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Armed Assault 2 / Overwriting config.bin for servers.? (wall of text)
« on: July 29, 2012, 04:04:51 am »

I am stuck, currently i have a "private" version of DayZ mod which saves to my own sql server and of course at night it's pitch black, i would like to get the lights turned back on.
In the files for dayz client side is a file called dayz_code which i unpack and then view the config.bin file.

I use Unrap to open up the files for editing.
Now inside the file is the config.cpp which has a line to #include confignonAIvehicles.
He (rocket) lists the lights in this confignonAIvehicles file, so all i do is remove the #include line from the config.

After this i repack it, and the lights work,  but only for me as i am only changing the local file.
Is there anyway i can get my server to overide the config.bin - maybe i can light up the lights somewhere else through the mission file?

any help please..?

I have also been trying the same for banned vehicles in day z but with no luck, i was able to find some vehicles that rocket didn't ban, but i would of course like to have a few extras in there.
I could tell my  players to use my modified dayz_code.pbo.
I could create a tiny addon that reverts DayZ' light config and tell my players to install it. (but again no-one wants to install more addons)
I modify the server code and spawn players with some custom loadouts once they spawn they have certain items already

So i am basically looking how i can make my server overwrite the banned classes at load.
Any ideas?

I know this is a cheat site, but there are obviously alot of coders here for vanilla arma2 and of course dayz :P  - i'd appreciate any help at all.

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