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UPDATE- there will be more coming out soon, a better version with more added
and eventually i will release a version with spawn grenades on any server (eventually)
this mod has had close to 2000 views, hundreds of downloads both here and on moddb
i put a very discreet small optional suggestion of donating a buck or two if you like this
as i put a lot of time into it.
well nobody, not a single person has donated.    :icon_sad2
which is okay i guess.
however, it makes it hard for me to continue testing when i cant get on most big servers in the first place
if you want to help could you go to or to taleworlds store/napoleonic wars and buy a key it takes 2 min, and then p/m me the key? in exchange ill give you my newest version.
but these keys help, so i can get on the servers to test the things.

i refuse to put a paypal up or start charging for my hacks, but all i am asking is that after years of spending so much time on this, that one or two of you at least help me with keys so i can actually get on servers to make this stuff in the first place.


official highlight video showing it!

due to some reason, the old versions of my betty mary mods are still on other threads on this forum, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE OLDER VERSIONS

Okay, i do not have time to write all the instructions and keys down, there are so many things
so a lot of this is pasted from the `read me`  that i have included it in!;sa=view;down=399

this is the version i decided to make public, if you read the techincal info in the read-me it explains why i released this one.
the only people with my version are trusted people that i have known for years,
this version still consists tons of new stuff and most of my hacks, albeit using different methods, but achieving the same things

now, lets start from the begining

i have included a back up regular nw text files so if you decide you need to get rid of these hacks, rather than reinstalling the whole nw
you simply put the text files in Normal napeolonic wars BACKUP  into your
nw folder and your nw game will be normal
unless you are doing that to not touch  Normal napeolonic wars BACKUP

please note this new version is 100 per cent compatible with all servers
and a lot of time and effort has gone into making this my best yet!

read installation instructions for simple instructions to install


features/ a lot of this is pasted from the read me

there are loads more than this, but here are some of them!

(ladies are beautiful with moustache now)

now in deathmatch, no more confusion about who is next to you,
you will always see their name tag
think of how sexy that is

french sapper has four feet - youll notice as you run xd

press and view game credits on first screen to see the bettys in all their glory!

hot keys

h for zoom in -- accuracy modifier as well now all weapons accurate when pressing it
j for zoom out

1 keypad large zoom like spyglass

2 keypad large zoom out

b - hold down for funny drummer like jerk animation looks pretty funny

the following
works best as flag bearer or officer...

o - spam bereit machen

m - spam blee

sapper stuff WITHOUT HAMMER

3 different levels of spawning props - read the info in the read me
IF U USE THE HAMMER it is just normal stuff, ie one prop

4 on keyboard instrant spam menu again but doesnt spawn as many there by not costing as much

5 on keyboard - 6 tnt hot key, jump up while doing it for most

6 on keyboard - cheer

7 on keyboard - spyglass hack

8 on keyboard -- praise betty, just some useless blah blah

star icon on keyboard  - due to numerous requests
i added funny instant suicide works best when u have just cheered or on horse
adds a cheer sound too, so your techincally cheering while dead
for funniest affect press 6 to cheer first, and mid animation hit star

it is worth noting that i gave it a quick respawn, when u die, the select and respawn
presentation comes up allowing quick respawn.

HOWEVER, if you dont want it to come up and u just want the cheer and die, hit
the 9 on the numpad!

hold b for endless possibilities the animation shows up server side and changes
sometimes is a hillarious cradle baby rocking/lawnmower animation
with or without weapons, up down, each way looks different and funny
try it while crouching with a flag and it looks like ur doing something very naughty

slash on keypad to poll kick some idiot if polls enabled, quick hot key to
get rid of enemys

theres lots more in full in the instructions section

phew, thats enough typing,  
for the 11th time, read all the info in the read me, everything is there.


love from betty the bomber!

To be honest? Its pointless.. Cant ban people cant do anything, Its basically just Admin only xD? the Zoom works, Although shots arent perfect.. You should have spent more time making a Chams/Autoblock/Aimbot instead of this but hey thats just my opinion if i'm gonna get banned i would accept it for something like the 3 above, but not changing my skins.

I want to check this out Thankyou

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