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Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 27, 2005, 03:19:14 pm »
Quote from: ZOldDude
As a member of the TKC Staff I offered to help you with the problem you started off here with.....people hacking your passworded servers.

If you don't want that help no skin off my back.

The offer is time lmt'd and the clock is ticking...I am an old man and don't have alot of time to jerk around and your cutting into my beer time.


:) I came here to ask your help because of you guys hacking into my servers, circumvating passwords and bans? Is that what I came here for?
Lol, I got my tools, skills and so on, to keep you guys out or at least to make your jerney not too long on our servers.

I came here, as said before, to start the dialogue with 'you guys' to understand the idealogy of TKC, and to confront you guys, 'verbally', on your own playing ground instead of on some server.

I never met anyone of you guys on my servers, that's for sure, I did have a report of one of your guys or one of the guys using 'your' tools to circumvate normal bans because the nickname was longer than supported by the vc server. That doesn't mean I come moaning about that or that I am in need of your or anybodies help.

As said before, I came here to start the dialogue with the people that are said to be the biggest assholes in the world; aka cheaters. Everwhere where people come from, always the same message: Our games got messed up by cheaters. I always played on server X, but now its full of cheaters. Now I tried playing at server Y and there are always fuckers that get banned/kicked but they come back and mess up the games even further.

The whole point is, you may do whatever you like, when you like, as long as you do it at home, in your own server, and as long as you also respect others instead of being ego-centered "my own fun above anyone" (at least, thats the way it works if you intend to play on somebodies server...)

Besides, I like a good discussion, at least, when there are valid points from both sides, and IMHO that's not really what's happening here. As I said before, see it how you like, but I don't take you  or anybody serious who says: I don't care I do what I want. I mean, come on, wake up!

Oh and Pure_666, you sneaky little B...Everyone can follow the group, lick assess and act big, maybe try starting to think for yourself instead of being a lemming.

The last post I make here. Guess I said that to myself a few more times. Guess you guys are still able to come up with loads of bullshit so I still have to reply... Who knows..

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 24, 2005, 10:22:24 pm »
Quote from: Pure_666
I'd never wanna meet HoaX:p

Nane, in the beginning of the topic i agreed with you, but you keep getting more childish... i myself see no fun in annoying other people(IRL i do:P)but these people do, so if you disagree with them it doesn't mean your right... Your the childish person here...
Thinkin everything you say is right and everone who doesn't agree with you is immature...
TheHeckler... so now your saying that you just do this to annoy people, because you don't have fun when people don't get annoyed or someone else is joining you in annoying... see that, in my opinion is hopeless(sorry, the word hopeless is stated like that in Dutch, i translated it litterally... don't know what it would be in English:P)

Well, if you'd read all my previous posts and their answers, then you whould know why I call them immature. Neglecting the whole fact that the servers are paid with real money, and is real hardware, and all that is real, and everything else I said, especially the part of saying: well we don't care because there is nothing you can do about it, or things like who cares that it is your server, we do whatever we like. THAT is imho just pure immature, however you want to put it. I am not going to repeat myself any longer, read the posts carefully, read the answers, and yes IMHO if you still think that I am the immature one, and they are so right...Well. Very sad again.

I don't really care when I am wrong, cause I am happy to admit it if i'm wrong, but I am sure here that I am totally right about the whole realworld <--> virtual world thingy and that they should stay away from others property if the owner doesnt want them there. See it as you want to see it but THAT is the way the world works and not the other way around. No laws doesn't mean that there are no moral rules, which counts for both 'worlds' putting it your ways...

Still a game is a game, its fictional, virtual. But the server where it is played on, the people, etc, they are real. (and no I don't mean the ingame characters...)

Some of you somehow lost my whole point, I am not bothering to start all over again, if you are interested, read it again. My points are mostly answered by: we don't care and mainly spinned around them to bring up other things.

Like said before, if you want to be like this, be like this, I won't bother you again. My statement stays: you guys are lost.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 24, 2005, 04:49:00 pm »
Right on Solomon. I have to go here completely with Solomon.

My addition: It is not more than sad that you guys are like this. The reasons why? I guess I Explained that more than enough in my previous posts. You guys almost look like some kind of belief with this M O guy as your god. Soooo 1500's (and before).

Maybe when you guys grow older you realise that all this is just bullshit, I guess it's a part of growing up, altough my thoughts were that all of you all are already risen above puberty, I guess I was wrong.

Have fun doing with what you do, I keep on doing what I do, but you will at least not have any respect from me (and I guess a whole bunch more). Not that that means anything to you, I know. You don't do it for respect, altough everyone here is giving eachother respect for the 'cool' heckling one made possible or one has pulled off. Whatever, if you wanna be like that, be like that.

I hope I have been as annoying to you guys as you have been to me, altough I can't really say I am annoyed, maybe just a bit, but I guess I have a more 'sad' feeling about this. You guys are lost.

Ciao and have fun being a kid in their height(s) of puberty. I do feel sorry for you guys pathetic life.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 23, 2005, 03:35:37 pm »
Quote from: LastResort

I did come here to start a discussion and dialogue with 'you guys' to try and find out what your motivation is all for this, what kind of guys you really are, and why you really do it. The FAQ is just full of: We do what we like and thats it. So thats why I came here.

You are not very insightfull also you are blind, I never made a threat to no one here. About the smashing faces part, and that is where I base my "you are not very insightfull and blind" thing on, is that I made that as an example, in the way that you guys see the virtual world and real world as 2 different things, and the reason why, is IMHO that you guys know that you whould get your faces smashed in if you acted like this in the real world. And I guess that's why you do it in the virtual world, because there are no direct consequences, that is all.

And well, if you are talking about threats...well I am being threatend here that a few of you guys will come to our servers and show us that I am not boss there, by using hacks/cheats to circumvate bans, kicking the admin off instead the other way around and so on..., my promise is than to you that you will not succeed or at least not for long. That is not a threat, but a promise, but now I start repeating myself too much.

I hope many people read this thread, as it tells people a lot about the guys that wonder around on these forums. One is not always insightfull as others but at least a few guys around here hit the sweetspot.

As said before, I already know what I wanted to know. So thanks for your time.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 23, 2005, 02:27:10 pm »
Since you guys have some trouble with your forums somehow, with search, debug, and some other stuff... I can't edit my post, so, a new one:

Was it about this part maybe?
Quote from: ZOldDude
PS: I think that I saw you invite people in the OFP section to come and TRY to deleat you from your own servers. I myself would not want to invite such troubles by giving permission to attempt this.

PPS: Would you please let me know on what DATE this started happing? I may be able to offer some insight.

Cause really, we will never be defeated, neither will we ever win. We don't play to be defeated or to win, at least not against eachother or against others in general. We don't want to be the best, neither the worst. We are who we are, we have fun, try to be friends, and try our best to improve ourselves, not for others, but for ourselves and fun. OFP, VC, whatever game, we will never play it in any other mode than coop (maybe some other modes for fun against eachother, no-ever to win), and then the fact remains, never for who is better or 'ownage' etc.

My sayings in the OFP forums are purely about: be my guest, if you think you can come and fuck up our games, and I can't do anything about it..well, be my guest :) Altough I don't want to provoce anything, I am not really afraid either.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 23, 2005, 01:48:49 pm »
Quote from: ZOldDude
So did you want my help that I offered to you or did you only read the stuff by those argue'n with you?


What can I say, you start 'sounding' like a nice guy now. But I guess, no, I have my own ways, and if there is something that there can be done somewhere, then I'll think that out myself.

I still do see you guys as a community as a whole, maybe not all as good or evil or how you want to put it but I am not going to fight a community, that supports it's members and ideology, on the one hand and on the other hand getting help from that same community. It's I guess.. a moral kind of thing.
And besides, I can't think about a thing that you could help me with, but maybe you can clarify that by yourself?

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 23, 2005, 12:24:21 pm »
welll well well, I was on a quest, when I first joined here, that quest has most certainly ended, and quite positive I might say. You guys lived up to my expectations and all I ever thought was totally right.

I have not many words to say, not because I can't, but because I don't want. Why, it's a total timewaste, and yes, I know you like that.

Name it as you like, feel yourself cool and 'uber' the 'owner', the one who owns them all. Well I got news for you 'mate, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, you will at least not succeed on my servers.

Each has his own professions, or better said his passion. So I got my own. No matter what you will try on my servers, I will make sure it will not last for long. And now you thinking, 'you threatening me'? I can just say: one big LOL. It's no threat, it's a promise.

Too bad there are a lot of 'looser' admins, like in your example, because come on, what a looser. And it's no less than pathetic that he gives up his server because of a powerless feeling.

If you want to open people's eyes and make them view your way, invite them to your servers, make some advertisements. On my servers you will only be hated and hunted.

And I love the way you think you can bypass all security, well pal, as hopefully you know, server management doesn't end at the console. And not even on the same server..

Damn, I love my 'you talk like this, i'll talk like this' stuff!

This topic most certainly came to an end. Like you say, both sides have their own view. We can discuss hours about this part, and I am sure you will never surrender to at least one truth, the truth that it is someone else's server, blood sweat, tears, money, hours of work and above all it's that guy that 'owns' the server (and that is the real meaning of the word and not your word of 'owning' crap), so you don't have jack shit to say about that server. Reallife or virtuallife, maybe in ten years, we'll see if you finally came to realise, there is no difference, except the game it's self, which is virtual. All that is behind that... well, i'm not going to explain that again..

So, well, as a descent man I am; thanks for your 'time', it has been fun, who knows we meet again.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 22, 2005, 12:29:33 pm »
Quote from: HoaX
About the virtual life and the real life.
Have you ever thought about the fact that we payed for the game aswell?
So were allowed to do with it what ever we want.
And you can complain however that won't make us go away.

Dude, this is sooo funny, so you think that because YOU bought a game, YOU may do ANYTHING you want with it on ANY server which ISN'T belonging to YOU? Right. Ok, here we go again. You buy a bike, you put it in my backyard, you say: it's my bike I may do whatever I like with it.. WRONG because you are putting in MY backyard. And I am getting quite annoyed at the moment about you guys so called philosophy. I guess you guys are lost already. I repeat just once, I am the hoster (payer,builder,maintainer,etc), YOU are the player, and that makes me on MY server boss above you. You think when I go to the shop, say here is my virtual money, I want to buy a virtual server, for the oh so virtual internet, they say, oh ok, we accept virtual money, and I say here, you have my virtual money, now I want my virtual server. RIGHT. You pay with reallife money, with reallife blood sweat and tears of work, and you telling me, oh well, the server is only 'virtually' e.g. on the internet, so I can do whatever I like on it? Right. Try doing that with a government website or server, do with it what you like.. maybe hack it, it's fun aint it? But I guess you get consequences in reallife. Ok you are right, there are laws for that, but there is still something like 'moral'. You come on my property, you don't behave, I kick your ass, that's the way it works.

It's your game...copy..
You payed for the game ...copy..
You want to do whatever you like with the game (like cheating) ...copy..
You want to do whatever you like with the game (like cheating) on a server who isn't your own or where the stuff you do isn't tollerated ...WRONG..

You can ignore this all, as much as you like, but wake up, open your eyes and see the truth; you all make up some nice words and make it look nice, but still you are totally wrong. No matter if you are on a site, a server, a game, in somebodies house or club, you obey their rules, otherwise you get 'kicked out'.

You talk so much about people not respecting you, so you take actions... well, the problem is mainly that a few guys here do not respect 'us' as in how we play and what we do on our server, so you get kicked/banned. And that is more valid than your point no matter what view you may have on this.

That's all I got to say, do whatever you like, run naked through your own home, go fingerpaint your own walls, but stay away from mine.

oooh I love my ps'es so here's another one:
Besides the whole: "this is my server, and you have to respect my rules" part, the fact still remains that you guys put the pleasure of one man above any other or group of others. This is the highest point of selfishness and respectless behaviour and I hope you guys are so different in your 'reallives', like this head2000 guy states: I guess in reallife someone whould have already smashed your faces in...
And hey, it's only pure immaturity that 'because you don't get direct consequences by acting like this in the 'virtual world' ', you do it.

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 07:49:53 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
ok now take a little break and play a game or go out with your friends.

There are grownup people around here that work and have days-off, guess you are still growing up to that point, if you are not becoming a '' workless' ... ..  fill in yourself, that is.

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 07:40:36 pm »
As stated before we play teamplay COOP, not against eachother, that gets boring after 2 months. We play as a team, with teamleader and make things as real as possible, that is a totally different gameplay than on 99% of the other servers. Simple as that. Our community with 400+ members is built ON those rules, we play by those rules and like it or not, everyone who plays on our servers, which costed 2000 euro, 100 euro a month of data traffic and a lot of other pieces of software and such, WE make the rules and YOU abide them, and so there are many more servers and communities that payed lots of money for their servers, hosting, data-traffic, software and so on. Also a lot of work is put up to produce a different gamestyle and to maintain that, and believe it or not in the contrary to you guys playstyle, we absolutely DONT need cheats to make our games interesting, in our line of gameplay it even fucks it up completely, you play for the individual, we play for the team. As it should be meant to be played, but thats discussable.

The point and fact remains, a community worked for a working model of rules and gameplay, server admins pay for their server, hosting and data-traffic, the player needs to follow those rules, which are not about what weapon you use or whatsoever, but what mainly about that you should work as a team and not as an individual. Don't follow them, we have the right to put you off the server simple as that. That you want to get back at the admin who kicked/banned you..that is simply totally immature, YOU dont follow the rules of it, so its not US who are wrong, YOU are wrong.  (puberty, anyone?)

As said before we have a large community and a lot of guys that all share the same thoughts etc. We don't have to make servers for you guys, you guys should be happy that you MAY play at the servers, and otherwise you can start your own or play elsewhere.

And ofcoarse this is all put up to the extreme, but it's simply the way it works, but it's not as if we are hostile to our members, players and so on or that we kick/ban because of an accident, or because of 1 mistake or whatsoever, there is a high tolerance, but TK'ing on purpose means simply a ban, how hard can that be?

and I was speaking mainly about VC, cause our OFP servers are closed, member-only, so we dont have to deal with these 'problems'.

I stand and still stand with the fact, we pay, we make, you play. That makes US the 'boss' of our servers and not the other way around. If you still think that it's not right, then really, you got a serious problem with how stuff works in the world, as well as in the virtual world.

Admins are around to protect the way of gameplay, the gameplay that the whole community likes to play this way. Without that protection, games get bored, games are out of interest, and you start needing guys like you: cheaters.

ps about "the rest is unwritten..."well, no, rules are on a website, like it should be, for everyone to read. And stated in the join message. How hard is that?

You guys are seriously off-world here. We pay, we work, you play, we are the boss.

I host a party at home, you come, you respect my rules.
I have a restaurant, these are my rules, you come eat, you respect my rules.

Reallife and the virtual world are connected, whatever you may think.

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 07:03:55 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
dude seems like u have a serious problem

Lol, things are getting funnier and funnier... first off you are a small little monkey, following the maingroup, no brainpower to think yourself. You should stop posting in here, all will be discarded by me, thats for sure.

For about the MCY thingy, do what you wish, I don't know MCY, I am not part of it, or whatever, cool to see that you guys can't trace from which community I really am, and nice to see how mistaken you are at that point.

If you are not joking about MCY and some site stuff what you are mumbling about...well, I guess thats too bad for those MCY guys then, guess I need to make an excuse to them, cause I guess I brought this over them. Anyway, tkc_advancedsoldier, for you the same as for 'anothercheater'. Kid, thats for sure. About the friends part and community, think whatever you like, I am happy to know the truth :)

Too bad you work like this, about accounts, and such, it seems I have never been wrong about clans and such. Kids, wanna be the best, and if they can't be, they try to cheat, sad :)

Too bad you guys end up like this, hope you get something out of yer lives someday... altough I guess it will never change, but is that my problem? I think not :)

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 06:57:57 pm »
Quote from: ThisIsFun
Quote from: Nane_Nena
And you are right, I shouldn't talk about EVERYONE in this community, because you have good guys and bad guys, but being called the TKC-Community and reading about teamkilling, cheats, bancircumvating etc, doesn't really give me a nice view on this..

Like er .. HoaX said
And you think the TKC dev's are cheating in public and teamkilling?
If you would have read earlyer topics about this than you would have known many of us are against the teamkilling.

Sure, it may be named the TKC-community, but it's not just the name that brings people to a community, sometimes it's just being around people that you like and may not fully agree with, but enjoy their company/style/common viewpoints and so on.. Not everyone in the racing community may agree on which brand's best, but they all love racing(?)

Anyway, I'm tired having had little sleep over the past week, so after I finish up my assessment I shall be sleeping. Nice debating.

You're righteous. True.
My excuse for threating everyone the same.

One of my standpoints remain, at least for our community TKC-Community is all BUT helpfull. More annoying than anything else.

I also have numereous reports of everywhere of servers about cheaters, teamkillers and such, and thus I totally DISAGREE the whole cheating/teamkilling/rejoining after banned stuff, and thus with the developers of these things.

Also, I dont know if you meant it personnally about that a cheater was screwing up 'our' kills and we cry about that.. if so, that is TOTALLY not the point, as explained earlier we don't play like that, we don't play like that at all..

Still waiting for some replies from people, why they think they may go into servers where they are not welcome and that they may do whatever they want to do. Gimme some valid points there.

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 06:49:16 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
why the fuck are you talking about mcy then nerd.

Now it's getting better and better mr Relentless Teamkiller, I guess I was at least partly right about the ape and monkey part.

Ok here we go:
well I do respect every1 as they respect me. I only choose server where I was kicked before, or where an Admin is who thinks he is great be kicking noobs off. Show me Love, I will have sex with you. Show me that your playing a Admin-pimp, I?ll make you beeing my Slut. Its easy.
Maybe I will visit your MCY Server today what you think? Wink
which is written by: [TKC]Advanced_Soldier

Ok now show me where I came up with MCY...? I don't even know what it is, as I know nothing about clans, in general that is.

Operation Flashpoint / Why, oh why?
« on: June 21, 2005, 06:30:22 pm »
Quote from: anothercheater
is that my clan or urs?
and what the fuck does the mercenarys admin do all the day in the tkc forum?

Mercenaries..MCY, dude, what the hell are you talking about? Was already thinking what you where meaning with MCY day before in your posts, no I do not have any clue whatsoever?

And speaking about Clans...Keep that filthy word, I will never be ascociated with clans, simply because I am no clan, am not in a clan and will never be a clan/in a clan/be part of clan .. whatever..

Off Topic / Amazing!
« on: June 21, 2005, 06:28:12 pm »
Quote from: ThisIsFun

Well, consider it may be because it is an oldish game, and oldish games do tend to die out over time.. Not always through cheaters? Though, you may loose an even larger chunk of the community if people were leaving because it was getting old, and cheats weren't there. Cheating adds a whole new element, which conversely to what you're saying, would make people stay longer, while admittedly making some who were getting bored of it anyway, leave. I'd guess it'd equal the natural-die-out-rate of a game all in all =P

That's a problem though, because you can't compare it to 'Your house" as it's more like a public park. You allow people to play there, and every so often, those dog-gone kids will drink in it, even though it's again your rules. But there's no way to constantly enforce this.. so.. yeah.. *shrugs*

Ok here we go,  first of all thanks for your reply,build up of reasonable points and well powered by facts and thoughts.

My comment about it:
We play VC aswell as OFP in a way that the game doesnt die out that easily, our way is original altough mainly based on the tour of teamrespawn, long time ago. We play the games with teamspirit, coop, friendlyness and together with the ingame voice and funny guys, it makes it almost feel like a family, a brotherhood/army platoon idea. This sounds maybe gay, I don't care. Because of this way of play we stay as a big community, playing the same game with loads of different maps and players, all in the teamspirit way, teamrespawn, get the whole team through, teamleader, etc. etc. There is no room for TK'ers or cheaters nor rambo's. Simple as that . To come back on the point; you make the games as interesting as you want, also without cheats, tk and so on and so on. Both games still live heavily with us and I guess it will be at least until vc2/ofp2/aa comes out. So to round that up: There are other ways than cheating, which comply more to honesty, fairplay and teamspirit. Thats the way we play, thats the way we do it, and we don't need tk'ers, rambo'ers or any cheaters or whatever.

About the house/server part, the fact remains, we have many admins, we have some rules, WE decide if somebody may play yes or no and really, and then I mean really really, NOT the other way around. And don't get this wrong, everyone can just play with us as long as they are following the rules, if they don't they can get kicked, explained, an hour ban, a few hours ban.. maybe longer, but still there is an active admin force around. So it's obey or leave, and IMHO we have all the right to do that, and the players have LESS right to try to get back in by hacking/cracking/cheating and what so ever. Again, it's my server, it's my playground, call it like you want, and you are bound to my/our rules.

Teamkilling on servers like these, SUCKS, cheaters..well haven't seen them yet nor spotted them, but also SUCKS, guys circumvating bans are IRRITATING but ok, it comes with the 'job'.

My question mroe to you guys is, stop the nonsense on servers that dont want you, don't think you really may do what you want to do, because it really doesnt work like that, and it only brings up hate and misunderstandings. And I stay with my statement IMHO its immature!

And you are right, I shouldn't talk about EVERYONE in this community, because you have good guys and bad guys, but being called the TKC-Community and reading about teamkilling, cheats, bancircumvating etc, doesn't really give me a nice view on this..

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