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CHeats for warband:

First  go to your warband folder, then go to native folder. Now you will need to edit two files which are: Itemkinds and troops.

If you go to item kind, PRess Ctrl +F, type in javelin until you find the one that is used for multiplayer (NOt singleplayer). THen at the end of the line if it was 5. <<(The amount of javelin.). Change it to 10000.

Save and host a server (Dont use dedicated server it will not work). Wait for players to join in then you will have 10000 javelins to use. WHile other players can only have 5 javelins.

Health cheat for warband. Remember i said troops file? Open it and press Ctrl + F. THen search for the faction u like the most in multiplayer. FOr example. I like khergit because its mongols so i type khergit. (Make sure it is not for AI and is for human.)

Then you will find the spot where you can change the skills and hp and agility. CHange strength from 13 for example to 10000. Then press save and host a server. You will have tos of hp while other players has less than you. THen if you go to server option. Turn team balance to unlimited. THen you can fight them all in 1 vs 25.

Cheats for With fire and sword. GO to your WFAS folder. open item kind, search for grenade and change all the grenade amounts from 3,4,5 to 100000. Save and host a server. Done. I done this before and it work.

I had 100000 grenade while other people only has 3. THis is a crasiest cheat i ever experience and if players find out u are cheating they will leave server soon. Have fun.

PS: I Do have anti ban but if i release it bad things will happen. (Currently only 7 people has this), I will give you anti ban if you can tell me how to create a no name character. (No name). Excatly no name.

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