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General Modding & Programming / Other Games / No-STEAM CSS
« on: May 21, 2007, 04:48:40 am »


General Modding & Programming / Other Games / COD 4 Modern Warefare
« on: May 01, 2007, 08:30:38 am »

cant wait till its out !!  :icon_thumbsup

Player Zone / is that our tkc?
« on: May 01, 2007, 07:53:36 am »
 :icon_biggrin2 :icon_biggrin2 :icon_biggrin2

Off Topic / Soldier Front ! ,is that a new Game ?
« on: April 24, 2007, 04:17:31 am »
Just opend the newsletter from x-fire, scrolled down and looked at the trailer of that Game. Seems to be a new Game, or is that old?, was wondering because the Gameengine looks like Tactical Ops and CS 1.6 . is anyone playing it, or want to play?

INFO....... INFO....... INFO........

Armed Assault / Post all your Keysettings and Grafic?s down
« on: December 16, 2006, 12:38:19 am »
Option (Key)Settings of ArmA:

Any Bindings of Options:


Advanced Settings:



General Modding & Programming / Other Games / HACK-SCANNER FROM MPC-FORUM
« on: November 04, 2006, 03:24:05 am »

[Release] Hack Scanner


Hack Scanner
- Steam Edition -

I noticed the increase in account stealers recently; so I coded this - it will basically check files and return results that are suspiciously related to account stealing.

I'm a little lazy right now so:

Originally Posted by readme.txt
_ _
???` HackScanner ??`?
? Steam Edition ?

? Compatibility

?Reccomended only on game cheats targeted at games
based on the Steam platform.

? Notes

? This will scan files for Suspicious strings and
API Functions related to Account Stealing. It will
also decompress files compressed using UPX.

? The next release will decrypt strings encrypted
using OGC's XorStr function.

? Greetz

? Cubicidal, Belink (I know where you live), Diskrez
? Everyone at Cheat-Network and MPC.
? Special greetz to Patten-xo (

? Credits

? Coded by James Fletcher (LiX)

*** I reccomend MPC Uploaders check steam related files with this as well as Jotti VirusScan (or whatever you prefer) - this tool will single out what they have got in their program that could be related to account stealing. ***

The following thread is what inspired me to create this:

Everyone thank Flash.

My Avitar is NOT photoshopped, it is simpilly a good use of camera flash which also causes more visible reflections. The yellow spot is not lense flare it is a part of the picture (check on site below). This Avitar is a lot more than what first meet's the eye. (Link back to MPC in the download page).

Guys why not delete this section, cause the game is sux anyway and ArmA is commig also, so why keep this OFP clone in the section, it bites my eye cause I spend my money on this crap game  :P
Who of you guys think the same?

 :D :D :D
MULLAH is uploading

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Cheating Guide 3 by MPC
« on: October 15, 2006, 09:09:57 pm »


Material FAQ

Q1: How do I make my own texture wallhack?
A: It's simple and easy, read this thread: (Thanks Belink)

Q2: That picture says Custom Skins!? Wallhack is a texture!
A: Valve classes a texture as a skin. They even encourage Css players to create their own skins.

Q3: I'v seen so many people say their banned from wallhacks and Steam has recently updated!!!
A: If Valve had decided to make custom skins bannable, they would have to warn everyone who has a skin. In shorter words, they wouldn't. It's too much effort. And even if they did, you wouldn't get banned. Also, ignore the "banned people". There called anti-hacker's and don't want you using hacks.

Q4: Why can't they just make the skins not pass the consistancy test?
A: This is the beauty of the hack, hundreds of textures in the game have the transparency code used to make the textures see-though. E.g. Glass, shadows etc. If they made the code which makes the skin transparent not pass the consistancy test, there would be no windows or shadows etc.

Q5: Why did you make this thread?
A: To stop the constant rumours that Skin hacks are detected.

Skin Wallhacks

FS Wallhack - (The Original)

FSK Wallhack - More Textures Wallhacked (and you can choose glass textures).

Light Wallhack - Only doors and boxes (A personal favorite).

JavEX Wireframe Wallhack - Wireframe.

Skin Wallhack Tutorials

McNasty's Translucent Tutorial

Belinks Wallhacked Texture Tutorial

Additional Info

The .exe files used in some of the hacks to extract the materials into the right folder CANNOT be detected. Valve dosn't scan your computer for hacks. That goes against it's privacy agreement and is against the law.

Also, if a MOD could make this a sticky so we don't have to keep answering the same questions that would be great.

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Cheating Guide 2 by MPC
« on: October 15, 2006, 09:06:14 pm »
Tutorial] Making Custom Textures/VMT Hacks


I've heard this question a million times, and the only thing its getting linked back to is the thread asking how to do it (of which then, I posted in it :p), so I might aswell make a thread explaining how to do it.

And this will probably get me one more step closer to being a moderator...mwuhahahaa..Anyway, on with the show:

Tools needed: (and linked)
If you dont have Photoshop, VTFEdit
If you have Photoshop, VTF Plugin

Filetypes you are going to be fiddling about with:
*.vtf - Source Engines image format - open with Photoshop + VTF Plugin/VTFEdit
*.vtm - Source Engines image property format - open with Notepad/Wordpad.

Download GCFScape from the link above, install and open it. Now press Options > Volatile Access so you can open GCF files without getting the File In Use error.

Now press File > Open and locate your SteamApps directory, usually C:/Program files/Steam/Steamapps and open up counter-strike source shared.gcf. The screen should now look like this.

Once there, click the + next to cstrike on the folder selection to the left, now click the + next to the materials folder. You should now see lots of folders, most of them mapnames and material names. Open up the directory you are asked to find, or just for this tutorial, de_dust. Now CTRL+Click door11.vtf and door11.vtm so both are selected. Right click on one of them and press extract. Extract it to an empty folder, for example desktop\dustglassdoortest or something.


Go to whereever you extract the two files, and open door11.vtm file using Notepad. You should now see this in notepad:

   "$baseTexture" "de_dust/door011"
   "$surfaceprop" "wood"
//   "$bumpmap" "de_dust/door011_normal"
//   "$envmap" "env_cubemap"
   "%keywords" "cstrike"
}Now, theres alot of things you can do with this. First off, if you want the door fullbrightly lit, change "lightmappedGeneric" to "UnlitGeneric" at the top. If you want the door translucent, so you can see through it, add:

   "$translucent" "1"below "$surfaceprop" "wood" on a new line. So it should now look like this:

   "$baseTexture" "de_dust/door011"
   "$surfaceprop" "wood"
   "$translucent" "1"
//   "$bumpmap" "de_dust/door011_normal"
//   "$envmap" "env_cubemap"
   "%keywords" "cstrike"
}Now, change the "wood" in the surfaceprop line to "glass" so it gives a glass effect.

Theres lots of good commands you can do to change the properties of a texture. Open up a different vmt file in GCFScape for more.
(credit goes to felikz/whoever created the glass door in dust)


Now, if you have Photoshop, download the VTF Plugin at the top of this post.
If you dont, download VTFEdit at the top of this post.

(VTFEDIT Tutorial, Photoshop+Plugin users can skip)
Open VTFEdit, Click File > Open then open up door11.vtf or a specific texture you are asked to edit (if you were linked to this tutorial). Now press File > Export, click the V button on the filetype line and select BMP to edit with paint, then press Save.

Photoshop users, open the VTF file using the plugin + photoshop.

Now you will see the texture. You can edit as you like, to 1 complete colour or make little touchups. Your artistic skills can be used here. You can edit any single vtf in the gcf to a different colour. Or you can edit an existing hack's texture, like GreyWalls and WhiteWalls by frontline.

Installation of your hack
In your cstrike folder (C:/Program files/Steam/Steamapps/*youraccountname*/counter-strike source/cstrike), make new folders of to which the files in the GCF were in. Like, if you had the door11 texture above, that was in cstrike\materials\de_dust, so you would make a new folder called materials in your cstrike folder if its not already there, then a new folder inside that called de_dust. So now you are in cstrike\materials\de_dust in your own CSS directory. Place the door11.vtf and door11.vtm here. OR if you made a different hack, place it in its corresponding folder in the cstrike folder.

That concludes the tutorial, hope I helped.

Q: Whaaaa? Whats the difference between VTM and VTF?
A: Editing a VTM file means editing the textures properties, whilst editing a VTF file means editing the texture.
Q: How do I know which directory to make in my cstrike folder?
A: The one where you selected and extracted the file you edited in the gcf file.
Q: How do I make coloured models?
A: Check my post in the Working Hacks sticky thread. Its the third one down, it has a similar tutorial, though based on coloured models.
Q: I have a question! Who do I ask?
A: Reply here or send a pm. I'd be happy to help when I can.

That concludes the tutorial.

P.S, If moderators want to place this post in the working hacks sticky, feel free. And link to it!

Guide To How Not To Get Caught Cheating/Detect Cheaters In CS:S

The obvious thing for you first to do is to find a setting for your hack(what im saying below applys to GDCS)that allows you to kill others but not that obvious.
The minimum non-suspicious settings for aimbot is FOV 20+, SmoothAiming 3+, Antirecoil put to max(1), antispread (1)

If you are accused of hacking, ALWAYS DENY!!! If you admit, within 30seconds u'll be votekicked/banned from server(unless thats a hacking server).
If you are in your clan server playing with hacks, suck up with the admin so that u'll be in their good books, they'll get your back when people who accuse you of cheating and kick the other party instead.

NEVER speedhack/put your antirecoil/spread to full. This is the most obvious way of being votekicked/banned from a server.

Here are some pointers to how to hide/detect cheaters(if you can detect other cheaters, u can avoid the mistakes the other cheaters make and hide your hacking)

1) Wallhacking.
NEVER (when camping/hiding) look at the enemy directly through the wall or shoot thru the wall hoping to inflict some damage(your antirecoil/spread can be seen thru the neat bulletholes thru the walls). This is the most obvious cause
of being detected of cheating. Always wallhack the enemy at the corner of your screen(especially if you're camping)
Another way to be accused is that u preaim(wallhacking) before the enemy comes. Although pre-aiming helps u to kill the enemy in a few shots before you get damage, its easy to detect especially if someone could move away from a
corridor and straight away be able to aim+headshot someone all the time(especially awp maps, if someone can always 'see' where the other person is, he's wallhacking)
It's quite obvious if someone's camping yet you immediately fire and kill them when u see him hiding in his spot.(its not that easy to spot campers in the map unless you have esp/colored models)

2) Aimboting
Off your aimbot once in a while, especially if you're the last few guys standing during a round, many people will spect you and its easy to see cheaters.
If you're looking for cheaters, try to think how the aimbot would help the other guy's aim, think how an aimbot would continously pass over the hitbox/vector(like the head or stomach). Often too many times i've seen a close-range
shootout between two people moving around, and the cheater's crosshair will run all over the place if the other guy keeps turning.
I also see many cheating snipers in CS:S using aimbot+5 smoothaim, so their crosshair will follow the enemy tooooo smooothly and just kill the guy by moving their mouse themselves.

3) Antirecoil/spread
In the CS:S engine, spectating doesnt show the recoil from the gun, so if someone fires his whole clip at an enemy and his crosshair(when you're spectating) is at the enemy's feet at the last few bullets, he can get a headshot(since u cant see the recoil of gun, the bullets travel higher than wat you see and score headshot). If you're spectating, notice how someone's crosshair remains on the other person's head all the time after shooting 10 bullets yet they get headshots, they have antirecoil/spread.
If you're using a universal antirecoil(that just moves ur crosshair down when mouse1 is pressed), put the antirecoil is minimum, its easy to see many people using the hack and the universal recoil over-moving downwards when they change weapons.

4) Smoke/Flashbang(if you have antismoke/flash)
When you get flashed and the enemy is coming, the moment the bang/sound happens, off your aimbot/put smooth aim to 10, then empty your whole rifle clip. If you kill that guy, others have less proof of you hacking since u didnt start shooting only when the enemy appears)
With smoke, best is to fire your whole clip through the whole smoke area(with your aimbot off), damaging the enemy but not enough to kill him(people cant accuse you of hacking)

5) Admins
Watch for admins. It isn't wise to have a 20-0 score(10 headshots) with an admin in the server. Check the Server name(see whether it has a clan tag and compare it with player's names)

6) Watch your playing method
Use logic if u want to catch cheaters. For eg, if someone is coming from the front, you know it and he's coming to kill you, some cheaters go to the right instead to kill someone who's nearer/sneaking up to them(yet the cheater did not see the person on the right yet). A legit CS:S player would be waiting for the person in front to come out and shoot, he wont know that someone is coming from his right(unless he wallhacks). The bad thing is if u understand this and try to votekick the cheater, the cheater may accuse u of cheating and other players aren't that good in logic, so they all gang up against u

7) Misc
Change your weapon type every few rounds. If you use the CT rifle for the whole round, ur aimboting/antirecoil/spread can be noticed easily by other people with so many rounds of spectating). Rotate between rifles, shotgun and snipers. For example, use different vecs for different weapons: rifles=head, sniper=chest, shotgun=stomach. Use triggerbot instead of aimbot if you're playing against 32 players and dont want to lose your rank in the server.
Also, try to use CL_CMDRATE 1 in ur console to make ur 'ping' <20, so if you get a high score, u can say ur ping is very good, the rest are lagging so you can always kill them first. (FROM MPC FORUM)

General Modding & Programming / Other Games / any1 playing css?
« on: August 26, 2006, 08:57:35 pm »
Hi Guys if any1 likes to play source, just contact me. I got some undetected Wallhack and VAC2 proof hax, but dont ask for Aimbots, cause I dont like them much.

Random Insanity Board / Aimbots at Basketball
« on: June 29, 2005, 11:24:12 pm »

Now you tell me there are only Cheaters on PC.

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