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Armed Assault 2 / $100 US dollars to whoever ..
« on: October 08, 2011, 11:38:46 am »
So, I'm looking for a working Cheat/Hack/Mod-apper for Operation Arrowhead. I've scanned through the forums, learnt, read, and have been inspired. I am currently making an effort to learn..

I currently use Zump undetected. Though I have managed to change the classname, I am not able to bypass the RPG servers. The servers I'm talking about are mainly TCG, Metrolife Zargabad, and Urbanlife's takistan life.

TCG - I am able to spoof the pbo and load into game, but the moment I click the Press Me button I prompt a message on global sayiing im a cheater and it boots me to loading screen.

ML Zarg / Urban Life taki - Im not even able to load into game, well im sure its because of their bisign checking method.

So, I am making a humble appeal to the more experienced members of this forum, to lend me a helping hand.

I am willing to offer $100 US bucks to anyone who is able to issue me a "tool" that works in the above three servers...

I do not need all functions of ZUMP.. all I want to do is
1) Enable God-mode
2) Spawn weapons
3) Teleport

Of course, if you can provide more than the above 3 options, Id gladly appreciate it.

Hence, PM me or post a reply here and we can hook up in a particular teamspeak etc. To prove my offer, i am willing to transfer an initial 10-20 bucks before you initiate any transfer of files to me.

lastly, thank you, administrators of TKC, for such an awesome website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Armed Assault 2 / Frozen while joining A2L Zargabad Life with Zump
« on: May 27, 2011, 05:25:56 pm »
Dear fellow members,

Need some help. I am able to use the zump hack in other servers however when I join this particular A2L Zargabad Server, I'm not able to move at all upon loading into the server. I'm frozen and unable to do anything. I've used both methods of the hack, one is using the warfare2vehicle pbo that was released here and another is by spawning the actual zump pbo and addon-spoofing it. The hack works in other servers however when I join this particular server, I'm frozen and unable to do anything. I have to then press Alt F4 to forcefully shut down the game.

Is there anything particular that the server administrators have done to detect this? How can we possibly over-ride this? If anyone is able to share info, please do not hesitate to share your wisdom here or to me in a PM if your afraid double agents will use this info against us.

Many thanks in advance, and thank you for a wonderful community and website.

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