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Armed Assault / sahrani life inventory hack?
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:10:52 pm »
hey all,
does some1 have a script yet that lets you spawn like a remote bomb and remote control into the player inventory. or able to spawn it into a car. or spawn food into the player invent, this would be for the latest sahrani life -  sahrani_life_reloaded_rpgmod_v5.02. so there is now wheat, and bread, and bottled water.

have tried this
"Bread = 30;
INV_AddInventoryItem call [16, Bread];"

and failed

now i have tried

Bread = 20;
if [alive player] then INV_AddInventoryItem call [16, Bread];

if (alive player) then {['Drug-Shed', +(1)] call INV_AddInventoryItem;}

[Bread, +(30)] call INV_AddInventoryItem;

and still no luck

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