what we do on other peoples servers, and thus we will continue. .. . = B S and just immature "whatever" bullshit.

[another ps, oh yes]
You read the replies of your 'members' who dare to take the word 'we' (as in: you guys as a community) in their mouth and spilling childish stuff like we do what we want, we don't care, if we don't get handled nicely (which is just an personal view though), we will come to your server and mess you up, your game up, just for our personal pleasure and such.

I mean come on, in what world are you guys living in? Earth 1400's ?? 9 year old kids style of life and 'kicking against the society'?

I can not find any more words than just simply: c h i l d i sh
Be proud of it!
[/another ps, oh yes]

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 02:13:16 pm »
Quote from: [TKC]Advanced_Soldier
well I do respect every1 as they respect me. I only choose server where I was kicked before, or where an Admin is who thinks he is great be kicking noobs off. Show me Love, I will have sex with you. Show me that your playing a Admin-pimp, I?ll make you beeing my Slut. Its easy.
Maybe I will visit your MCY Server today what you think? :wink:

You talking to me, is that a threat? Things are getting more exciting and exciting here. Dude, do and try whatever you like. You will not succeed and thats no threat but a promise.

You smell as if you think you have power, what power do you think you have? Being an irritating guy hanging around on servers that you are not welcome on? Come on, make me laugh more, you are on the right way.

Admins are chosen because of their experience and because they are known. Yes, known, in a real community people know eachother, they are no strangers to eachothers, they play serious games, have enough laughter, come back each day and get to know eachother. What beer they like, what kind of guy/woman it is, where they live, what their customs are and so on. That is what is called 'a community', anonimity the first days, but then getting 'friends' as a sort of speak after a while. You will never accomplish this here or with this philosophy you guys handle here.

You play on someones server, the way they want you to play, don't like it? Find another server or make one your own. Admins are here to make sure the rules are followed. And yes, they also have bad days now and then, just like any other human.

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 01:56:23 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
I think you all dont get the point, WE DONT CARE, we want fun doesnt matter how - very simpel 8) stop whining in this forum.
And I must say, mostly we do not really fuck up your game, you can still play it normaly. hey whats the problem if there is a tower? or a chopper? or a tank? or some bombs? you can still play.
none of your whning and all your pleeds to stop us will make us even evil and laugh   :wink:
 :idea: it would be much smarter to get buddys with us, because then we wont do that with u guys.
also hey its no problem for me, if im on a serious server with some nice guys (no bitching)and they please me to stop or leave in a nice way then its absulutly no problem for me/us to leave. but the most of u freaks cant think that far.

WE DONT GIVE A FUCK if we have the right to cheat on a public server.

Lol, you think this impresses me? It tells me more about your iq than that it impresses me. You think you can come in my server, act like that, and be able to join after that? Wake up, server management doesnt end in-game. But I guess that's too technical for you.

Whining? you call this whining, what I call getting banned from a server and then trying to do everything in your and others 'power' to get back on that server, THAT is what I call whining. It's really pathetic.

As stated in the vietcong forums on this site, you don't pay for the server, others do, so you have to follow their rules simple as that, admins are there to make sure the rules are to be bound, simple as that too. Don't like it? Play elsewhere, very simple. When I come at your home, and you throw me out, but when you are away, I come back in , screw your donkey, piss on your bed and roll your clothes in whould that feel? And again, dont come with the bullcrap in between real life and internet, both are alike; everything costs money, effort and work. Go think about that. But I guess you just don't care. Well I dont care either, but it's fun to make these discussions to see what kind of guys you are.

You guys can try and whatever, but we will hunt you on our servers, and find you, and it's absolutely no problem to do so, so I'm happy.

ps..coming back to the OFP subject in general, it's the only game that survived SO long, BIS made the best game ever built and it's more than impressive that it is still being played. This because of the massive addon-makers, editors and the whole engine: expandable, easy to make missions and so on. So stop that crap. If you loose interest in it, then you are doing something wrong. Simple as that.

Operation Flashpoint / OFP Is dead?
« on: June 21, 2005, 01:27:05 pm »
Lol, it keeps amazing me! I'll not go indepth again on the ideas here in this community and the philosophy. But saying that OFP is dead and that you need cheats to make it fun again. That is just the worst piece of information I ever heard. OFP is alive and will be alive for very long, at least until OFP2/AA comes out. Why? Because of the hard work of addon makers and mission makers. The game is maybe 1.5-2gb, put another 4gb of addons in that, with 850 coop missions, and your days can't be long enough. But ofcoarse, this takes effort, groupfeeling, a supporting community and friends to pull this off...

 There you got it, maybe invest time in doing such things, instead of teamkilling 'n cheating. It makes a lot more people happy, you are doing something interesting and not only for yourselves but also for others, it makes fun and pleasure for not only yourself but also for others.
But I guess that is not in the philosophy of 'you guys'. The mentioned guys that invest in the above, get respect, real respect, they get appreciated. This numb cheating and TEAMKILLING on public servers is only a community, game and fun KILLER. Happily we run our servers behind closed doors, with enough friends, missions, addons and teamspirit, that we 'survive'.

Oh and saying that others where before you, how ignorant, so because there are more murderers in the world, who did kill people before me, I may now also kill somebody? Come on, open your eyes!

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 12:42:40 pm »
Where shall I start...

When I first heard about this 'community', I just needed to take a look.
So I did!

Guess what, I am really roling over the floor laughing here! You guys for real?

You want to cheat... fine... you want to teamkill... fine... But thinking that you have the right to do that on another server than your own, you are totally wrong.
You don't own that server, so you don't say what can and cannot be done. Teamkilling and cheating on someone else's server is like not obeying the rules in somebodies house! Why? You think running a server is cheap? Doesn't cost money? Isn't much/hard work for a lot of people to build up such things? And you guys just think that you can just walk in, do whatever you like, start teamkilling, cheating, circumvating bans?
And you even believe that!? So it's also no problem if I come in your home, when you are not there, screw your dog, watch some television go take a bath, eat your kitchen empty and then leave again?
You think that 'cause this is internet' there is a real difference?

Really I found many many numb communities around the net, aswell as in real life, but this one really hits the sweetspot.

25 year olds, mixed up with 14 year olds and all the iq/eq of an ape. What a dissapointment!

The fact that you guys 'believe' in this stuff and promote it even makes you worse than monkeys. What a responsibilities!

In other words, piss off, start up your own server with your TKC-'friends' and start cheating and teamkilling eachother, that's what you guys want to do right? Then fire up your own server.

Don't think I am afraid or impressed, I am not at all and I got all the needed server utils etc. to keep your asses out and keeping the work on your asses as a minimal.

Just needed to post this from a moral point of view. Find something in your life worth to do, this is really something that kids of 12-14 do, and even then it's unacceptable.

ps... your philosophy is full of contradictions, as stated by others, but I had to point this out: I read about not using this stuff on public/open servers where fair players play and such... well, why do you help people get unbanned then, you think they got banned because of fairplay? guys try to cover yourselves in on the one hand and on the other hand you support it..Hypocritism, anyone?

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