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only you can see it because the scripted chat command r local commands.

Quote from: GRU_sniper
Guys You make impossible. You build new great CHP, You make new working and undetectable ID Changer. But we still can be punished by this fuckers. They still have their last barricade. Im talking about IP banning.

We can cheat ......but only on servers where THEY let us cheat.  We cant mess them in their servers. So I think its time to find a way how to change/hide our IP. When You find this, noone, never can ban us or hide server.
Im noob in programing so I cant help, but I belive that You can do this :)
This is last thing that should be done to get a full controll in OFP. Its verry importand.
What You think?

I dont think its necessary to put any more work into anything else then the current 1.96b server with the new "protection" and the cheatpack.
Anything else in ofp (for eg ip ban) is not necessary for the most ppls, also at i can tell u, to be honest, there is no way to change ur ip to something like we can do it with ids. also the use of socket servers is nearly impossible because a) there only a few socket servers and b) those servers have huge pings and low bandwidth which makes a game impossible.


if u got the green thing after respawning in a mission its working if not then  something didnt work with ur installtion or u selected the wrong ofp folder:

Supercheatpack 1.23 will be released today or tomorrow.

Quote from: GRU_sniper
I dont know if this was accident but on KaP-Clanserver I play CTI.
I spawn bikes to move faster and not wait for stupid jeeps.
But after 3-4 bikes I spawn paper car , drive around 100m and I was kicked with message Session Lost.

In cti everyone can view a camerascript at the mhq where your teammates can spectate what each other is doing, this also includes teleporting stuff which can be noticed on the map with the markers.

Quote from: korso
Hi  :)

So I I have installed supercheat 1.2a, and my OFP is patched but during the game, I don't see the menucheat, why ?

Is it necessary to press on a touch in particular?

thx :)

You must read the readme.txt and read the section in it where it says "-STARTUP-"...
Heres the current content of it:


  1. Start a game in Operation Flashpoint
  2. After the game started you need to die once, when you respawn you can
     access the Supercheatmenu (Show menu).
     Hint: Click on the menu titles to navigate one level up in the menu or to
     hide it for a betetr overview.

Operation Flashpoint /
« on: July 18, 2005, 08:28:58 pm »
yes you can somehow.

Quote from: GRU_sniper
Quote from: Bluegrass
There are loads of ways:

-Dodgey/unknown name
-Bad acting when inpersonating
-Cheating as soon as you respawn after first death (BIG NO NO)

...and many more.

The problem is that
-I use known names with XML if oryginally used by player, +real ID
-not acting becouse Im not detected
-waiting sometimes few minuted before I start cheating
if on map is 30 ppl and Im first who is kicked from server when someone discover a cheat (spawned tank, strange building), so I mean this is strange.

OK I can live with this :)

ok then just describe us one time when u did join a game and get kicked (includes if u changed id (and to what), if u verified if the id is really changed, whose id it is, what map what admin and what server, also which time and what u after which time did....), then we can help maybe.

ok changed.

Quote from: GRU_sniper
[...]On most servers, not mather who is admin.
this suxx

u ust do something wrong lol i dont have these problems on most servers, not even on rouhgnecks or what server ever.

Operation Flashpoint / Skin hack
« on: July 17, 2005, 09:09:59 pm »
oh send it to me too, or upload it somehwere

nah just the 5 servers which this malboef fag manages (with netlog) are dangerous, the rest i got no problems cant remember when i got cought last time just allways reassigning and they think reassigning help lmao.

Operation Flashpoint / RoughNeck server
« on: July 17, 2005, 02:55:57 am »
hes playing around with his little firewall, there r enough other servers.

Operation Flashpoint / Dinger Bug or Exploit?
« on: July 16, 2005, 11:21:24 pm »
i got radio and music off, then i dont need to bother with that and ogg /sound file kids.

Operation Flashpoint / Can I be alowd acces in the dev section plz.
« on: July 16, 2005, 06:32:21 pm »
Yes best is if you buy a book (not such 21 days or for dummys crap like mullah advises LOL  :D  anyways u should get a big fat book which also contains a refernce, also read the foreword of the book or the part where it says "is this the right book for me" or "this book is for ppls etc". if u think that what the author says is that what u want or are buy it.
also u should bring a lot of time for concentrated reading and understanding (u should knowe a bit how ur pcs works), means u need know about the hexadecimal, decimal, binary system. make sure your book describes the the c++ language in the ansi-c/c++ standard if u want to learn this language really in all his parts.

Armed Assault / Requirements for Dev Section
« on: July 16, 2005, 06:20:49 pm »
I think you would get asked if we would want to recruit you into the develeopment team, adding the spawning of vehicles is the easiest part in this cheatpack there is no skill needed for it, but maybe u can show us more new stuff and u said u can teach us something. I just want to make sure that not everyone who could also be a spy gets access to the dev-area.

Operation Flashpoint / Need some help with scripting
« on: July 16, 2005, 05:34:40 am »
keep trying and check the filenames with the error messages.

Operation Flashpoint / Need some help with scripting
« on: July 16, 2005, 03:58:55 am »
reinstall hte cheatpack and add ur scripts again.

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