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Armed Assault 2 / do_public, ArmA II version!
« on: March 27, 2010, 02:30:54 pm »
First off we have the old do_public script translated to sqf and fixed up for ArmA II... Not really all that hard a fix, just replaced the classname of the soldier to one that exists in ArmA II.

Code: [Select]
Private ["TKC__ch34tsDevString_command","_x","_y","_z","TKC_ch34tsDevString"];

TKC__ch34tsDevString_command = _this select 0;

_x = random 5000;
_y = random 5000;
_z = 0;

TKC_ch34tsDevString = "USMC_LHD_Crew_Blue" createunit [[_x,_y,_z], group player, format["%1", TKC__ch34tsDevString_command]];

deletevehicle TKC_ch34tsDevString;
TKC_ch34tsDevString = nearestobject [[_x,_y,_z],"USMC_LHD_Crew_Blue"];
deletevehicle TKC_ch34tsDevString;

Probably would be better to parse cfgvehicles if you want to keep it working with mods that change the unit classnames, or substitute the appropriate unit name in.

Usage stays the same, making everyone renegade...
Code: [Select]
["player addRating -1000000"] execVM "whereverpboitsin\whateveryoucalledit.sqf";
Making a mockery out of anyone bound by gravity...

Code: [Select]
["player setpos [getPos player select 0,getPos player select 1,(getPos player select 2)+1000]"] execVM "whereverpboitsin\whateveryoucalledit.sqf";
If you know how to implement this, you probably know how easy this fix was, and what it's for.

But maybe perhaps you don't know about serverCommand  :icon_laugh

Armed Assault 2 / Morsa Anygear - Map Fix
« on: February 12, 2010, 04:13:27 pm »
Morsa Anygear - Map Fix;sa=view;down=108

Just fixes the black map bug after using it. Does not fix the scrollbars or the config errors, mind you.

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