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Mount and Blade / [STEAM RELEASE] Warband 1.166 Tutorial
« on: January 25, 2015, 06:03:59 pm »
Well, people I'll show you how to use basically the [STEAM RELEASE] Warband 1.166 created by FriendsKnow.

Works in Warband, Napoleonic wars, Persistent World.

1=Download the file extract it.
2=Open Warband menu (the menu that opens when you run the warband).
3=Now run the exe called warband_cheat.
4=Now press 1 to enable auto block, and 3 to enable the autoblock in PW-MOD.( The PW-MOD is a autoblock for a mod called Persistent world ).
5=Inside the game go to options, now general options, you will see the control block direction put on automatic.
6=Now enter in some server, when an enemy is attacking just click the defense button, DO NOT HOLD. just click.

If you want hackers to other mods contact FriendsKnow.

Any questions write a comment.

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